Stories by Kenneth Corbin

White House to bolster STEM education, close skills gap

Touting new advanced placement course, the Obama administration looks at interdisciplinary approach to improve STEM education for underrepresented students and address shortage of skilled workers.

Written by Kenneth Corbin29 Sept. 16 22:54

McCain opposes splitting NSA and Cyber Command

Chair of Senate Armed Services Committee objects to administration's proposal to decouple spy agency from military cyber warfare unit, threatens to block NSA nominee.

Written by Kenneth Corbin15 Sept. 16 22:31

FTC focuses on combating ransomware

Federal Trade Commission chair cautions that businesses must do more to protect consumers from ransomware extortion, one of the biggest cyberthreats today.

Written by Kenneth Corbin13 Sept. 16 23:33

Will Supreme Court settle network neutrality issue?

Critics of FCC's controversial open internet order file appeal for lower court to rehear the case, but see the Supreme Court as perhaps the best hope of reining in new online regulation.

Written by Kenneth Corbin04 Aug. 16 23:54

Ethnic, gender imbalances plague computer science education

Amid a new report from the New America Foundation, quantifying the economic impact of the software industry, Obama administration officials stress importance of broadening access to programming instruction in K-12 schools.

Written by Kenneth Corbin21 June 16 00:44

Health IT adoption lags due to lack of patient interest

New Nielsen survey highlights slow rate of adoption and interoperability in health technology as patients don’t see the value of online scheduling, mobile apps and EMRs.

Written by Kenneth Corbin17 June 16 05:10

Human error biggest risk to health IT

Military health official warns that cyber hygiene falls short in health IT. Healthcare data breaches have hit more than nine out of 10 organizations in the field.

Written by Kenneth Corbin03 June 16 21:00

State Department argues against ‘cyber arms’ treaty

Senior State Department official says cyber is fundamentally different than any sort of conventional military or diplomatic arena, urges ongoing and multilateral development of ‘norms’ in global Internet talks.

Written by Kenneth Corbin26 May 16 23:02

FCCs heavy-handed regulations splits party lines

Positions harden within the Federal Communications Commission as agency officials and lawmakers complain about heavy-handed regulation of cable sector.

Written by Kenneth Corbin19 May 16 23:17