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  • How Load Balancing Is Playing a Bigger Role in Tech Transitions

    Load balancing isn't just for websites that expect surges in traffic any more. Companies of all sizes, and in all verticals, find load balancing an effective way to address disaster recovery, scalability, failover and application virtualization needs.

  • Senior Living Communities Connect With Social Networking

    IT leaders can't always measure a project's success by revenue or cost-saving metrics. Brookdale Senior Living's CIO achieved a greater objective by bringing social networking to its communities' residents: It improved their lives.

  • Splunk adds visibility into virtual environments

    IaaS provider CloudShare deployed Splunk to correlate machine-generated data and provide insight into every aspect of its business.

  • How integrating physical and information security mitigates risks

    Though both are critical, physical and information security remain separate entities at many organizations. However, you can get a better grip on overall risk by integrating the two. Austin Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center, successfully took on the integration challenge-- and what it learned can teach corporations valuable lessons.

  • Seven reasons to use AirWatch for mobile device management

    Many enterprises use AirWatch systems to manage mobile devices on an individual, group and company level all at once. From configuration to monitoring to support, here are seven reasons why AirWatch ranks among the MDM leaders.

  • Inside American Eagle Outfitter's 8-Day website nightmare

    HANG IN THERE. That was the first plea American Eagle Outfitters offered its nearly 1.5 million Facebook friends three days after its trio of e-commerce sites had crashed.

  • MCG ditches analogue for digital security

    The Melbourne Cricket Ground has moved to an open source IP security system to manage high definition CCTV and ground access control.

  • Online travel takes off with EV SSL security

    The image of organised crime rings running rampant across the Internet, creating legitimate-looking Web sites to lure cash from unsuspecting consumers, has many would-be customers scurrying back to the relative safety of the retail store environment.

  • Uni fortifies Western Front with IDS

    The University of Western Sydney (UWS) has today gone live with a managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for its 5000 users.

  • When Yanking the Mainframe Isn't an Option

    Minnesota's solution may have been cheap and inelegant, but it works just fine.