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  • AllSeen IoT group acts to head off patent wars

    Vendors that contribute software to the AllJoyn Internet of Things project will pledge not to sue companies that make use of that code in products.

  • 7 ways project managers can anticipate, avoid and mitigate problems

    What separates the good, or the great, project managers (PM) from the just so-so? The answer: How they handle problems when they arise and they prevent them from derailing deadlines and the budget.

  • Event fosters software and STEM entrepreneurs for education

    Weekend hackathons for developers have been around for years. Now they are popping up everywhere.

  • What Gartner's Bimodal IT Model Means to Enterprise CIOs

    In 2014, Gartner introduced a prescriptive organization model for enterprise IT called "Bimodal IT." It posits that IT organizations of the future will have two separate flavors, if you will: Type 1 is traditional IT, focused on stability and efficiency, while Type 2 is an experimental, agile organization focused on time-to-market, rapid application evolution, and, in particular, tight alignment with business units.

  • Why social listening platforms are failing

    With startups pouring into the emerging marketing technology market, the simple fact is that not everyone -- not every category -- is going to be a winner. Now Forrester has come up with a startling finding that one of the first marketing technologies to come along and help define this segment is failing to deliver results.

  • US FTC calls on IoT vendors to protect privacy

    Companies developing Internet of Things (IoT) products should adopt best practices to protect the privacy and security of consumers, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recommended.

  • IT jobs outlook: High demand, higher salaries

    With the <a href="">hot job market for technology professionals</a>, it is not surprising that salaries are up, too  though only a bit.

  • What is home automation and how do I get started?

    From flicking a light switch to opening your garage door with a remote control, our homes have been automated for decades. The concept goes as far back as the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago where the "home of the future" was unveiled. In the last 80 years, however, the automated home has morphed into the smart home, courtesy of the Internet, sensors and connectivity. The modern automated home can do more than turn on our heating and our lights--it can actually think for us.

  • What can I do with home automation?

    Once reserved primarily for the wealthy due to its complexity and whole-home-or-nothing model, today home automation is more accessible, no matter what your budget. Instead of buying into a $50,000 whole-home system, you can build a smart home yourself piece-by-piece.

  • 8 Key IT Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2015

    IT has grown into an entity that touches all parts of the business and organizations must keep pace or get left behind. David Foote, chief analyst and research officer with Foote Partners, makes it his business to stay on top of the technology trends driving organizations. His firm works with more than 2,600 companies monitoring IT skills pay and demand for the IT workforce. talked to Foote to discuss the year ahead and what technology leaders need to be on the lookout for.