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Education News, Features, and Interviews

  • How data analysis boosted the performance of Queensland school students

    There’s no question that education plays a key part in Australia being able to compete globally, and for the CIO of Department of Education and Training in Queensland, Mark Hind, data analysis is what is going keep students’ academic performance up to scratch.

  • Torres Strait Islander girls learn to code Raspberry Pi

    Seventy Torres Strait Islander girls have coded a Raspberry Pi with an LED, GPS module and FM transmitter for emergency beacons to help their communities signal if brush fires become widespread, or alert people of poisonous snake and spider bites.

  • Google backs Singularity Uni to allow students outside US to study for free

    Google has backed Silicon Valley based Singularity University (SU) with US$3 million over the next two years to allow graduate students from anywhere in the world to study free of charge.

  • Tech industry may gain from Obama's free tuition plan

    Seminole State College in Sanford Fla., near Orlando, graduates about 70 students annually with two-year degrees in its programming and networking programs. Local tech firms have helped to shape the college's courses.

  • MOOCs deliver robots for everyone

    The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) aims to bring robots to the masses through two massive open online courses (MOOCs) on robotics.

  • University of Texas team hooks $100K in IBM Watson app contest

    A team of students from the University of Texas at Austin is being awarded $100,000 in seed funding for an app based on <a href="">IBM's Watson technology</a> that's designed to give Texas citizens easier access to social services. 

  • Monash University expands cloud infrastructure to support researchers

    Monash University has deployed Mellanox's CloudX Platform – which includes remote direct memory access (RDMA) capable Ethernet technology – for its R@CMon cloud, which is part of the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) Project.

  • Obama aims to tighten laws on data hacking and student privacy

    U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to call Monday for new federal legislation requiring hacked private companies to report quickly the compromise of consumer data.

  • New England security group shares threat intelligence, strives to bolster region as cybersecurity mecca

    <em>The Advanced Cyber Security Center is a three year old organization with a bold mission to "bring together industry, university, and government organizations to address the most advanced cyber threats" and drive cybersecurity R&amp;D in the New England region. Network World editor in Chief John Dix attended their most recent meeting in Boston and later tracked down ACSC Executive Director Charlie Benway and ACSC Board Chair William Guenther (CEO and Founder of Mass Insight) for a deep dive on the organization's goals.</em>

  • MIT names U.S. CTO Megan Smith as 2015 commencement speaker

    The <a href="">Massachusetts Institute of Technology</a> is getting a seriously early jump on its 2015 commencement exercises, naming U.S. CTO and MIT alum Megan Smith as its speaker for the June 5 event.