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Stories by Phil Shapiro

Should I protect my tweets?

By Phil Shapiro | 23 February, 2011 09:14

When I signed up for a Twitter account in the summer of 2009 I spent some time thinking about whether or not I should protect my tweets. As a novice Twitter user, I had to decide whether the benefits of protecting my tweets outweighed the drawbacks. Looking back, I do not regret my decision to protect my tweets, and I'll tell you why.

Can the balance shift towards open source in mobile?

By Phil Shapiro | 17 December, 2010 00:29

The battle lines for the mobile marketplace have been drawn, and the battle of the titans - Google, Apple, Microsoft -- has begun. While the generals amass their troops, what have we here in the corner? A bunch of doodlers, cartoonists, storytellers, and other amateurs. Surely, this ragtag group won't have any effect on the outcome of the battle--or will they?

Donate your bandwidth to support Ubuntu downloads

By Phil Shapiro | 21 October, 2010 02:19

Ubuntu 10.10 came out earlier this month, and early reviews of the operating system have been very favorable. Right now many thousands of people around the world are downloading it.