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Stories by Rebecca Merrett


Windows 10 could salvage 8, but is it compelling enough for enterprises to upgrade?

By Rebecca Merrett | 02 October, 2014 14:31

Several CIOs have welcomed news of Microsoft’s Windows 10, arguing it will make amends for what Windows 8 failed to deliver to enterprises, even as they question its third-party applications compatibility.

Satellite radar measurements map the seafloor

By Rebecca Merrett | 02 October, 2014 00:01

An international team of scientists have created a map of the seafloor using a depth sounding technique and satellite radar measurements of ocean surfaces.

Mobile payments to grow 60.8% by 2015: Capgemini

By Rebecca Merrett | 01 October, 2014 14:04

Mobile payments are projected to grow by 60.8 per cent to 47 billion transactions through to 2015, up from 29.2bn in 2013, according to Capgemini’s World Payments Report 2014.

Commonwealth Bank seeks data scientist

By Rebecca Merrett | 30 September, 2014 16:22

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is seeking to recruit a lead data scientist to provide insights for its Customer Engagement and Decision Science (CE&DS) team.

Macquarie University takes gamification to new level

By Rebecca Merrett | 30 September, 2014 11:55

Macquarie University is developing a simulation game for postgraduate students studying biodiversity, where they will learn to explore, survey and publish data on a virtual world, using tools and skills they would employ while undertaking fieldwork in the real world.

Code for Australia to prototype VANZI’s vision of a 3D modelled country

By Rebecca Merrett | 17 September, 2014 12:24

Virtual Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure (VANZI) is a step closer to modelling Australian cities and towns – including buildings, roads, railway and power lines, and water pipes – in 3D with volunteer group Code for Australia agreeing to develop a prototype for this project. to improve search and mobile experience

By Rebecca Merrett | 12 September, 2014 15:56

Travel website, is making it easier for users to find information while providing them with a more consistent experience on mobile devices.

Australian students to lead International Space Station experiments

By Rebecca Merrett | 11 September, 2014 13:05

Students from St Columba Anglican School in NSW will participate in experiments on the International Space Station (ISS).

Vend point of sale system adds Bitcoin support

By Rebecca Merrett | 10 September, 2014 17:00

Online point of sale provider Vend has partnered with DC POS (Digital Currency Point of Sale) to allow retailers to transact with bitcoins.

Inside UTS' new Faculty of Engineering and IT

By Rebecca Merrett | 04 September, 2014 16:40

New building features 360 degree data visualisation room, robotic labs, environmental sensors and more.

Addressing cost and privacy issues with open data in government

By Rebecca Merrett | 02 September, 2014 14:00

No doubt the government’s push for more open data could drive innovation in private sector organisations, but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Smart city apps to alleviate Melbourne’s infrastructure problems

By Rebecca Merrett | 01 September, 2014 13:54

More than 100 developers got together during a hackathon last week in Melbourne to tackle some of the biggest infrastructure-related problems such as traffic congestion, safety issues and pollution.

eHealth NSW gets busy on technology rollouts

By Rebecca Merrett | 29 August, 2014 09:00

eHealth NSW CIO, Michael Walsh, and newly appointed chief clinical information officer, John Lambert, have laid out some of the technology projects they are focusing on this year, as part of the state’s $400 million e-health strategy.

Wearable solar cells to replace heavy batteries for soldiers

By Rebecca Merrett | 27 August, 2014 16:48

Solar cells that can be stitched into clothing are going to replace heavy batteries soldiers need to carry on top of all their equipment while out in the field.

Men in IT earn almost $3k more in bonuses than women: research

By Rebecca Merrett | 27 August, 2014 11:07

New research from IT recruiter Candle has shown a gap between the bonuses that male and female IT professionals in Australia receive, with men on average receiving $2845 more in cash bonuses than women.