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    Game to help prevent bullying

    A new Australian-developed computer game has been designed to help children develop conflict resolution and bullying prevention skills.

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    LaTrobe looks to SAP cloud

    LaTrobe University is deploying cloud-based SAP software to support a digital transformation and five-year strategic plan to boost the university’s national and international ranking.

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    Microsoft exec opens up about Research lab closure, layoffs

    It's been a bit over a month since <a href="">Microsoft shuttered its Microsoft Research lab</a> in Silicon Valley as part of the company's broader restructuring that will include 18,000 layoffs. This week, Harry Shum, Microsoft EVP of Technology &amp; Research, posted what he termed an "open letter to the academic research community" <a href="">on the company's research blog</a>.

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    Monumental day for Wikipedia in Poland

    WIkimedians -- those people who contribute to the free Wikipedia website -- were recognized for their selfless work on Wednesday in Slubice, Poland with the <a href="">unveiling of a monument</a>.

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    Online, gamified learning is where it’s at in education

    To really be a leader in the education-technology space, it takes more than just hooking up some students with Internet access and publishing content online. For the founder of MCI Institute, Denise Meyerson, it’s about using technology to shake up conventional teaching methods and improve student outcomes.

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    Google wastes no time refining Classroom

    Making clear that it's serious about its foray into education software, Google has pushed out a set of enhancements for its Classroom app, barely two months after its release.

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    NT Department of Education to launch ICT support portal

    The Northern Territory Department of Education (DoE) is rolling out a ICT support portal called iCentre, which will provide staff with information including the status of IT networks, bandwidth, applications and servers at the click of a button.

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    Technology universities drive labour market demand

    Australian employers have their sights firmly set on high-tech university graduates. These institutions are holding the own against the traditional sandstone universities, says a report tracking the trends for higher education.