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Google improves real-time visual translation app with neural net

Google has built a small neural net for its real-time visual translation app to work effectively on smartphones, which don't have the high intense computing power of data centres to carry out image recognition and translation.

Written by Rebecca Merrett30 July 15 11:00

A neuroscience approach to innovative thinking and problem solving

Allocating work time to experiment and cultivating a ‘fail fast’ culture have been hailed by many organisations as ways to foster innovative thinking to solve business problems. But there’s a science behind this that works by training the brain to process and arrange data to help it get to that ‘eureka’ moment.

Written by Rebecca Merrett27 July 15 12:59

CSIRO’s wearable tech for field workers to hit the market

CSIRO has signed a licensing agreement with aerospace and engineering company, TAE, to commercialise wearable technology that enables field asset maintenance staff to 'virtually work' with technical experts off site.

Written by Rebecca Merrett23 July 15 11:19

Australia is fastest growing for women in tech

Australia is on top when it comes to hiring women in the tech industry, with it being the fastest growing out of seven other developed countries, new research has found.

Written by Rebecca Merrett21 July 15 12:04

EFA endorses petition against criminalisation of cryptography research

Civil liberties group Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has endorsed a petition against an amendment to the Defence Trade Controls Act, arguing that it could prevent local researchers from participating in international studies.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 July 15 15:03

SKA telescope treaty negotiations begin

Treaty negotiations for the SKA telescope have begun, the Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Science, Karen Andrews, announced today.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 July 15 11:56

Highlights from the 2015 state iAwards

The state iAwards were announced over the last couple of months, with a wide range of new apps and tools coming out, from operations optimisation tools and avatars to energy harvesting technology.

Written by Rebecca Merrett15 July 15 16:30

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