Stories by Kenneth Corbin

FCCs heavy-handed regulations splits party lines

Positions harden within the Federal Communications Commission as agency officials and lawmakers complain about heavy-handed regulation of cable sector.

Written by Kenneth Corbin19 May 16 23:17

Big data essential to cancer 'moonshot'

Vice president Joe Biden says data analytics, common standards and cultural changes will be critical to success of administration's efforts to improve cancer treatment.

Written by Kenneth Corbin11 May 16 20:49

Making healthcare bills easier to understand

As part of a broader health IT push, the Department of Health and Human Services secretary rolls out challenge to bring transparency to opaque medical billing practices.

Written by Kenneth Corbin11 May 16 20:35

Why early STEM education will drive the U.S. economy

The Obama administration pushes to start kids on science and technology education at a young age to elevate the nation’s competitive position socially and economically.

Written by Kenneth Corbin22 April 16 22:34

Obama announces computer-science-for-all initiative

In final White House science fair of his administration, Obama stresses that computer science and other STEM fields are as essential as reading and writing.

Written by Kenneth Corbin15 April 16 20:47

Obama’s big data project targets community improvement

White House Opportunity Project initiative is a grass-roots effort to push out government data and encourage nonprofits, developers and others to build new community-improvement tools.

Written by Kenneth Corbin11 March 16 00:23

Obama’s plan looks to revolutionize healthcare

The Precision Medicine Initiative seeks to develop a vast database of patient information to enable researchers to gain new insights into diseases and tailor individualized treatment.

Written by Kenneth Corbin27 Feb. 16 00:48

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