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3D XPoint might change computing as much as SSDs did

The 3D XPoint memory technology that Intel and Micron announced Tuesday is new to its core and took years to develop, but that work may pay dividends in both living rooms and data centers.

Written by Stephen Lawson29 July 15 08:38

Someday your phone may stop an oncoming car

Self-driving cars will try to avoid robot pedestrians in a simulated city as part of an effort to make real-world streets safer.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 July 15 10:47

Sticker shock looms over Dish's mobile strategy

Wireless spectrum is likely to get about US$3.3 billion more pricey for Dish Network, the U.S. satellite TV operator that's angling to get into the mobile business.

Written by Stephen Lawson24 July 15 11:14

Cell service at US airports varies from first class to middle-seat coach

Need something to watch on a flight? You can download an episode of your favorite show in less than a minute and a half on Verizon Wireless at Atlanta's airport -- or spend 13 hours doing the same over T-Mobile USA at Los Angeles International.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 July 15 14:00

Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

Qualcomm will cut costs by about $1.4 billion per year and study the possible sale of assets as part of a company realignment.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 July 15 07:11

Chip vendors hit the ground running with Thread IoT spec

Connected home device makers can already see the guts of future products that will use the Thread wireless protocol. Now's a good time to get those going, judging from a new Internet of Things forecast.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 July 15 11:00

Qualcomm joins Thread as IoT dance heats up

A networking protocol that could be whizzing around your home's airspace in a few years came one step closer to reality on Tuesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 July 15 18:05

United's woes show what's hard about networking

United Airlines grounded its planes for about an hour on Wednesday, reportedly because of a router failure. That's a wide path of destruction for one piece of equipment, but it's the kind of hazard that comes with networking, where each piece is always linked to everything else.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 July 15 10:06

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