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Stories by Jon Gold

In Pictures: BlackBerry Passport

By Jon Gold | 26 September, 2014 11:51

BlackBerry does an about-face, back towards its enterprise roots.

Comcast's latest comments on TWC merger show near-total divorce from reality

By Jon Gold | 26 September, 2014 04:24

The largest broadband provider in America's attempt to merge with the second-largest is a win for consumers, and will create a vibrant marketplace with more competition, not less - according, at least, to the largest broadband provider in America.

Ig Nobels 2014: Bacon-stuffed nostrils, polar bear costumes & the science of dog doo

By Jon Gold | 19 September, 2014 23:48

Most reporting I do for Network World does not involve any of the following: 1.) Watching a guy stick bacon up his nose. 2.) People dressing up in polar bear costumes to scare reindeer. 3.) Dogs orienting themselves according to the Earth's magnetic field before pooping.

Ig Nobels promise scientific silliness – which is kind of the point

By Jon Gold | 19 September, 2014 02:24

Most of the time, the world of science is dry for very good reasons. The rigor of the scientific process demands extensive observation, experimentation and documentation of every minor facet of every minor phenomenon in nature – with the result that you get a lot of studies that cover only a single aspect of specific protein denaturing under a specific set of circumstances, or some such.

iOS 8 is here -- and it's all over your network

By Jon Gold | 18 September, 2014 05:29

iOS 8 comes out today, creating the usual raft of IT headaches that accompanies the roll-out of new software.

Browser vulnerability caps rough few months for Android security

By Jon Gold | 17 September, 2014 05:33

It has been a summer of discontent for the Android security community, as a host of vulnerabilities large and small has arisen to plague the world's most popular mobile OS. The revelation this week of a cross-site scripting flaw in the default browser installed on large numbers of pre-version 4.4 Android devices is merely the latest entry in a list that makes for unsettling reading.

In Pictures: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

By Jon Gold | 11 September, 2014 10:15

A glimpse at Apple's much-anticipated new iPhones

Riverbed teases with free SteelStore offering

By Jon Gold | 09 September, 2014 23:23

Riverbed announced today that customers can now use the virtual edition of the company's SteelStore storage appliance for free, bundling the product with six months of Amazon S3 cloud storage (at 8TB per month of volume) on the house.

Open-source player-tracking project kicks off

By Jon Gold | 06 September, 2014 03:02

Big Data isn't just a buzzy concept in the business world these days – professional sports teams are, increasingly, applying similar principles to their own operations, analyzing fast-growing quantities of data in order to better understand the game.

Reddit, Mozilla, Imgur and others in slowdown protest over net neutrality rules

By Jon Gold | 05 September, 2014 06:25

A consortium of some of the Internet's most visited websites, including reddit, Imgur, Wordpress, and Mozilla, will prominently display a spinning red loading icon on Wednesday, September 10, in a protest against planned FCC rules changes that would undermine the principals of net neutrality.

Linux kernel developer arrested in Russia

By Jon Gold | 03 September, 2014 06:22

A prominent Linux kernel developer has been jailed by Russian authorities after protesting publicly in Moscow's Manezh Square against the conflict in Ukraine.

Plug-and-play Android security layer outlined by NC State researchers

By Jon Gold | 21 August, 2014 05:39

A modified version of Android uses a system of modularized plugins to help make sure the latest security tools make it into the hands of end users as quickly as possible.

Linux Foundation to offer new certification for IT workers

By Jon Gold | 20 August, 2014 23:26

With an eye toward deepening the global Linux talent pool, the Linux Foundation today announced that it will offer two new certifications for engineers and administrators.

Androids continue to gain in the enterprise

By Jon Gold | 14 August, 2014 03:11

Use of Android smartphones in the enterprise realm is on the rise, largely at the expense of the iPhone, according to a report issued this week by Good Technology.

Riverbed bolsters net mgmt. software for greater automation

By Jon Gold | 11 August, 2014 23:22

Riverbed tacked three new software modules onto its SteelCentral network management product today, broadening the features already available through that framework.