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CIOs receive low marks on IT reform report card

Nearly a year after the sweeping FITARA overhaul took effect, agencies continue to struggle in areas like risk reporting and data center consolidation, but lawmakers acknowledge IT reform is a work in progress.

Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Nov. 15 19:18

Government CIOs and CISOs under siege by insider threats

As the Office of Management and Budget rolls out a framework to help agencies advance their cybersecurity posture, a new report highlights pervasive vulnerabilities from insiders.

Written by Kenneth Corbin09 Nov. 15 17:51

Health IT use lags despite consumer interest

Nielsen research indicates that healthcare providers have been slow to incorporate technology into their practices, leaving telemedicine a far-off prospect.

Written by Kenneth Corbin06 Nov. 15 16:56

NSA chief warns cyberthreats persist despite China accord

White House reaches an agreement with China over cybersecurity as NSA Director Michael Rogers cautions that a formal non-proliferation agreement won't deter emerging threats from non-state actors.

Written by Kenneth Corbin28 Sept. 15 18:26

Why startup leaders need to set the tone for security

Amid new calls from federal authorities for prioritizing security in tech startups, industry experts stress the importance of having firm leaders set a cultural tone.

Written by Kenneth Corbin16 Sept. 15 15:30

Tech startups need to get serious about security

Federal Trade Commission chair takes her message about security by design to the Bay Area, urging young companies not to let the rush to market overshadow critical consumer protections.

Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Sept. 15 20:08

Feds advance open data roadmap despite challenges

The DATA Act aims to bring transparency to government spending, but officials are mindful of the compliance burden and cultural challenges in effecting reform.

Written by Kenneth Corbin03 Sept. 15 14:51

Shadow BYOD runs rampant in federal government

A new survey highlights the extent to which government employees insist on bringing their own devices to work, despite rules to the contrary.

Written by Kenneth Corbin01 Sept. 15 18:15

How Georgia successfully overhauled IT

COO of Georgia Technology Authority discusses the sweeping enterprise-driven privatization push that's improved security, cut costs and upended the state's IT culture.

Written by Kenneth Corbin26 Aug. 15 18:07

SEC CIO leads efforts to move agency to the cloud

Pamela Dyson is helping the nation's principal securities regulator optimize its IT infrastructure and shift toward the cloud, one application at a time.

Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Aug. 15 16:27

Federal CIOs embrace IT reform, but struggle to move forward

When lawmakers passed the most sweeping government IT reform legislation in nearly two decades, federal agency CIOs won significant new budgeting authorities that, along with other provisions, aim to improve efficiencies and reduce waste in the $80 billion federal technology apparatus.

Written by Kenneth Corbin15 Aug. 15 00:06

CIOs vastly underestimate extent of shadow IT

Most CIOs have an inkling that employees in their enterprise have snuck a few applications past the IT department, but a new study by Cisco indicates that they are vastly underestimating the extent that unauthorized apps and services have infiltrated the network.

Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Aug. 15 23:30

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