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NSW taskforce to examine ridesharing apps

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance has announced a new taskforce that will make recommendations to the state government at the end of October on how to regulate ridesharing apps.

Written by Rebecca Merrett01 July 15 13:17

Innovation will go offshore with R&D tax incentive cuts: AIIA

The Australian Information Industry Association claims the government's proposed research and development tax incentive cuts scheme will encourage tech companies to move their R&D activities to countries with more attractive measures in place.

Written by Rebecca Merrett26 June 15 15:53

NICTA tool to help manage natural disasters

National ICT Australia (NICTA) has created a tool that helps governments and insurance companies better manage locations prone to natural disasters and reduce their impact when they occur.

Written by Rebecca Merrett23 June 15 12:04

Intelligent machines part 2: Big data, machine learning and its challenges

In the 1990s, average computers ran on megabytes of RAM and processing power under 100MHz, with hundreds of gigabytes of global Internet traffic being generated each day. Nowadays, RAM is in gigabytes and processing power is in the thousands of MHz, with hundreds of terabytes of Internet traffic per second.

Written by Rebecca Merrett18 June 15 13:22

St George Bank releases Cardless Cash

St George Bank on Tuesday released its Cardless Cash mobile app feature, which allows customers to withdraw money using their smartphone.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 June 15 14:43

Cloud infrastructure to reach $775m by 2019: Telsyte

The trend in businesses moving their infrastructure into the cloud is forecast to continue to rise over the next few years, reaching $775 million in the Australian market by 2019, according to analyst firm Telsyte.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 June 15 11:16

A quick rundown of how deep neural nets work

Deep learning has proven to be a powerful method for going about artificial intelligence over the last few years, which has led to a growing interest in it across industries. So how does it generally work?

Written by Rebecca Merrett12 June 15 15:16

Wearable UV sensors to help prevent cancer

In a sun-heavy country like Australia, over-exposure to ultraviolet light and skin cancer is a common problem, making the case for technology and science to help address this issue and go beyond slapping on sunscreen.

Written by Rebecca Merrett10 June 15 12:23

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