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  • Wednesday Grok: Google dismisses wider war talk after court verdict

    It’s hard to imagine a court verdict resulting in a billion dollar damages ruling could be considered a warm up act, but that is the prism through which Apple’s pwnage of Samsung over the weekend is being viewed. The San Hose Mercury lead the pack yesterday with the argument that the legal victory is just the first phase of a wider war.

  • Monday Grok: Apple pwns Samsung

    Apple’s lawyers totally pwned Samsung’s lawyers. Over the weekend, it was decided by a jury that Samsung basically stole a lot of Apple’s smartphone ideas, giving the world’s biggest company a billion dollars’ worth of bragging rights. It is a trifling amount that will get lost in Cupertino’s vast mountain of cash, but that’s not the point.

  • Wednesday Grok: SOPA is back from the dead, and this time it’s a Zombie

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which raised so much sound and fury last year, is missing a few limbs, and it’s not as obvious as before. But as [[xref: |<i>Techcrunch</i>|]] pointed out, this “Zombie SOPA” is still intent upon visiting a fairly aggressive anti-piracy regime upon the world.

  • Wednesday Grok: SOPA opponents crank up The Angry

    You know it is evil because Rupert Murdoch supports it. We're talking about the Stop Online Priacy Act (SOPA) and its sister, Protect IP Act (PIPA).

  • Tax Commissioner clamps down on phoenix activities and ‘consultants’

    Chasing business debts for a fairer system sees the Australian Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo setting his sights on superannuation. Now the directors’ penalty regime will see all directors made personally liable for any unpaid superannuation guarantee contributions.

  • Be mindful of the information you disclose about former staff

    Employment references are par for the recruitment course, but it’s not always simple. You should be careful about the information you disclose about former staff to potential employers, warns senior associate for Harmers Workplace Lawyers, Peter Ferraro.

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