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Health News, Features, and Interviews

  • Private Health Insurance Exchanges Poised for 'Hypergrowth'

    As the second year of open enrollment under healthcare reform nears, there are both celebrations and complications.

  • Building a healthy storage array

    A storage area network (SAN) crash two years ago was the catalyst for a long rebuild process at Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home.

  • HIMSS Leadership Survey: Everything Old Is New Again

    At the beginning of National Health IT Week, the Health Information and Management Systems Society released a report examining 25 years of the HIMSS Leadership Survey. (The survey itself came out in February at the annual HIMSS conference.)

  • In Evolving Healthcare Business Model, Tech Plays Vital Role

    The healthcare industry's shift from its dominant fee-for-service structure forces organizations to rethink the way they do business. Embracing a value-based, bundled payment model means doing more to connect patients to providers, providers to each other, providers to payers and patients to payers.

  • Health IT Backers Press Congress for Clearer Roadmaps

    Dozens of health IT advocates from around the country made the rounds on Capitol Hill this week, meeting with lawmakers and staffers to press for an array of policies to advance e-health initiatives.

  • Datacom makes e-health play

    Datacom is set to acquire a 20 per cent share in Canberra-based health informatics software company SmartWard as it moves into the e-health space.

  • Federal IT Leaders Seek Support From Developers for EHR Adoption

    The White House is appealing to developers to join the open source community working to expand adoption of interoperable digital health records through its Blue Button initiative.

  • How Boston Children's Hospital Hit Back at Anonymous

    On March 20, Dr. Daniel J. Nigrin, senior vice president for information services and CIO at Boston Children's Hospital, got word that his organization faced an imminent threat from Anonymous in response to the hospital's diagnosis and treatment of a 15-year-old girl removed from her parent's care by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Justice Health rolls out electronic medical records

    The Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network plans to deliver complete electronic medical records across the New South Wales public health system following the deployment of new software.

  • Mayo Clinic turns to IBM's Watson to fill clinical trials

    IBM's Watson cognitive computer will soon be helping Mayo Clinic enroll patients in clinical trials in an effort to increase the speed of new discoveries while offering patients more and better treatment possibilities.