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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

Apologetic Microsoft unleashes Xim globally for Android, Win Phone

By Juan Carlos Perez | 01 November, 2014 03:49

Apparently caught off guard by strong demand for Xim, a mobile photo-sharing app from its Fuse Labs researchers, a regretful Microsoft has released it globally for Android and Windows Phone, while promising iOS support is due soon.

Microsoft 'almost' wraps up largest layoff sweep in its history

By Juan Carlos Perez | 30 October, 2014 07:26

Microsoft has handed out pink slips in a third round of job cuts that "almost" concludes its plan to eliminate 18,000 positions.

Office 365 admins get spreadsheet search help

By Juan Carlos Perez | 30 October, 2014 06:46

Microsoft has switched on special search features in Office 365 designed to help IT administrators keep tabs on employees' spreadsheets, a task becoming more difficult and more important in enterprises.

Dropbox finds its way into HP, Acer PCs and tablets

By Juan Carlos Perez | 29 October, 2014 04:04

Dropbox isn't satisfied that its cloud storage and file-sharing service has more than 300 million subscribers, so it's actively seeking partnerships to grow its user base, landing HP and Acer on Tuesday.

Google enlists PwC to push Apps, Android, Cloud computing to businesses

By Juan Carlos Perez | 29 October, 2014 02:21

Google has struck a partnership with PwC in which the global provider of consulting services will recommend to its customers the Apps suite, Android devices and the Google cloud computing platform.

Microsoft makes OneDrive storage unlimited for Office 365 customers

By Juan Carlos Perez | 28 October, 2014 05:13

Microsoft will no longer try to "one up" competitors in cloud storage, opting instead to eliminate the ceiling for consumer and business subscribers of its Office 365 suites, a move that will put it on par with some vendors and ahead of others.

Apple mum as Mac owners tussle with Yosemite over Wi-Fi problems

By Juan Carlos Perez | 25 October, 2014 07:03

The cries for help from frazzled Mac owners whose Wi-Fi connections went haywire after upgrading to OS X Yosemite are being met by Apple with stone-faced silence.

Microsoft Q1 sales jump, but Nokia drags down earnings

By Juan Carlos Perez | 24 October, 2014 07:55

Microsoft revenue leaped 25 per cent in the first quarter but profit dropped, dragged down by expenses tied to its ongoing wave of layoffs and to the integration of Nokia's phone business.

Google rethinks webmail with Inbox, raising questions about Gmail's future

By Juan Carlos Perez | 23 October, 2014 05:33

Google is taking another crack at email overload, but this time around it's resorting to drastic measures, developing a new product apparently built from scratch without relying on Gmail.

Windows 10 to get two-factor authentication built-in

By Juan Carlos Perez | 23 October, 2014 05:25

Microsoft is continuing its crusade to get CIOs interested in Windows 10, touting new security features that include two-factor authentication built directly into the OS.

Jive integrates enterprise social suite with Google Docs

By Juan Carlos Perez | 23 October, 2014 03:11

As it fights to remain a leader in enterprise social networking (ESN) among giant rivals, pure-play vendor Jive Software has been furiously integrating its suite with the most popular business software, now adding the Google Docs productivity applications.

New Windows 10 TP build adds Windows Phone Action Center

By Juan Carlos Perez | 22 October, 2014 07:51

Windows 10 Technical Preview testers are getting a new build of the OS with almost 7,000 changes, including the addition of the Action Center console already available in Windows Phone.

Complaints mount about Yosemite crippling Wi-Fi

By Juan Carlos Perez | 22 October, 2014 04:51

Complaints that Mac OS X Yosemite disrupts or entirely disables Wi-Fi have been flowing into social media sites and discussion forums since the release of the OS last Thursday, but Apple has yet to acknowledge there's a problem.

Smartsheet, the project management tool cloaked as a spreadseet, adds visualization

By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 October, 2014 10:38

Smartsheet, whose namesake online project management app uses a spreadsheet interface, has developed a visualization tool to let its customers graph and map workgroups in their organizations for better planning and supervision.

Office Mix now lets PowerPoint users create on the fly

By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 October, 2014 07:01

Microsoft wants to deliver a new wave of apps that are intuitive, intelligent, and mobile- and cloud-friendly -- and its latest move is with Office Mix, a PowerPoint add-on aimed at teachers, for recording presentations and making them more interactive.