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  • ​124,000 complaints about telco services last year

    Australians made 124,000 complaints about mobile, internet and landline services last financial year, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) said.

  • Will machine learning become part of our everyday lives?

    Machine learning, schmine learning – it’s just going to be a part of our everyday lives. That’s what Amazon professor of machine learning at University of Washington and Dato founder, Carlos Guestrin, says about this artificial intelligence subfield.

  • How to find your Uber rating

    Your Uber drivers have been rating you and here's how you can find out what yours is.

  • Hold the hovercraft: These technologies are reinventing transportation

    Transportation technology is advancing quickly and will soon change the way we get from point A to point B. Here are the most promising advances, from hyperloops to autonomous vehicles to re-imagined personal transport devices.

  • 57% of world’s population can't access the Internet

    Around 4.2 billion people or 57 per cent of the world's population do not have adequate access to the Internet, with the majority living in developing countries, a new report revealed.

  • Toyota funds AI research to build autonomous cars

    Toyota is partnering with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to research artificial intelligence and robotics, work they say will lead to autonomous cars.

  • How Google looked to the past to develop a network for the future

    When Google needed to expand its network beyond what could be supported by the commercial switches of the day, it looked back in time for a solution—deploying a decades-old architecture novel to the computer industry but widely used by telephone companies.

  • Is Apple losing its enterprise tablet edge?

    Apple has been king in the enterprise, but a new study reports that Android and Windows are slowly catching up.

  • Apple Pay now works with AmEx Corporate Cards

    As soon as Apple's mobile payment service, Apple Pay, launched last October, I tried to add all of my credit cards to the mobile wallet so I could test it out. Just as quickly, I was disappointed to learn that though American Express supported Apple Pay for some of its consumer credit cards, it did not work with AmEx Corporate Cards.

  • Hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

    Samsung today showed the world its latest two "phablet" devices, the Galaxy S6 (GS6) edge+ and the Galaxy Note5, at a press event in New York City. The curvy, sleek GS6 edge+ is an upsized evolution of the company's smaller GS6 edge, which was released in the United States last April. The stylus-equipped Note5 is the newest member of the popular Note phablet family. The Note 4 first hit the U.S. market last October.

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