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Box wants to be a platform for easy-to-write enterprise apps

A developer edition of Box will allow enterprises to build applications on top of the company's content collaboration and sharing capabilities without using the Box user interface or requiring users to have a Box account.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 April 15 08:48

SDN start-up stitches together Clouds

A software-defined networking start-up has emerged from stealth mode proposing accelerated deployment of applications and services spanning private, public or hybrid clouds.

Written by Jim Duffy23 April 15 05:59

IBM launches new threat-analytics tools in the cloud

Ever since its acquisition of Q1 Labs back in 2011, IBM has been selling its QRadar security event management software in the traditional way, whereby customers pay a price and download the version they want.

Written by Katherine Noyes22 April 15 03:14

Jemena shifts CRM to the cloud

Energy infrastructure provider, Jemena, has moved its customer data into the cloud to support restructured process lines across its electricity, water and gas assets and improve customer service.

Written by Byron Connolly21 April 15 12:41

Government CIOs see expected cloud cost savings evaporate

After comparing notes with my Gartner colleagues on recent discussions with clients, it’s becoming clear that government is rarely realising significant savings from cloud services.

Written by Glenn Archer17 April 15 09:31

Rio Tinto moves core IT to the cloud

Mining giant, Rio Tinto, is migrating its core enterprise IT systems to the cloud following an agreement with Accenture.

Written by Byron Connolly17 April 15 09:27

Google takes on real-time big data analysis with new cloud services

Google is betting that real-time processing is the future of big data analysis, and has updated two of its cloud services to help enterprises understand what is happening in the moment with their customers and operations.

Written by Joab Jackson17 April 15 02:58

Go-to storage and disaster recovery products

LEAF Commercial Capital used to wrestle with tape backups for disaster recovery. Now the equipment leasing and finance company is using a software-based service from Evolve IP for disaster recovery.

Written by Ann Bednarz17 April 15 01:02

Will containers kill the virtual machine?

Two years ago when Frank Macreery started Aptible to help companies host sensitive healthcare data in the cloud, as CTO he decided that containers would play a pivotal role in the company's operations.

Written by Brandon Butler16 April 15 05:53

Melbourne IT and 2nd Watch in cloud alliance

Melbourne IT has struck an alliance with Amazon Web Services partner, 2nd Watch to offer cloud migration capabilities to organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Written by Byron Connolly14 April 15 13:48

IBM, Fujifilm show tape storage still has a long future

IBM and Fujifilm have figured out how to fit 220TB of data on a standard-size tape that fits in your hand, flexing the technology's strengths as a long-term storage medium.

Written by Stephen Lawson10 April 15 10:17

Overcoming the cloud integration challenge

Why successfully integrating SaaS apps and data with your existing on-premise software and systems is crucial to cloud maturity.

Written by Byron Connolly10 April 15 09:33

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