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Stories by Stephen Lawson

FCC chairman grills Verizon over data throttling

By Stephen Lawson | 31 July, 2014 11:27

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has sharply questioned Verizon Wireless over its plan announced last week to throttle mobile data speeds for customers with unlimited plans.

Countries don't own their Internet domains, ICANN says

By Stephen Lawson | 31 July, 2014 06:15

The Internet domain name for a country doesn't belong to that country -- nor to anyone, according to ICANN.

As IoT changes how carriers make money, Ericsson is buying new smarts

By Stephen Lawson | 30 July, 2014 04:15

Ericsson plans to acquire MetraTech, a vendor of billing systems based on metadata, as service providers eye new services using the Internet of Things.

Testbed will help clouds and networks shake hands

By Stephen Lawson | 29 July, 2014 11:13

A network testbed being constructed just south of San Francisco will help carriers and vendors develop standards for better cloud services, the CloudEthernet Forum says.

LTE network for US public safety taking it one step at a time

By Stephen Lawson | 26 July, 2014 09:14

The organizers of the FirstNet LTE public safety network have the frequencies and standards they need to build the system, and they know where the money's coming from. They know how to get there from here, but it won't be a quick trip.

IoT inspires new components for energy, wireless

By Stephen Lawson | 25 July, 2014 09:07

The expected boom in demand for small, often isolated devices in the Internet of Things is driving developers to craft new types of components.

More AT&T customers switch to paying for their phones

By Stephen Lawson | 24 July, 2014 09:17

A majority of AT&T's new smartphone customers are now choosing a plan where they pay for their phones over time, helping to drive strong second-quarter financial results, the carrier said.

More mobile gadgets than people? Seven countries - including Australia - now qualify

By Stephen Lawson | 23 July, 2014 08:32

Wireless broadband subscriptions now outnumber people in seven countries as consumers continue to snap up smartphones and tablets, according to a new report.

AirMagnet Wi-Fi security tool takes aim at drones

By Stephen Lawson | 22 July, 2014 10:59

In its quest to help enterprises seek out and neutralize all threats to their Wi-Fi networks, AirMagnet is now looking to the skies.

Google may bring Wi-Fi to New York City pay phones

By Stephen Lawson | 22 July, 2014 08:13

Google may be among the hopefuls vying to turn the New York City phone booths of the past into "communication points" of the future with free Wi-Fi and cellphone charging.

MIT invention to speed up data centers should cheer developers

By Stephen Lawson | 19 July, 2014 06:23

A breakthrough by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could change the way Web and mobile apps are written and help companies like Facebook keep the cat videos coming.

Net neutrality a key battleground in growing fight over encryption, activists say

By Stephen Lawson | 19 July, 2014 03:42

Plans to favor some Internet packets over others threaten consumers' hard-won right to use encryption, a digital privacy advocate says.

Microsoft may announce its biggest layoffs ever on Thursday

By Stephen Lawson | 17 July, 2014 09:47

Microsoft reportedly will announce the biggest round of layoffs in its history on Thursday as massive changes wrought by new CEO Satya Nadella start to take hold at the struggling IT giant.

NetApp Private Storage adds an Azure cloud option

By Stephen Lawson | 16 July, 2014 10:49

Microsoft Azure just became the next cloud connection for NetApp Private Storage, which can already link enterprise storage to Amazon Web Services.

Samsung, Arm and Nest launch Thread Group to tie home IoT devices together

By Stephen Lawson | 15 July, 2014 17:02

Google's Nest subsidiary and heavy hitters including Samsung Electronics and Arm Holdings are launching the latest bid to make sensors, cameras, appliances and other devices in homes easily talk to each other.