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Stories by Chloe Herrick

Salvos overhaul storage and backup infrastructure

By Chloe Herrick | 30 April, 2012 05:00

With the growth of critical data rapidly increasing, the Salvation Army’s Southern Territory arm was running out of “prime real estate” in its storage area, according to its IT manager, Larry Reed.

New ISP launches for NBN-only plans

By Chloe Herrick | 24 April, 2012 09:55

New internet service provider (ISP), Australian Broadband Services (AusBBS), has flagged it’s entry to the market with plans to offer National Broadband Network (NBN)-only services via an outsourced virtual business model.

Govt ICT hiring spend to hit record high

By Chloe Herrick | 23 April, 2012 12:42

ICT hiring within the Federal Government has been forecast to hit an all-time high in 2012 with current spending on contractors already tipping $591.5 million for the 10 months to April 2012.

ISPs must work with content industry on copyright: Experts

By Chloe Herrick | 20 April, 2012 12:22

Experts have advised ISPs to step up and work with the content industry to find a copyright solution in order to avoid a heavy-handed government approach, following iiNet's win over AFACT in the High Court of Australia today.

Coalition NBN plans won't impact Telstra revenues

By Chloe Herrick | 19 April, 2012 13:15

A change in government as a result of the 2013 federal election would will not diminish Telstra’s $2-3 billion excess cash war chest, expected to be generated over three years as the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out.

Q&A: Calibre Global CIO, Jason Cowie

By Chloe Herrick | 18 April, 2012 16:09

CIO of West Australian-based mining and rail company Calibre Global, Jason Cowie, began his CIO career in Western Australia some 15 years ago with stints at McMahon Holdings and Cape Australia Holdings before joining Calibre in August 2011.

ITU reassures NBN Co on satellite concerns

By Chloe Herrick | 18 April, 2012 11:49

NBN Co has engaged the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to quell suggestions that the launch of the National Broadband Network (NBN) satellites in 2015 will be delayed due to a lack of orbital slot approval.

M2 acquisition to open up government market for Primus

By Chloe Herrick | 18 April, 2012 09:31

Telecommunications company Primus will be free to pursue more Australian government business following its acquisition by M2 Telecommunications, according to Primus chief executive, Tom Mazerski.

No more room for fixed line consolidation: Hackett

By Chloe Herrick | 17 April, 2012 13:13

The period of consolidation in the Australian fixed line market has concluded, ahead of the Federal Government's National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout, according to Internode managing director, Simon Hackett.

M2 buys Primus for $192.4m

By Chloe Herrick | 16 April, 2012 10:22

M2 Telecommunications (MTU) has acquired Primus Telecommunications Group for $192.4 million, with the transaction scheduled for completion on 1 June.

WA businesses ramp up CIO, senior ICT hires to deal with mining boom

By Chloe Herrick | 13 April, 2012 10:04

Western Australia has seen a ramp up in recruitment of CIOs and senior ICT employees as companies try to meet increasing demands of the ongoing mining and resources boom.

NBN call centre to hit the Gold Coast

By Chloe Herrick | 11 April, 2012 13:58

National Broadband Network (NBN) wholesaler, NBN Co has flagged plans to set up a customer contact centre on the Gold Coast, with the facility due to be operational by the second half of 2012.

ACMA releases draft rules for spectrum auction

By Chloe Herrick | 11 April, 2012 13:17

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have issued a set of draft rules to govern the upcoming ‘Digital Dividend’ auction for the reallocation of Australia’s 700MHz and 2.5GHz spectrum.

E-health rebates 'smoke and mirrors': Australian Medical Association

By Chloe Herrick | 10 April, 2012 15:32

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has thrown water on the announced Medicare rebates accessible for GPs participating in the government’s $466.7 million national e-health project.

VEC develops tablet-based e-voting system

By Chloe Herrick | 05 April, 2012 11:00

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has flagged plans to develop a free open source e-voting system for the next state election in November 2014, doing away with the touchscreen-based kiosks it used in 2010.