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  • IBM Watson cooks up some new dishes

    When not busy helping to find new treatments for cancer, IBM Watson is helping to cook up a few new dishes as well.

  • Mobile forensics the next frontier: University of South Australia

    Recovering digital evidence from mobile devices is the next frontier of science, according to Dr Raymond Choo, a security research director at the University of South Australia.

  • Paging Dr. Watson, IBM's medical adviser for the future

    IBM continues to make the case for the nascent field of cognitive computing, showing off some Watson prototypes that could help speed scientific discovery in the medical field, by scanning large volumes of literature and data far more quickly then humans can, and suggesting possible leads.

  • NASA launches massive Cloud migration

    NASA migrated 65 software applications, including its flagship website to the Cloud in 22 weeks, and the space agency is still in the midst of a massive deployment to the Cloud.

  • Microsoft rolls out DLP to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

    Microsoft has extended the data loss prevention features in Office 365 so that they are available not only for its email tools but also for data in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

  • CRM upgrade puts heavy emphasis on mobile's development teams are continuing their steady pace of improvements to the Salesforce1 mobile application, which first debuted at last year's Dreamforce conference.

  • Microsoft frees Visual Studio Online for occasional contributors

    Responding to the growth of enterprise software development teams, Microsoft will allow occasional contributors to access the Visual Studio Online project development environment at no cost.

  • Dropbox offers 1TB Pro plan for $9.99

    Dropbox is consolidating its three Pro account options into a single plan that's priced at US$9.99 per month and includes 1TB of storage and added controls for document sharing and security.

  • How Medibank embraced cloud, overcame shadow IT

    Medibank is allowing staff outside of the IT department to sign up to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reduce website hosting costs, while at the same time including IT security in the process, according to Medibank enterprise security manager Mark Burns.

  • VMworld 2014: VMware takes its best shot at Cloud market

    VMware this week at its annual US VMworld conference has focused intently on Cloud computing, trying to prove that it is uniquely positioned as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider to deliver a consistent management platform across public, private and hybrid Clouds. This builds on VMware's recent vow to become a Top 3 Cloud provider.