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Why we love last-millennium password policies

IT pilot fish goes to work at a large retailer's distribution center, where the policy is that passwords must be changed every 90 days -- which turns out to have unexpected consequences.

Written by Sharky27 Aug. 15 13:00

Oracle, still clueless about security

Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson let loose a long rant about people who dare to look into the security of the company’s products. Oracle quickly backed away from those remarks, but has it faced up to the fact that its CSO has some wrongheaded notions about her own area of expertise?

Written by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols25 Aug. 15 19:49

The security and risk management of shadow IT

Shadow IT brings many security issues, but since these systems are not on IT's radar, they do not get factored into overall risk management strategy. Here are some practical suggestions.

Written by Robert C. Covington24 Aug. 15 20:00

Why every business needs a WISP

Non-compliance is a risk, and the Attorney General's office carries a big stick for those who don't follow the rules.

Written by Michelle Drolet19 Aug. 15 21:55

Forgot your password? Good luck, chum

This retired pilot fish notices that nothing has shown up in his email in-box in almost 12 hours, which almost never happens. And when he tries his broadband provider's web mail access, he's got another problem.

Written by Sharky19 Aug. 15 13:00

Selling IT on getting the most out of a new firewall

We bought a next-generation firewall, as I had hoped we would. The real trick, though, was getting the IT department to take full advantage of all of its advanced functionality.

Written by By Mathias Thurman18 Aug. 15 02:33

A serious take on silly-sounding cybersecurity terms

Critical data breaches and hacking incidents have entered the mainstream consciousness. In one way this is good, as people are becoming more aware of the types of things that can happen and taking a closer look at how they use technology.

Written by By Rhonda Chicone18 Aug. 15 02:21

Nothing is ever completely outsourced

An outsourced project is out of your hands, right? Well, no, not entirely. In fact, that belief is a common misconception that can lead to trouble.

Written by Bart Perkins15 Aug. 15 01:41

Traction Watch: Opinit grows user counts 1,066 percent with no acquisition costs

You can always buy more users, however for the social media app Opinit, which uses emoji icons as a way to leave feedback on posts and images, there's a better way, build something people really want. That strategy has led to user growth of 1066 percent in two weeks since launching on the Apple Store and racking up about 1M "content views" (which are the views one user makes to another) and 100,000 "vibes" (one user rating another) since June. Co-founders Paolo Fidanza and Q. Ladraa told the app started out as a project for friends and family about a year ago and spent the last year in development in beta testing with a small group of users.

Written by John Brandon14 Aug. 15 03:30

Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

How much do companies around the world spend each year on data privacy services to fix the problems we read about in the headlines every day? Nobody as far as I can tell has published an answer to this question. So this month I set out to pull together the best available data points on the market.

Written by Jay Cline13 Aug. 15 00:58

The Bot That Cried Wolf: Battery tracking poses no real privacy threat

IT's relationship with privacy is delicate. Corporate IT needs to take privacy fears very seriously, but if IT jumps and shouts at every tiny possible privacy invasion, we'll have the Bot That Cried Wolf. Put another way, the best way to weaken privacy protections is to embrace so many privacy problems that none have any significance.

Written by Evan Schuman11 Aug. 15 20:09

IT must map its way to visibility

We in IT need to lead. Within the enterprise, we need to be perceived as leaders. We need to articulate the value we bring to the table.  

Written by Thornton May11 Aug. 15 07:19

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