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Hydrogen refueling stations for cars to reach 5,000 by 2032

Hydrogen refueling stations are about to take off as Audi and Mercedes-Benz prepare to launch fuel cell vehicles on the heels of rollouts of hydrogen-powered vehicles by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, according to a report.

Written by Lucas Mearian23 Jan. 17 22:00

Data shows Tesla vehicle crashes dropped 40% with Autopilot

After ending an investigation into a fatal crash involving a Tesla sedan with its semi-autonomous Autopilot engaged, the Department of Transportation also determined that the technology reduces crashes.

Written by Lucas Mearian20 Jan. 17 09:53

Here's how much Tesla will require EV owners to pay to charge up

Tesla has announced the prices vehicle owners will have to pay to use its Supercharger stations. A trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco will now cost about $15 under its plan. But, early adopters will still be able to juice up for free.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 Jan. 17 06:37

Uber economy could kill off taxis and help fight global warming

Using a new computer algorithm, MIT researchers showed that self-driving vehicles being tested by services such as Uber and Lift could nearly eliminate the need for most of New York City’s taxi fleet, reducing pollution and increasing ride time efficiency.

Written by Lucas Mearian05 Jan. 17 22:01

GM to be the first to deploy self-driving cars on Michigan roads

On the heels of a Michigan law allowing autonomous vehicles to use public roads, GM has announced it will immediately begin testing autonomous Chevy Bolts there and will begin production of those cars in 2017.

Written by Lucas Mearian17 Dec. 16 06:42

Feds want cars to talk to each other to avoid crashes

The Department of Transportation has proposed a rule that would require vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech on all new light-duty vehicles, enabling a multitude of new crash-avoidance apps.

Written by Lucas Mearian16 Dec. 16 08:42

New Audis can now talk to traffic lights

Audi has launched its anticipated vehicle-to-infrastructure technology that allows some 2017 Audis to communicate with traffic lights so drivers know when lights will switch from red to green.

Written by Lucas Mearian09 Dec. 16 06:06

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