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Best practices for lowering cyber insurance costs and cyber risk

If your cyber insurance vendors offer incentives or discounts for companies who meet high data security and protection standards, they will likely focus on these processes and controls

Written by By Jeff Erramouspe, GM and VP, Spanning by Dell EMC02 Dec. 16 06:34

Security budgets continue to grow, but is it enough?

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for businesses, but the reality is that it should have been on their radar years ago. Why did businesses wait so long to invest in cybersecurity?

Written by Sarah K. White29 Nov. 16 00:02

What Snap can learn from Twitter ahead its IPO

Snap and its Snapchat app are the talk of the tech town today, but the company has not yet proven its worth to Wall Street. If Snap doesn't want to become the next Twitter after its upcoming IPO, it will have to avoid Twitter's mistakes.

Written by Matt Kapko15 Nov. 16 00:51

Employees feel pressure to use personal smartphones at work

Businesses are encouraging employees to use personal devices for work purposes, but according to a recent survey, without a proper BYOD strategy and reimbursement plan in place, it might be decreasing productivity.

Written by Sarah K. White15 Nov. 16 00:00

Lessons learned from the DYN attack

The large scale DDoS attack on DYN last week interrupted access to many major web sites, and while the specifics of the attack have been widely analyzed, here are the important lessons learned

Written by By Evan Bundschuh, Commercial Lines Manager, GB&A27 Oct. 16 08:01

ACLU takes social giants to task over Geofeedia privacy gaffe

The value of a social network largely depends on the quality of data it collects from users. However, it's easy for sensitive data, such as location information, to be abused, and consumers need to hold social companies accountable for their indiscretions.

Written by Matt Kapko26 Oct. 16 23:00

Cybersecurity staffing issues may be putting you at risk

Cybersecurity is a priority for most businesses, but many are finding a lack of available cybersecurity talent. But not being able to hire the right candidates is no excuse to ignore your security needs.

Written by Sarah K. White25 Oct. 16 22:05

Stupid encryption mistakes criminals make

Blown cover: Malware authors show how easy it is to get encryption wrong and, in the process, help security pros crack their code

Written by Fahmida Y. Rashid20 Oct. 16 21:00

ISPs mind their MANRS to block DDoS attacks

The Internet Society's MANRS initiative improves Internet security by asking ISPs to clean up their routing rules and check network traffic

Written by Fahmida Y. Rashid15 Oct. 16 05:25

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