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Elon Musk says Tesla’s next-gen Model 4 will be affordable for everyone

Speaking at the Future Transport Solutions conference in Oslo, Norway, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said the upcoming Model 3 will be affordable for about half the population, but the vehicle after that will be affordable for virtually everyone.

Written by Lucas Mearian28 April 16 03:55

Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime

Researchers at the University of California have discovered a way to use nanowires to allow lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, electric vehicles and other commercial devices to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.

Written by Lucas Mearian22 April 16 04:16

Fitbit likely helped doctors save a man’s life

A Fitbit worn by a 42-year old man who arrived in a Camden, N.J. emergency room with an irregular heartbeat, supplied critical data that allowed doctors to shock the man's heart back into a normal rhythm without risking a stroke.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 April 16 06:43

New solar cell turns raindrops into electricity

Chinese researchers have demonstrated a new flexible solar cell that becomes excited by light on sunny days and water on rainy days, yielding electricity in either condition.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 April 16 07:26

Scientists could use DNA to shrink a datacentre into a sugar cube

Microsoft and University of Washington researchers have successfully converted long strings of ones and zeroes into four basic DNA blocks, which would allow a datacentre as large as a Walmart to shrink to the size of the sugar cube.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 April 16 03:29

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