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3D printing can recreate your vascular system for pre-op practice

Physicians and researchers in Buffalo, working with 3D printer maker Stratasys, have developed a method of printing out anatomically correct models of a patient's vascular system to allow surgeons preoperative practice in order to determine the best treatment.

Written by Lucas Mearian24 Nov. 15 21:04

Seagate ships 8TB drive for video

Seagate has announced the availability of an 8TB hard disk drive designed for recording up to 64 video streams simultaneously while running 24/7.

Written by Lucas Mearian29 Oct. 15 01:51

How WD installed a circuit breaker in its SanDisk deal

While Western Digital may say it wants to buy SanDisk, the deal is prefaced on some unusual conditions, including closing a deal with a Chinese tech firm that's buying a 15% share of WD.

Written by Lucas Mearian22 Oct. 15 22:27

Here's why Western Digital is buying SanDisk

Western Digital's purchase of SanDisk, part of a consolidation trend in the storage market, gives it instant access to the 3D NAND flash technology making its way into enterprise data centers.

Written by Lucas Mearian21 Oct. 15 21:40

Dell, EMC deal is a reconciliation of a conflicted 10-year marriage

Dell and EMC spent 10 years selling each other's storage products, a deal that created billions of dollars in revenue for the companies. But when the relationship got too competitive, the partnership ended two years earlier than planned. Dell's buyout of EMC reunites a great business model.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 Oct. 15 22:10

HP, SanDisk partner to bring storage-class memory to market

Hewlett-Packard and SanDisk announced that they have partnered to develop resistive RAM memory (ReRAM) as a non-volatile memory replacement for DRAM that's 1,000 times faster than NAND flash.

Written by Lucas Mearian08 Oct. 15 22:32

Hospitals flip the ICD-10 switch, adding 68,000 ways to tell you're sick

After two major deadline extensions, the new, vastly expanded ICD-10 medical classification system went live today, affecting every U.S. healthcare provider and insurance company, and dictating how $2.8 trillion that Americans spend each year on medical care is paid out.

Written by Lucas Mearian01 Oct. 15 21:27

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