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9 top tools for corporate cloud collaboration

These nine cloud collaboration tools can help organizations communicate more effectively, share and modify files, track all changes, create detailed 'mind maps,' and more.

Written by Paul Mah24 Aug. 16 22:18

Microsoft's attempts to steal Evernote users moves to the Mac

Microsoft is now giving Mac users an easy path to get their notes out of Evernote and into its OneNote note taking service. The company announced a OneNote Importer beta on Thursday, which lets users copy their notes over from one service to the other with a few clicks.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank19 Aug. 16 02:46

Google says its databases are enterprise ready

Google is continuing its campaign to entice enterprises to its public cloud platform by rolling out database services stable enough to serve businesses in production.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank17 Aug. 16 02:20

Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

Aaron Levie, the outspoken founder and CEO of enterprise file sharing and storage powerhouse Box, talked to Network World ahead of the company’s news about its Zones and Accelerator projects. Levie also discussed start-ups, the march of the public cloud, and even his past work as a professional magician.

Written by Jon Gold10 Aug. 16 22:59

Oracle says it didn’t ask employee to cook cloud accounts

Oracle has denied in a California federal court charges leveled by a former manager that she was sacked after she refused to cook accounts in the company’s cloud business and threatened to blow the whistle on the accounting practices.

Written by John Ribeiro10 Aug. 16 17:13

Census outage caused by DoS attacks says ABS

​The Australian Bureau of Statistics has blamed Denial of Service attacks originating from overseas for the outage which hit the census website last night. But security experts have expressed their doubts.

Written by George Nott10 Aug. 16 09:43

Brands, take note: Customers still struggle to reach you

In any given year, more than 80 percent of consumers try to reach a brand, and for most of them, it's an exercise in frustration, according to new data from The Northridge Group.

Written by Katherine Noyes10 Aug. 16 03:11

This new Skype bot lets you chat with Spock

Microsoft has made no secret of its grand plans for chat bots, and this week it rolled out five new ones for Skype. Surely the most fun is "Spock," a bot that promises to help you "learn the ways of Vulcan logic."

Written by Katherine Noyes05 Aug. 16 06:49

Telstra CIO Erez Yarkoni to depart in October

Telstra's CIO, Erez Yarkoni is departing the telco in October to move back to the United States. Erez’s wife, Charlotte Yarkoni, is also leaving her position as president of Telstra Software Group.

Written by Byron Connolly03 Aug. 16 15:52

Pitcher Partners change their chat

The way Pitcher Partners' CIO Bradley Kay talks to the company’s execs has changed dramatically from two years ago.

Written by George Nott03 Aug. 16 09:12

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