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  • 5 Signs That a Vendor Won't Make It to 2020

    I'm not going to call them out by name. I'm not that fond of getting nasty calls from PR folks, but I'm going to list what I think the conditions are for failure and you can then apply those conditions to your vendors to see how they fit. This goes beyond technology and into most areas of business.

  • Five Good Reasons to Delete the Uber App Right Now

    Take a bus, take a train, take a cab -- just don't take Uber.

  • Here's why hydrogen-fueled cars aren't little Hindenburgs

    For all the volatility of a gas like hydrogen, which combusts with one-tenth the energy required for gasoline, fuel cell vehicles are safer than internal combustion engines, according to industry experts.

  • Pew poll: Limited knowledge on privacy policies, more on net neutrality

    U.S. Internet users have a limited understanding of what net neutrality means and what protections are contained in company privacy policies, according to the results of a national survey by the Pew Research Center.

  • 11 Job Search Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances

    Even the savviest job seeker is bound to make a mistake here and there, but in a highly competitive talent market, a small mistake could cost you the job of your dreams.

  • Two Surprises in Fitbit's New Charge Fitness Tracker

    At long last, Fitbit released its successor to the ill-fated Force. The Fitbit Charge ($130) is a solid product, especially if you're already a member of the Fitbit camp. Charge and Fitbit's iOS and Android apps, also surprised me in two notable ways -- one of which has me considering some lifestyle changes.

  • IoT in the enterprise up three-fold, study finds

    Internet of Things deployment in the enterprise has increased 333% since 2012, according to research from an Internet of Things company.

  • Attack of the one-letter programming languages

    Watch out! The coder in the next cubicle has been bitten and infected with a crazy-eyed obsession with a programming language that is not Java and goes by the mysterious name of F.

  • Health IT Success Hinges on CIO-Business Collaboration

    CIOs in all industries can face challenges aligning their work with the business units of the enterprise, but in the healthcare industry, perhaps more than most, it is critical to win the support of the executives and front-line workers in the operation, a panel of experts said at a recent health IT conference.

  • Yamaha Joins All-in Migration to the Public Cloud

    Yamaha Corporation of America, maker of musical instruments and high-end audiovisual gear, has joined the ranks of mid-size enterprises leaving their data centers behind and going all in with public cloud infrastructure Ᾱ well, almost. Its Oracle ERP and Cisco voice system remain on-premises for now.