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Lily Camera, a drone that follows you

Lily Camera is a camera drone that will follow its owner. It goes on sale in early 2016 but a prototype is now being shown as presales begin. It has several features that might be appealing to those into action sports.

Written by Martyn Williams13 May 15 08:37

Lily drone is waterproof, will follow you around

In the burgeoning world of drones, autonomous devices that follow their leader are nothing new, but a Silicon Valley start-up hopes it has something unique with its drone that is both waterproof and can be thrown into the air to launch.

Written by Martyn Williams13 May 15 01:05

China's a fast-growing gold mine for Apple

Designed by Apple in California - that nod to its home state has appeared on Apple products for years, but increasingly, Apple's gadgets are being sold far from its Cupertino headquarters.

Written by Martyn Williams30 April 15 11:02

RSA president questions government's role in cybersecurity

The president of one of the world's biggest computer security vendors says he is skeptical that a stronger government role in cyberdefense will abate the growing number of attacks.

Written by Martyn Williams30 April 15 08:31

Samsung profits drop as it faces the iPhone 6

Samsung Electronics registered its sixth straight quarterly decline in profits in the first three months of this year as competition bit into its key smartphone and display businesses.

Written by Martyn Williams29 April 15 11:13

China, iPhone 6 help Apple to another record quarter

Apple achieved its second straight quarter of record results as demand for the new iPhone 6 surged and China became Apple's second most important market after the U.S.

Written by Martyn Williams28 April 15 06:54

US drone completes first in-flight refuelling

The US military has successfully demonstrated what it says is the first ever in-flight refuelling of an unmanned aircraft, and in doing so completed a flight test program that leads to a new generation of military drones due to take flight in the 2020s.

Written by Martyn Williams25 April 15 04:07

Credit card terminals have used same password since 1990s, claim researchers

While retailers battle breaches that have resulted in tens of millions of credit card numbers stolen, word comes from the RSA Conference in San Francisco that a major vendor of payment terminals has been shipping devices for over two decades with the same default password.

Written by Martyn Williams24 April 15 06:32

Drone found on roof of Japanese PM's office in Tokyo

A camera-equipped drone carrying a bottle marked with the radioactive symbol was discovered on the roof of the Japanese prime minister's office in central Tokyo on Wednesday morning.

Written by Martyn Williams22 April 15 16:48

US plans Silicon Valley cybersecurity center

The U.S. government plans to open a cybersecurity office in Silicon Valley as part of its push to encourage closer cooperation between federal law enforcement agencies and the private sector.

Written by Martyn Williams22 April 15 04:31

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