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U.S. solar growth blows away previous records

The solar market in 2016 grew 95% over the previous year, which for the first time made photovoltaic power the top source of new electricity-generating capacity on an annual basis.

Written by Lucas Mearian16 Feb. 17 04:54

Ford to invest $1B in A.I. startup toward self-driving cars

Ford plans to invest $1 billion over the next five years in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence startup that will help develop a virtual driver system for the automaker’s autonomous vehicle coming in 2021.

Written by Lucas Mearian11 Feb. 17 08:10

This year's iPhones expected to get wireless charging

Apple's next iPhone, expected later this year, will have wireless charging, according to a financial analyst for KGI Securities who has a solid track record at sussing out Apple's plans.

Written by Lucas Mearian10 Feb. 17 06:39

Renewables missing from Trump's energy plan

The White House published its "America First" energy plan this week, and notably missing from it was any mention of renewable energy.

Written by Lucas Mearian09 Feb. 17 09:32

Floating solar panel market to be worth $2.7B in 2025

The rising cost of real estate along with a favorable regulatory climate is expected to push solar panels out to sea and onto landlocked water bodies over the next decade.

Written by Lucas Mearian02 Feb. 17 08:15

Daimler to supply Uber with self-driving cars

Uber signed a partnership with Daimler that will let the automaker introduce and operate its own self-driving cars on Uber’s ride sharing network.

Written by Lucas Mearian01 Feb. 17 09:42

The world's largest battery storage substation is now live

In December, Southern California and Tesla quietly went live with an 80MWh battery power storage facility for Southern California Edison that can power 2,500 households or charge 1,000 Tesla vehicles daily.

Written by Lucas Mearian27 Jan. 17 09:32

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