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Big Data News, Features, and Interviews

  • CEO Says Big Data Drives Towing Business Forward

    How is technology changing Agero as a business? When you think about our business, you think about tow trucks and wrenches and grease, but technology has actually made our business very sophisticated. We are crunching terabytes of data and know where our trucks are, who they are towing, and what type of service we should provide for any particular customer.

  • TED: Changing the World, One 15-Minute Presentation at a Time

    TED conferences tend to be must-see events. TED picks interesting topics and trains the speakers on giving short presentations that don't rely on bullet-point slides. I always walk away amazed.

  • Rogue big data projects running wild across businesses

    Individual departments inside organisations with big data strategies are running rogue projects without consulting the IT group, new research has found.

  • 10 marketing terms and technologies you should know about

    From ad exchanges and demand-side platforms to programmatic buying and tag management, here are 10 essential marketing terms and technologies you should know about.

  • UWS uses data analysis to track student performance

    The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is using data analysis and visualisation software, Tableau, to track the performance of students who are at risk of failing their course subjects.

  • Coming to terms with marketing technology

    With marketers become ever-more reliant on technology and importantly, data integration, to deliver the customer experiences organisations need today, CIOs can no longer afford to ignore the many platforms and solutions at their disposal.

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    How eHarmony uses data science for matchmaking

    There have been 11,000 marriages as a result of people meeting on eHarmony Australia since its launch in 2007. So how does the company help to bring couples together?

  • IBM Watson Analytics preps the data so you don't have to

    With the newest commercial service to spring from its highly publicised Watson cognitive computing initiative, IBM is attempting to streamline the process of analysing data so business managers can pull insights from data sets without the help of IT experts.

  • Internet-enabled objects add to security risks

    The Internet of Things (IoT) will create additional security risks for businesses and consumers, according to network security experts at the APNIC 38 conference in Brisbane.

  • Big data: Are we there yet?

    Australian research firm BigInsights has launched a global survey to gauge how much organisations know about big data and the challenges they face when analysing vast amounts of information.