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LinkedIn releases major website redesign

LinkedIn is pushing what it calls its most important desktop redesign in 15 years to more than 467 million users during the coming weeks. You can now expect a mobile-like experience at the social network.

Written by Matt Kapko20 Jan. 17 08:55

Trump docs claim Russia has cracked Telegram messaging service

The raw intelligence documents published this week that contain salacious stories about Donald Trump also offer up a glimpse into how Russia goes about its cyber spying – including the tidbit that it has cracked Telegram’s encrypted instant messaging service.

Written by Tim Greene12 Jan. 17 09:52

4 information security threats that will dominate 2017

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. To combat the threat in 2017, information security professionals must understand these four global security threats.

Written by Thor Olavsrud30 Dec. 16 00:01

Encryption in 2016: Small victories add up

The move from SHA-1 to SHA-2, a Congressional victory over backdoors, and the rise of encrypted communications are leading us toward a more secure world

Written by Fahmida Y. Rashid28 Dec. 16 22:00

Using big data for security only provides insight, not protection

Machine learning provides the protection big data analytics lack. Instead of figuring out why a breach happened after the fact, machine learning can identify a data breach as it’s happening

Written by By Santosh Varughese, President of Cognetyx27 Dec. 16 20:59

Apple's App Transport Security extension should concern IT

Apple backtracked on its 'App Transport Security' mandate, which would require all iOS apps to use secure network connections by 2017. The decision could affect CIOs and mobile administrators.

Written by Matt Kapko24 Dec. 16 02:27

Top 5 VPN services for personal privacy and security

If you regularly travel or work remotely, you need to use a VPN or you're putting yourself — and your data — at risk. Here's a look at the options and price plans for some of the top VPNs.

Written by Paul Mah23 Dec. 16 00:00

2016's biggest social media stories

Social media had undue, and dangerous, influence on the presidential election in 2016, and Microsoft closed one of the highest-profile acquisition in social media history. These are just two of's picks for the most significant social stories of 2016.

Written by Matt Kapko22 Dec. 16 00:00

Use virtual containers to isolate ransomware

Keeping suspicious files and connections in a separate container – a virtual space isolated from the rest of the network – is a savvy strategy that can save you time and money

Written by By Israel Levy, CEO, Bufferzone21 Dec. 16 06:16

Identity verification: The New Turing Test

The irony is, the bad guys can often meet the current ID requirements better than actual customers

Written by By Andre Boysen, chief identity officer, SecureKey Technologies21 Dec. 16 01:36

Lessons learned from the 7 major cyber security incidents of 2016

Cyber incidents dominated headlines this year, from Russia’s hacking of Democrat emails to internet cameras and DVRs launching DDoS attacks, leaving the impression among many that nothing should be entrusted to the internet.

Written by Tim Greene15 Dec. 16 00:51

5 core topics Trump needs to address in Silicon Valley leaders meeting

As some of the tech sector’s heaviest hitters prep for a meeting this week with president-elect Donald Trump, they need to make sure they get answers to critical questions about issues that could affect not only their businesses but the U.S. economy in general.

Written by Tim Greene13 Dec. 16 08:43

The Trump effect on cybersecurity: Tough to tell

Donald Trump’s effect on cybersecurity after he’s sworn in as president will likely be toward military uses of cyber weapons and stronger tools for law enforcement to crack encryption, but the impact is hard to predict due to the vagueness of his proposals so far.

Written by Tim Greene09 Dec. 16 03:31

Best practices for lowering cyber insurance costs and cyber risk

If your cyber insurance vendors offer incentives or discounts for companies who meet high data security and protection standards, they will likely focus on these processes and controls

Written by By Jeff Erramouspe, GM and VP, Spanning by Dell EMC02 Dec. 16 06:34

Security budgets continue to grow, but is it enough?

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for businesses, but the reality is that it should have been on their radar years ago. Why did businesses wait so long to invest in cybersecurity?

Written by Sarah K. White29 Nov. 16 00:02
  • The Rise of 'Data and Analytics' Roles Points to Digital Business Transformation

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