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  • 4 Smartwatches (Almost) Ready for Business Use

    If there's any segment of the population that might gravitate to the smartwatch trend, it's business users. With a quick flick of the wrist, you can see the time, your meeting schedule and even whether you're running late for a flight. Many business folks already wear a watch to keep track of the time during a hectic day filled with meetings and other appointments. Plus, a smartwatch is an extension of the smartphone we already rely on for business trips (and just about everything else).

  • Mobile payments to grow 60.8% by 2015: Capgemini

    Mobile payments are projected to grow by 60.8 per cent to 47 billion transactions through to 2015, up from 29.2bn in 2013, according to Capgemini’s World Payments Report 2014.

  • Apple (Mostly) Not To Blame In iPhone 6 Plus 'Bendgate' Fiasco

    Earlier this month Apple released a new iPhone. Well, Apple actually released two new iPhones, but only one of them is getting significant media attention beyond the expected glowing reviews from iPhone fan (iPhan) sites: The iPhone 6 Plus, and it's in the spotlight for the wrong reason.

  • Online Daters Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

    Online dating is common and popular today, but does it really lead to the Happily Ever Afters promised by companies such as eHarmony and Unfortunately for romantics scouring the Internet in search of spouses, it frequently does not, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

  • FAA clears movie and TV drones for takeoff

    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is taking its first major step toward opening up the skies for commercial drone use, allowing six TV and movie production companies to use drones to shoot video.

  • 10 ways CIOs and CMOs can tap iOS 8 for better mobile apps

    New features in iOS 8 will help CMOs reimagine their mobile apps to better reach iPhone and iPad customers in the critical "mobile moment" -- a small window of opportunity to pitch a marketing message effectively. For CIOs with in-house app-making factories, it's time to get busy.

  • Handwriting recognition keyboard for iOS 8 a blast from the past

    I've been around long enough to remember handwriting recognition's checkered past.

  • How the new iPhones could help scientists predict the weather

    The new iPhones have an added capability that's of particular interest to scientists: A barometer.

  • 5 Apps That Spotlight Valuable New iOS 8 Features

    For Android folks, the idea of third-party keyboards is ancient news. If you're an iOS loyalist, especially one who's tired of Apple's not-so-helpful autocorrect feature, the arrival of keyboard choices in iOS 8 feels worthy of a ticker tape parade.

  • Apple Lays Out Its Social Media Aspirations

    Apple CEO Tim Cook unequivocally tells PBS' Charlie Rose that the company has no plans to be in the social media business. "We have no plans to be in the social networking area," he tells Rose without hesitation.