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Stories by Rebecca Merrett


Google, Stanford use machine learning on 37.8m data points for drug discovery

By Rebecca Merrett | 03 March, 2015 13:32

Researchers from Google and Stanford University have used machine learning methods – deep learning and multitask networks – to discover effective drug treatments for a variety of diseases.

Machine learning used to predict clinical response to anti-cancer drugs

By Rebecca Merrett | 02 March, 2015 16:25

Cancer treatment is a step closer to becoming personalised with Mitra, a biotechnology company in Boston, releasing a study on predicting different patients’ clinical response to anti-cancer drugs using a machine learning algorithm.

RMIT drone can think like an airline pilot

By Rebecca Merrett | 27 February, 2015 16:25

Researchers at RMIT University have developed a drone equipped with technology that allows it to automatically communicate through human language with an air traffic controller if it loses connection with a remote pilot on the ground.

Google DeepMind advances AI with deep Q-network algorithm

By Rebecca Merrett | 26 February, 2015 13:45

DeepMind, which became Google's subsidiary last year, has taken another step forward in artificial intelligence with an algorithm that can master several games.

How data analysis boosted the performance of Queensland school students

By Rebecca Merrett | 25 February, 2015 15:58

There’s no question that education plays a key part in Australia being able to compete globally, and for the CIO of Department of Education and Training in Queensland, Mark Hind, data analysis is what is going keep students’ academic performance up to scratch.

Turnbull commemorates NICTA at Techfest despite funding cuts

By Rebecca Merrett | 20 February, 2015 16:52

Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, today commemorated National ICT Australia (NICTA) for its contribution to innovation in the country and on the world stage, despite the federal government discontinuing financial support for the research centre from 2016.

World gets ready for international Open Data Day

By Rebecca Merrett | 20 February, 2015 12:06

More than 110 cities around the world will take part in local hackathons, workshops and discussions on using open data to serve their communities on international Open Data Day.

Jumping all-in with cloud

By Rebecca Merrett | 20 February, 2015 10:30

Although deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure seems like the most popular strategy, some CIOs have decided to go all-in with the public cloud as they don't see any value in maintaining even part of their infrastructure on-premise.

Big data vendors back open source tools

By Rebecca Merrett | 18 February, 2015 11:17

Major players in the big data space are joining forces to support open source software with the creation of industry association, Open Data Platform (ODP).

Almost 80% of CIOs plan to up-skill their staff in 2015: Greythorn

By Rebecca Merrett | 10 February, 2015 12:49

CIOs are up-skilling existing IT workers to deal with the shortage of staff with experience in business development, digital, big data, and cloud, according to executive recruiter, Greythorn.

Working towards standardised, interoperable IoT

By Rebecca Merrett | 09 February, 2015 16:25

There’s no good use in having billions of sensors and devices connected to the Internet, which feed through data, if they can’t all talk to each other.

Data analysis and mathematics used to predict Earth-like planets

By Rebecca Merrett | 06 February, 2015 11:35

Astrophysicists at the Australian National University have predicted most stars in our galaxy have two habitable or Earth-like planets near them by analysing data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope and applying a mathematical rule.

Webjet Exclusives trials Bitcoin payments

By Rebecca Merrett | 04 February, 2015 12:37

Webjet today began trialling Bitcoin payments for its 'Webjet Exclusives' arm, which offers deals the travel agency has directly negotiated with suppliers. Webjet is the first online travel agency in Australia to embrace the digital currency.

Torres Strait Islander girls learn to code Raspberry Pi

By Rebecca Merrett | 03 February, 2015 10:57

Seventy Torres Strait Islander girls have coded a Raspberry Pi with an LED, GPS module and FM transmitter for emergency beacons to help their communities signal if brush fires become widespread, or alert people of poisonous snake and spider bites.

Google backs Singularity Uni to allow students outside US to study for free

By Rebecca Merrett | 29 January, 2015 13:53

Google has backed Silicon Valley based Singularity University (SU) with US$3 million over the next two years to allow graduate students from anywhere in the world to study free of charge.