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How predictive analytics helped State Street avoid additional IT project costs

Project managers rigorously assess and plan the delivery of projects to avoid the nightmare of going over cost. But what if there was a more mathematical way to quantify this? This is a question global financial services firm, State Street, asked when it deployed predictive analytics.

Written by Rebecca Merrett02 April 15 08:46

What really makes something innovative?

Innovation is usually considered to be the revolutionary, disruptive ideas or inventions that rapidly sweep over the world, making a huge impact. But sometimes it’s those quiet achievers who can make just as big an impact without having to be ostentatious about it.

Written by Rebecca Merrett25 March 15 12:40

Digital, big data analytics on the minds of CIOs

CIOs really want to knuckle down into digital, big data and analytics, but their tight budgets make it difficult to do so, a new Deloitte survey has found.

Written by Rebecca Merrett24 March 15 11:10

How sensor data analysis keeps cricketers in top shape

Professional athletes are turning to sensor data analysis to bridge gaps in their performance and improve their game. This is what biomechanics expert Dr Edouard Rene Ferdinands from the University of Sydney is working on with cricketers.

Written by Rebecca Merrett20 March 15 16:43

IT execs take note: Govt toughens up on 457 visas

The government announced it will act on recommendations set out in a review of the 457 visa program in September last year to ensure organisations are complying and genuinely face a skills shortage.

Written by Rebecca Merrett18 March 15 16:37

UTS roboticist developing 3D imaging, AI tool for smart farming

Alen Alempijevic, roboticist and senior lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney is developing a tool that uses 3D imaging and artificial intelligence to accurately measure the condition of an animal so that farmers can better manage their livestock.

Written by Rebecca Merrett17 March 15 15:59

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