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Stories by Lucas Mearian

Consumers are still meh about 3D printers

By Lucas Mearian | 24 April, 2014 20:30

3D printers may be gaining ground in the workplace, but the same isn't true for consumers, according to Juniper Research.

In Pictures: Cool tech and hot cars from the N.Y. Int'l Auto Show

By Lucas Mearian | 24 April, 2014 08:54

The New York International Auto Show, which runs through April 27, allows automakers to show off the latest technology on four wheels. Here are some of the highlights from this year's big event.

It's now possible to wirelessly charge 40 smartphones from 4.88 metres away

By Lucas Mearian | 24 April, 2014 05:59

Korean researchers have shown it's possible to wirelessly transmit power over a distance of 16 feet and charge up to 40 smartphones.

In Pictures: The road to the 60TB hard drive

By Lucas Mearian | 14 April, 2014 08:53

Within the next six years, hard disk drives will go from 6TB of storage to 60TB. Here are the technological advancements that will make that possible.

Digital dustups: Can social media protest force corporate change?

By Lucas Mearian | 12 April, 2014 05:55

Several online protests in recent weeks mark a new trend in activism against companies and other entities, as activists grow empowered by the ability to affect change with just a few key strokes.

Land Rover reveals 'transparent' hood

By Lucas Mearian | 10 April, 2014 06:40

In what is definitely the stuff of science fiction, Land Rover has created a virtual transparent hood that allows drivers to see the ground directly in front of them.

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50, 50GB for free

By Lucas Mearian | 10 April, 2014 01:47

MediaFire has launched a storage and file-sharing service that it argues is more secure than Amazon's.

3D printer Kickstarter project aims for $US50,000, nets more than $US1m

By Lucas Mearian | 09 April, 2014 01:02

The Micro is being touted by its inventors as the first true mainstream 3D printer; apparently, people donating to the Kickstarter project agree.

BMW's new i8 is the first production car with laser headlights

By Lucas Mearian | 02 April, 2014 06:22

This fall, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid will become the first production vehicle to incorporate a new laser light technology into headlights. Audi is also experimenting with the technology.

Researchers 3D print micro trusses as strong as steel, lighter than water

By Lucas Mearian | 25 March, 2014 21:26

Using 3D laser lithography, a team of German scientists have created micro-truss and -shell structures from ceramic polymer composites that exceed the strength-to-weight ratio of all engineering materials, with a density below 1,000 kg/m.

In Pictures: Data storage -- then and now

By Lucas Mearian | 17 March, 2014 08:40

As size of storage drives shrink, capacity increases - dramatically. Here is a look at how data storage it has changed over the last six decades.

Google slashes Drive prices by as up to 80%

By Lucas Mearian | 13 March, 2014 18:21

Google announced Thursday that it is dramatically cutting its prices for its cloud storage service by as much as 80%.

AT&T rolls out pricing plans for in-car 4G broadband

By Lucas Mearian | 11 March, 2014 16:35

AT&T and Audi announced pricing for its previously revealed plan to offer 4G LTE broadband in vehicles this year. GM also plans to begin offering broadband in its vehicles later this year.

Roku's new streaming stick challenges Chromecast

By Lucas Mearian | 05 March, 2014 19:19

Roku's new iteration of its streaming media stick chops the price from $99 to $49 and it now works with any TV. And it's not just looks that make it different from Chromecast.

Apple's CarPlay vs. MirrorLink: Is there a need for both?

By Lucas Mearian | 04 March, 2014 20:25

Both MirrorLink and Apple's new CarPlay will eventually be able to duplicate some iPhone functions on your car's in-vehicle infotainment system, but MirrorLink can also handle Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. So do we need CarPlay?

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