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Can IBM redefine the future of email?

IBM may have a great product in Verse, but columnist Rob Enderle writes that if Big Blue can’t figure out how to market this powerful email offering, it will never rise to its potential.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Feb. 16 04:46

A checklist for SaaS vendors

Our manager’s company uses a lot of third-party vendors, and some of these relationships have been in place for years. What will happen when he goes back to assess their security risks?

Written by By Mathias Thurman02 Feb. 16 23:47

Battling cyberattacks with bombs?

Columnist Rob Enderle says a recent data breach investigation report should have you rethinking your cybersecurity strategies. Here’s why you may want to buy a bunker.

Written by Rob Enderle23 Jan. 16 03:34

Sub-optimal computer advice from the New York Times

Small businesses are hit by ransomware. The New York Times says they should increase their computer security. I say this misses the real problem: backup, backup, backup.

Written by Michael Horowitz15 Jan. 16 01:42

Living the CES security farce

The new ‘enhanced’ security promised for CES turned out to be a joke, but the illusion of safety provided by security theater really fell away on the way home.

Written by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols13 Jan. 16 23:31

Compliance does not equal security

The effort to meet Level 1 PCI compliance reveals a new security mantra to our manager.

Written by By Mathias Thurman12 Jan. 16 16:31

Scammers target Dell customers after apparent data breach

A number of Dell customers claim to have been contacted by scammers who had access to specific customer information that should have only been available to Dell. The company claims it hasn't been hacked but won't offer an explanation for the seemingly stolen data.

Written by Bill Snyder11 Jan. 16 18:32

What unscrupulous attorneys do to win and how to fight back

Having experienced a few legal dustups himself, columnist Rob Enderle warns you about some of the unscrupulous things attorneys will do to win, and explains what you can do to avoid expensive litigation.

Written by Rob Enderle18 Dec. 15 21:33

IDG Enterprise editors predict IT trends for 2016

Top editors from enterprise IT brands Computerworld, Network World, and CSO offer up their predictions for things that will happen in IT in 2016.

Written by Keith Shaw16 Dec. 15 18:07

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