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Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon announced a new service Thursday that's designed to make it easier to spin up and operate the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank02 Oct. 15 02:00

Microsoft bolsters Azure in containers, security

Microsoft on Tuesday announced further enhancements to its Azure cloud platform, including a new container service and a new security center.

Written by Katherine Noyes29 Sept. 15 18:49

Juniper unites the enterprise

New architecture, software, security wares bring Cloud fabric to campus

Written by Jim Duffy29 Sept. 15 12:15

Oracle services help you mix cloud and on-premises software

For all the talk about cloud computing, it's a rare enterprise that doesn't still use at least some on-premises software. With that reality in mind, Oracle on Monday rolled out two new services designed to help companies integrate the diverse pieces of those mixed environments.

Written by Katherine Noyes28 Sept. 15 20:07

Amazon rolls out cold cloud storage option

Amazon Web Services has released a lower-cost alternative to its standard cloud storage service that is meant for infrequently accessed data.

Written by Brandon Butler17 Sept. 15 22:44

MainOne's MDX-i taps Azure to offer cloud services in West Africa

MDX-i, a subsidiary of MainOne, West Africa’s largest data center is tapping Microsoft's Azure to launch a cloud-service to help it meet the computing infrastructure needs of companies deploying private, public or hybrid clouds from its Tier III Data Center in Lagos.

Written by Olusegun Abolaji Ogundeji04 Sept. 15 19:52

Amazon snaps up Elemental to boost video on AWS

Amazon will acquire Elemental Technologies in a bid to enrich the video capabilities of its AWS cloud service, the company announced Thursday.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Sept. 15 02:08

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