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Data scientists have the hottest job in America

A report released today by Glassdoor says that data scientists have the best jobs in the U.S., according to that company’s analysis of its outsized database of job information.

Written by Jon Gold20 Jan. 16 15:52

Big data and tater tots: How Sonic chooses where to open restaurants

Fast-food chain Sonic is primarily a southern institution, but it’s not planning to stay geographically limited for long. Sonic’s working to bring its cheeseburgers, tater tots and roller-skating carhops to the Northeast and the West, identifying places to open new restaurants and studying predicted sales trends.

Written by Jon Gold04 Dec. 15 16:21

GE uses lots of data to keep IT spend down

The key to getting the maximum value out of every dollar spent on IT, according to GE executive director of sourcing Sam Guertin, is a combination of in-depth knowledge and tough negotiation.

Written by Jon Gold29 Oct. 15 23:46

LTE-U: A quick explainer

LTE-U is a wireless network technology that’s promising a lot, as well as ruffling a few feathers (especially in the Wi-Fi world). Here’s a brief rundown for the perplexed.

Written by Jon Gold27 Oct. 15 19:53

FCC to probe Verizon, AT&T over contract lock-in

The FCC announced late last week that it would investigate Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink and Frontier over highly strict service terms in wireline business service contracts, which critics say lock customers into their deals unfairly.

Written by Jon Gold20 Oct. 15 17:37

Could iOS 9 be Apple’s greatest gift to enterprise IT?

The latest version of Apple’s mobile platform includes several workplace-centric features designed to make the company’s devices more useful to corporate users and the IT departments that have to manage them.

Written by Jon Gold17 Sept. 15 23:00

Grsecurity will stop issuing patches citing trademark abuse

A major corporation is misusing grsecurity’s trademarks and violating the terms of the GNU Public License – and as a consequence, the leader of the project said Wednesday, grsecurity will stop making its stable patches available to the general public.

Written by Jon Gold28 Aug. 15 20:31

It's SysAdmin Day: Let us celebrate with coffee

Ross Derewianko is a systems administrator for <a href="">Ping Identity</a>, a maker of cross-platform identity management and security software. We spoke to him on <a href="">SysAdmin Day</a> to get his thoughts on the holiday and on his job.

Written by Jon Gold01 Aug. 15 04:30

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