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  • Researchers make a 3D-printed jet engine

    A group of researchers at an Australian university, along with its spinoff company, have used 3D printing to make two metal jet engines that, while only proof-of-concept designs, have all the working parts of a functioning gas turbine engine.

  • Sensor tech makes predicting the future easier to do

    LAS VEGAS - We no longer need seers, oracles and psychics to tell us about the future. The declining cost of sensor technology and the availability of cloud-based analytical platforms is making predictive analytics accessible to every industry and most products.

  • Google pushes Android devices into the enterprise

    Google is working to push more Android-based devices into the enterprise.

  • HP preps IoT wares to tame energy beasts, like runaway air conditioners

    On a hot day in the future, if you go to work and leave your home air conditioning on full blast, your power company may know you're away and turn it down for you.

  • MIT researchers building chips to prevent leaky Internet of Things

    MIT researchers this week are demonstrating a design for new radio chips that could be used to efficiently power the Internet of Things.

  • Interns loving life at Facebook, Google & Apple

    While many young people are <a href="">reportedly abandoning Facebook as a place to socialize online</a>, many others say it's a great entryway to the workforce. For the second year in a row, Facebook is the highest rated company by interns based on the feedback they share on jobs and career online marketplace Glassdoor.

  • Bluetooth starts weaving its mesh for IoT

    Backers of Bluetooth plan to give the technology a way to form mesh networks, dramatically extending its range and potentially its role in the Internet of Things.

  • U.S. to allow some H-1B worker spouses to work

    The White House today said it is giving final approval to a rule change that will allow some H-1B visa workers' spouses to get jobs.

  • CIO Upfront: Independent Assurance on ICT projects: A legal perspective

    Michael Bywell, a lawyer with Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, considers the New Zealand government’s renewed focus on ICT project assurance and some of the key challenges when commissioning and undertaking this sort of work.

  • Apache Spark jumps on the R bandwagon

    Apache Spark, <a href="">the big data processing technology for iterative workloads</a> that is growing in popularity, is about to add capabilities for DataFrames and the R language as part of two upcoming upgrades.

  • New security guide: What CIOs can get from it

    The cyber security handbook features guidance for CIOs and business leaders around key threats and important conversations

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