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MIT takes a page from Tony Stark, edges closer to an ARC fusion reactor

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built. Though the project lost federal funding for its current fusion device, the school plans to press ahead on building a new, more advanced prototype.

Written by Lucas Mearian03 Feb. 16 22:14

Panasonic to invest $US1.6bn in Tesla's Gigafactory

Longtime Tesla battery partner, Panasonic, said it will spend up to $US1.6 billion on the lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in the hopes it can cement its future in automotive electronics.

Written by Lucas Mearian20 Jan. 16 06:18

Seagate inhales, uses helium to create 10TB HDD

Seagate's first 10TB enterprise-capacity hard drive is also its first use of helium to reduce friction and increase density in a drive as Western Digital has done with several of its drives.

Written by Lucas Mearian13 Jan. 16 20:38

Obama expected to launch program to spur on self-driving cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said an announcement will be made Thursday about the Obama administration's efforts to speed the introduction of self-driving vehicles, according to published reports.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 Jan. 16 00:02

Court rules Shutterfly may have violated privacy by scanning face photos

A federal court in Illinois has ruled against Shutterfly and allowed a civil case to move forward that claims the photo-sharing website violated the state's Biometric Privacy Act by collecting and scanning face geometry in photos without consent.

Written by Lucas Mearian08 Jan. 16 20:57

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