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  • ​Mind the (expectation) gap

    If you don't communicate governance rules clearly, and enforce them consistently, they are ineffective in driving behaviours and outcomes.

  • NSW Government CIOs share what's on and what's next

    NSW state government CIOs met with their peers last week at a GovDC Marketplace event in Sydney, to share their current IT works and visions of the future.

  • ​‘3 pounds of potential’: How EMOTIV’s technology unleashes the brain’s power

    Tan Le is on a mission to use digital technology to unlock the potential of the human mind while assisting some two billion people worldwide who are afflicted with brain illnesses.

  • Curtin Uni IT team pulls itself together

    Last year, Western Australia's largest university identified a shadow IT problem caused by a lack of trust between the IT department and business units. Richard Addiscott director of IT planning, governance and security explains how he filled the 'trust chasm'.

  • ​Driving transformation through continuous delivery and insights

    IT chiefs discuss how they are improving their organisation's operational intelligence.

  • CASA seeks app for drone flyers

    ​The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is commissioning an app to help recreational and professional drone flyers avoid restricted airspace and stay within operating laws which change next month.

  • How to stay relaxed when you're leading a revolution

    The ASX is in the middle of a four-year, $50 million transformation of its trading and post-trade systems. And it's not just the technology that's changing.

  • Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

    Aaron Levie, the outspoken founder and CEO of enterprise file sharing and storage powerhouse Box, talked to Network World ahead of the company’s news about its Zones and Accelerator projects. Levie also discussed start-ups, the march of the public cloud, and even his past work as a professional magician.

  • Q&A: AGL CIO Simon Moorfield

    ​AGL is in the midst of a digital transformation that is changing the energy giant’s customer experience as well as the culture of its IT team. CIO Australia puts questions to the man leading the change, CIO Simon Moorfield.

  • Pitcher Partners change their chat

    The way Pitcher Partners' CIO Bradley Kay talks to the company’s execs has changed dramatically from two years ago.