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Australian and Chinese edutech companies establish partnerships

Australian edutech startup, Inkerz, will tap into the Chinese market with it signing Memorandums of Understanding with Chinese companies, Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technology and Shijiazhuang Dazhong Network Communication.

Written by Rebecca Merrett20 Aug. 15 14:48

Measurement system detects subway travellers’ movements

A new study has revealed a measurement system that detects subway travellers’ movements to help public transport planners make smarter decisions around future investment and management.

Written by Rebecca Merrett13 Aug. 15 13:50

Machine learning algorithm to help VCs choose startups

Machine learning API company, BigML, and Telefónica Open Future, the telecom’s global entrepreneurship and innovation network, have partnered to build an algorithm that helps venture capitalists decide which startups to invest in.

Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Aug. 15 16:30

Machine learning: Moving out of academia and into industry

Machine learning has come a long way since Frank Rosenblatt discovered the perceptron algorithm and Arthur Samuel developed computer checkers in the late 1950s – having moved out of academia and into widespread industry adoption.

Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Aug. 15 13:49

Data scientists: Question the integrity of your data

If there’s one lesson website traffic data can teach you, it’s that information is not always genuine. Yet, companies still base major decisions on this type of data without questioning its integrity.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 Aug. 15 16:06

The computing power behind the Large Hadron Collider

If you think your company is overwhelmed with having to support terabytes of data, the computing power behind the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) might put things into perspective.

Written by Rebecca Merrett04 Aug. 15 15:16

Google improves real-time visual translation app with neural net

Google has built a small neural net for its real-time visual translation app to work effectively on smartphones, which don't have the high intense computing power of data centres to carry out image recognition and translation.

Written by Rebecca Merrett30 July 15 11:00

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