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CEOs see IT as revenue creating more than cost saving

There has been a reverse in the interest of CEOs in IT projects that save the business money to initiatives that make money, Harvey Nash’s latest CIO survey has revealed.

Written by Rebecca Merrett19 May 15 13:06

5 tools and techniques for text analytics

There’s a proliferation of unstructured data on the Net and coming into customer call centres. But manually going through the haystack to find the needle is an insurmountable, unrealistic task to complete. Speaking at the recent Big Data TechCon event in Boston, data mining expert, Dan Sullivan from Cambia Health Solutions, discussed several tools and techniques to get you started.

Written by Rebecca Merrett18 May 15 16:29

Simplot on the hunt for a CIO

FMCG food company, Simplot Australia, is in need of a CIO who can find opportunities to improve business with customers and internal operations through technology.

Written by Rebecca Merrett15 May 15 09:47

Set your software free: OpenStack co-founder

Software vendors are needing to ‘hustle' organisations to buy licences these days because many firms see more value in open source and don’t care about having control, OpenStack co-founder, Chris Kemp, said at CeBIT yesterday.

Written by Rebecca Merrett07 May 15 15:49

CSIRO launches bushfire prediction software

The CSIRO has created prediction software, dubbed Spark, that gives advanced warning on where and when a bushfire will break out.

Written by Rebecca Merrett06 May 15 12:04

Doing natural language processing with neural nets without the high cost

Text classification, a part of natural language processing, is a useful way to capture insights from the vast array of unstructured online and digital text that exists on the Web. But doing this effectively can be costly and time consuming.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 May 15 15:13

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