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Why Microsoft wants to help developers build bots

One of the key parts of Satya Nadella's keynote address to attendees at Microsoft's Build developer conference Wednesday was a discussion of creating virtual assistants and intelligent chat bots to help users do everything from managing their calendars to booking hotel reservations.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank02 April 16 04:56

Google cloud chief on tackling the enterprise

Google's cloud leader discusses one of the biggest IT challenges related to enterprise cloud deployments and offers advice on how companies can identify the business functions that are best suited for the cloud.

Written by Matt Kapko29 March 16 02:00

Google goes 'all-in' on enterprise cloud

xA group of Google executives this week reinforced the company's commitment to the enterprise cloud — one of its fastest growing businesses — and said it has made more than 300 improvements to the Google Cloud Platform during the past year.

Written by Matt Kapko25 March 16 00:35

Is the hybrid cloud's biggest challenge a lack of expertise?

Making the business case for embracing cloud services isn’t the challenge it once was. What is proving to be more of a hurdle to wider-scale cloud adoption is the lack of expertise, experience and resources to take advantage of what’s now possible.

Written by Jonathan Hassell24 March 16 22:11

Azure IoT Suite gets down to business

Forget two-year IoT pilots. Prebuilt solutions and fast prototypes mean you can ascertain the business value of IoT quickly enough to stay competitive.

Written by Mary Branscombe23 March 16 23:17

Why Dropbox dropped Amazon's Cloud

Dropbox has culminated a multi-year project to build a customised infrastructure environment that company officials say is finely tuned to their specific needs, allowing them to reap savings compared with how they used Amazon Web Services' cloud. Should you get out of the cloud too?

Written by Brandon Butler18 March 16 06:41

3 common cloud pitfalls IT should avoid

As modern businesses flock to the cloud, many fail to perform the necessary due diligence and accordingly fall victim to these common mistakes.

Written by Matt Kapko17 Feb. 16 23:25

Azure Stack offers hybrid cloud on your terms

Forget OpenStack and Cloud Foundry: Microsoft says its Azure Stack private and hybrid cloud platform is what enterprises are asking for.

Written by Mary Branscombe03 Feb. 16 01:59

Google for Work much quicker to deploy than Office 365

Companies that deploy Google for Work do it an average of four months faster than those that choose Microsoft Office 365, according to a new report. However, Microsoft stole more customers away from Google than it lost to the rival cloud provider.

Written by Matt Kapko20 Jan. 16 23:53

Cloud adoption soars, but integration challenges remain

With approximately 90 percent of businesses using the cloud in some fashion, it's safe to say the technology has become a mainstay in IT. But challenges remain beyond the initial integration.

Written by Sharon Florentine05 Jan. 16 14:00

Why Microsoft will beat Google in the enterprise Cloud war

Google beat Microsoft to market with its Cloud-based suite of business apps, but the tables have turned and many organisations, particularly large enterprises, are now looking to Microsoft for their cloud needs.

Written by Matt Kapko10 Dec. 15 16:00

The power of IoT on display at Cloud Expo Asia

You think mobile’s big? Just wait until the Internet of Things transforms everything around us, from milk cartons to highway overpasses.

Written by Bernard Golden10 Nov. 15 15:54

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