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  • How to Reduce Enterprise App Clutter on Your iPad

    A typical business executive fires up a half-dozen iPad productivity apps -- Salesforce, Office 365, Yammer, Zendesk, Workday, among them -- to get through the day. Opening and closing apps every few minutes, though, can become tedious and annoying.

  • Suncorp backs NFC payments, Apple Pay

    Suncorp Bank has revealed it will soon support contactless mobile payments on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

  • 6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

    Ranging from budget devices with basic functionality to cutting-edge tablets for gadget lovers, the world of Android tablets is packed with options. With so many choices, it's challenging to decide on the best tablet for you or someone on your gift list.

  • 6 Things Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Does That Nexus 9 Can't

    The world of Android tablets is packed with options, ranging the gamut from budget devices with bare-bones functionality to cutting-edge, feature-packed tablets for the true gadget geek. With so many worthy choices, it can be a challenge deciding on the best tablet for you or a loved one.

  • IBM, Apple Release 10 New iOS Apps for Enterprise

    This morning, IBM and Apple announced the availability of the first set of 10 IBM Mobile First for iOS apps for iPhones and iPads. The partnership between enterprise heavy IBM and consumer king Apple was announced in July. Their first set of apps is designed for use in industries including telecommunications, transportation, financial services, retail and airlines and government.

  • CIO guides strategic review at MTC Australia

    A new CIO has led MTC Australia through a strategic review of its not-for-profit educational organisation.

  • Free Windows? Not a chance

    Microsoft last week doused speculation that it would make Windows free across the board.

  • Microsoft slates 7 security updates for next week, resurrects Exchange fix

    Microsoft today announced it will release seven security updates on Tuesday, three of them critical, to patch Internet Explorer (IE), Windows, various pieces of the Office suite, and the SharePoint and Exchange server software.

  • Video Look at the Upcoming BlackBerry Classic Browser, Apps

    BlackBerry's most recent smartphone release, the Passport, was a notable departure from its traditional device design -- and that was a good thing. The Passport stands apart from the pack because it is so unique, for better or for worse.

  • Why It's Time to Start Using a Password Manager

    It's holiday shopping season, and it's time for me to nag you about security. You'll likely be shopping online a lot in the coming weeks, and many of the sites you visit will require passwords. None of us have solid-state memory inside of our heads (yet), so it's easy to be sloppy with passwords. Don't. Seriously. People get hacked all the time, and it's a major pain in the butt.