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  • Telerik pitches new framework for building Android, iOS, Windows apps

    With Telerik's open source framework NativeScript, programmers with expertise in JavaScript have a new option for cross-platform mobile app development. The resulting applications will be able to run directly on Android, iOS and Windows.

  • Can Elon Musk's battery really cut your power lines?

    To eliminate the world's dependency on fossil fuel-generated power, all you need is two billion of Tesla's new commercial-grade battery systems.

  • Uber's China business could face more regulatory trouble, following police raid

    Facing little work in his regular construction job, Li Gengming has become a big supporter of Uber Technologies in China.

  • Can a startup democratize big data apps?

    Imagine a data platform that makes it easy for line-of-business users and data scientists to extract insights, as well as share and collaborate on them, from all data sets -- big and small -- for real-time decision making. All employees, regardless of technical background, would be able to utilize the same information without the need to restructure data for any specific query.

  • Verizon boosts role in smart cities and farms services

    Verizon's Enterprise Solutions unit today announced a bigger push into smart cities and smart agricultural support services that rely on wireless networks and Internet of Things technologies.

  • Microsoft stakes out ambitious goal of 1B Windows 10 devices

    Microsoft's chief operating system executive yesterday put a stake in the ground, saying that in three years, tops, Windows 10 would be running on a billion devices.

  • Why digital marketers must drive the customer journey

    Handing off customers, from marketing to sales to customer service, seems a bit jolting in today's digital world. These days, customers own the online social relationship, and they don't want to be passed around like a hot potato. They demand one group guide them through the customer journey.

  • New Chrome extension aims to protect Google passwords, foil phishers

    Google today released a new extension for its Chrome browser that aims to improve Google account security for consumers and enterprise customers. The Password Alert extension discourages people from reusing their Google passwords on other sites and notifies them of potential phishing attacks. In other words, Google wants to help you help yourself.

  • Dell brings advanced visualization to analytics platform

    Dell Software today took the wraps off a partnership with data visualization specialist Datawatch. The partnership brings interactive visualization and dashboarding capabilities to Dell's Statistica advanced analytics platform and is designed to better position it for use by business analysts and other end users.

  • Australian ICT usage 'very high': World Economic Forum

    Australia has demonstrated very high levels ICT usage in the past year, though we aren't very innovative, and the government could be doing more to encourage the use of technologies, a report by the World Economic Forum found.

  • Maintaining a hybrid cloud environment

    CIO talks to Glenn Powell, general manager of Infront Systems, about how to move to a hybrid IT infrastructure model

    Infront & EMC

    Infront together with EMC provide innovative Hybrid IT services and integrated solutions

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