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Facebook wants to sway your purchases — but not your politics

Mark Zuckerberg is under pressure to explain Facebook's role in the 2016 presidential election. The CEO downplayed the impact on its users, but if Facebook's ads can influence purchase decisions, as it claims, why wouldn't the site similarly influence people's politics?

Written by Matt Kapko16 Nov. 16 01:25

Why assuming data is secure is dangerous and stupid

The latest news concerning Hilary Clinton’s email has columnist Rob Enderle ticked off because it highlights an ongoing problem regarding security breaches, assuming we are secure.

Written by Rob Enderle05 Nov. 16 02:58

Just a test? If only!

The DDoS attack against DNS provider Dyn finds our manager without a backup plan. That’s painful, especially when the plan had been to test incident response soon.

Written by By Mathias Thurman01 Nov. 16 04:29

The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless

If opt-in agreements can be hidden within T&C documents, consumers will have little choice than to sign away their privacy rights.

Written by Evan Schuman31 Oct. 16 22:00

The limits of encryption

The latest WikiLeaks revelations included a reminder that there are revealing things that just can’t be encrypted.

Written by Evan Schuman28 Oct. 16 22:00

I want out of Windows patch hell

You’d think that when it made patches pretty much inescapable, Microsoft would have made darn sure those patches were problem-free. But you’d be wrong.

Written by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols06 Oct. 16 02:57

A nudge from ransomware

Our manager needs to get remote users’ PCs backed up without forcing them to connect to the network, which they rarely have to do these days to do their jobs.

Written by By Mathias Thurman05 Oct. 16 03:05

Trouble spotted on the network

No sophisticated SOC? You can still be pretty sure that you’re aware of anything potentially troublesome.

Written by By Mathias Thurman12 Sept. 16 21:00

Microsoft’s tin ear for privacy

The company keeps defending data-gathering features that some people don’t want instead of just making them optional.

Written by Preston Gralla08 Sept. 16 21:00

SaaS risks come into focus

Sometimes, security risks are hiding in plain sight.

Written by By Mathias Thurman02 Aug. 16 21:00