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Intel mulls selling its security business

Intel is considering selling its security business as the company tries to focus on delivering chips for cloud computing and connected devices, according to a news report.

Written by John Ribeiro27 June 16 12:51

The EU and US reportedly reach data-transfer deal

The U.S. and the European Union have reached an agreement on the language of a key data transfer pact, including limits on U.S. surveillance, according to a news report.

Written by Grant Gross25 June 16 01:15

AWS, Microsoft cloud win US government security approval

Three vendors, including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, have won a key U.S. government authorization that will allow federal agencies to put highly sensitive data on the cloud-computing services.

Written by Grant Gross24 June 16 01:38

Think tanks mull Geneva Convention for cybercrime

A Geneva Convention on cyberwar: That's how a panel of experts proposes to deal with the growing threat to critical infrastructure posed by the possibility of cyberattack.

Written by Peter Sayer23 June 16 01:38

Instagram daily use nearly equals Twitter's monthly rate

Instagram's daily active user base is close to Twitter's number of monthly users, and the gap between the companies continues to widen as Facebook, Instagram's parent, consolidates power through its family of popular apps.

Written by Matt Kapko22 June 16 23:29

Startup Preempt detects, blocks bad users, devices

Preempt is a startup whose virtual appliance acts as a behavioral firewall that ranks the risk a user or device represents and responds automatically based on policies set by corporate security pros.

Written by Tim Greene23 June 16 05:22

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