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  • Software developer shortage transcends international boundaries

    The dearth of software development talent isn't an issue restricted to U.S. businesses. Finding programmers, especially to fill positions in the growing field of health IT, is a global challenge, said speakers Tuesday during a panel discussion on developing a health IT workforce.

  • SAP offering customers 'simpler' way to buy its Hana in-memory platform

    SAP is hoping a new set of programs, services and policies will help rev up sales of its Hana in-memory database and computing platform.

  • Workers use their own smartphones at work, without boss's knowledge

    Many workers use their personally owned smartphones and other computers for job tasks, but a new survey shows a big percentage are doing so without their employer's knowledge.

  • IT Resumes: Lies, Half-truths and Embellishments

    As the old saying goes, a lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. Nowhere is this truer than when conducting a job search. In a hyper-competitive talent market, it can be tempting to embellish your work history, exaggerate your IT skills or even claim to hold advanced degrees if it'll give you an edge over other job seekers. Unfortunately however, even if these lies manage to go unnoticed at first, they'll many times catch up with; potentially landing you back among the ranks of the unemployed with a bad reputation according to Tracy Cashman, senior vice president and partner of Information Technology Search at WinterWyman.

  • Cook trounces Nadella in 2014 tech pay package tussle

    Although the $US84.3 million pay package of Microsoft's CEO made news this week, Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, has already blown by his rival in compensation for the year.

  • The Digital Worker's Guide to Doing Business on the Go

    Take on a new job that requires extensive travel? Looking to streamline things when you work at the office? This simple six-point guide will help you become a digital guerilla in no time at all – whether you use the Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating system.

  • Microsoft Outlines Vision for Azure With New Services

    At an event in San Francisco, Microsoft made a series of announcements around Microsoft Azure, further cementing its position as a core of Microsoft's business going forward.

  • CMOs Paralyzed by Paradigm Shift (and CIOs Aren't Helping)

    The vast majority of companies are failing to seize great digital marketing opportunities, in part because overwhelmed CMOs are in over their heads with technology, while CIOs stand idly by watching this game painfully unfold. Fronted by a marketing paradigm shift and a flood of technology vendors spouting lofty promises, CMOs seem to have come down with a case of paralysis by analysis.

  • Keep calm and plug the holes

     Oh no, another zero day is out! No one goes home until it's fixed!

  • Nadella's 2014 comp package tops $84M

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may have been on the job only eight months, but his compensation package for 2014 topped $84 million, according to regulatory filings Monday.