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Watch as we follow one of Google's new self-driving cars (+15 photos)

Google's new self-driving cars are on public streets. After more than a year of development and testing, the new cars made their debut on the roads around Google's headquarters in Mountain View late last week, and I went to check them out.

Written by Martyn Williams01 July 15 10:37

US visa system coming back online after major outage

The U.S. Department of State is back in the business of issuing visas after a significant computer system failure halted work at consulates worldwide and inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of travelers.

Written by Martyn Williams24 June 15 04:48

US SEC said to be probing corporate hacks by FIN4 group

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is concerned that data stolen from companies in cyberattacks is being used to conduct what effectively is insider trading, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Written by Martyn Williams24 June 15 03:52

Google's driverless car fleet to double as it prepares for new tests

Google's autonomous car fleet is undergoing a major expansion. In the last month, the number of cars it is permitted to drive on public streets has more than doubled, and Google now accounts for more than half of the driverless cars that are legal in California.

Written by Martyn Williams19 June 15 09:16

Uber driver deemed employee by California Labor Commission

In a decision that could have major implications for the way Uber does business in its home state, the California Labor Commission has ruled that a driver was an employee when she was driving for the company.

Written by Martyn Williams18 June 15 01:25

Amazon to call on US Congress for fewer drone restrictions

Amazon on Wednesday will call on the U.S. Congress to embrace automated drone flights and come up with a set of simple, nationwide regulations that will allow its proposed Prime Air service to get off the ground.

Written by Martyn Williams17 June 15 09:04

FBI investigates St Louis Cardinals over Houston Astros hacking

Federal law enforcement officers are investigating whether the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the biggest teams in U.S. Major League Baseball, sought to gain advantage over rival Houston Astros by hacking into its computer network and accessing a key database.

Written by Martyn Williams17 June 15 03:59

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