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Healthcare providers lament lack of EHR standards

More than six years after a bill aimed at spurring the development and adoption of electronic health records (EHR) became law, many observers complain that the technology has failed to live up to its promise.

Written by Kenneth Corbin24 June 15 00:00

New CIO authorities only first step toward better federal IT

The most significant overhaul of the government technology apparatus in two decades grants federal CIOs dramatic new authorities, but a number of obstacles ranging from agency culture to legacy IT stand in the way of reform.

Written by Kenneth Corbin16 June 15 00:08

Health IT could curb prescription drug abuse, but adoption lags

WASHINGTON -- If health technology is ever going to achieve the goal of lowering the rates of prescription drug abuse, developers and policy makers will have to do more to encourage adoption of electronic prescribing systems among healthcare providers.

Written by Kenneth Corbin12 June 15 00:18

Medicare data available to help businesses ‘shake up healthcare'

WASHINGTON -- In an effort to expand the utility of government health data and improve care for the sickest Americans, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Tuesday said it will open its datasets to the business community for the first time.

Written by Kenneth Corbin05 June 15 00:15

How CIOs can reduce shadow IT in government

If government CIOs want to bring IT out of the shadows, they need to start by understanding what kind of tools agency personnel need to do their jobs.

Written by Kenneth Corbin04 June 15 01:30

Federal CIOs want better cloud vendor support

Among federal CIOs, there is no shortage of interest in the cloud, but many agency IT leaders say they worry about security, what kind of support they'll get from their vendor, and the restrictions that come with long-term contracts, among other issues, government IT insiders say.

Written by Kenneth Corbin16 May 15 02:58

What happens with data from mobile health apps?

There is no shortage of interest in mobile health applications, which span everything from pedometers to Wi-Fi-enabled pacemakers, but what happens with all that data?

Written by Kenneth Corbin31 March 15 06:21

Corporate culture hinders cyber insurance buy-in

The relatively new field of cyber insurance offers a potentially valuable shield from the financial toll that a data breach can visit on a company, but that market is held back by a lack of information about the threat landscape and a culture in many firms that too often marginalizes cyber issues, a senior government official warns.

Written by Kenneth Corbin19 March 15 01:45

Feds look to developers to improve big data, open source projects

The vision behind the open source and big data initiatives underway in the federal government is far more ambitious than just a series of technology projects, but aims to further transparency, citizen engagement and achieve a major shift in agency culture.

Written by Kenneth Corbin17 March 15 01:17

Retail CIOs Focus on Data Security, Digital Innovation

In the wake of widely publicized breaches at firms like Target and Home Depot, retail CIOs are nearly unanimous in naming data security as one of their top priorities for 2015, according to a new survey.

Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Feb. 15 05:58

Sony hack is a corporate cyberwar game changer

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures late last year, which the FBI has attributed to North Korean hackers, represented a major escalation in digital hostilities that could reignite the long-simmering policy debate over how to better protect systems in the public and private sectors, a panel of former top intelligence officials said..

Written by Kenneth Corbin19 Jan. 15 11:01

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