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Stories by Stephen Lawson

VMware takes on mobile networks with vCloud for NFV

By Stephen Lawson | 03 March, 2015 05:57

VMware has jumped into the hot NFV market with a platform that lets service providers run their network functions as virtualized applications from different vendors.

Cars will drive themselves in three phases: First, traffic jams

By Stephen Lawson | 03 March, 2015 00:29

Truly autonomous cars won't exist for at least 10 years, but earlier models starting next year will do some of the driving for you.

Nokia, DoCoMo test high-frequency mobile with an eye on 5G

By Stephen Lawson | 02 March, 2015 23:34

Nokia Networks and Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo are testing networks using extremely high frequencies that may someday deliver multi-gigabit speed to mobile devices.

For a speed boost, Alcatel-Lucent says use both cell and Wi-Fi

By Stephen Lawson | 02 March, 2015 18:01

If you have both cellular and Wi-Fi, why not use both? At Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent is demonstrating a way to do that as part of the same network.

Net neutrality could hamper new mobile services, Nokia CEO says

By Stephen Lawson | 02 March, 2015 09:22

New net neutrality rules just established in the U.S. may face a cool reception here at Mobile World Congress, where carriers are prime customers. Nokia's CEO took an early shot on Sunday night.

LTE can mooch off of Wi-Fi spectrum with new Qualcomm chipset

By Stephen Lawson | 27 February, 2015 10:01

A chipset Qualcomm is introducing at Mobile World Congress next week is likely to make mobile operators happy and some Wi-Fi fans nervous.

HP preps IoT wares to tame energy beasts, like runaway air conditioners

By Stephen Lawson | 26 February, 2015 07:30

On a hot day in the future, if you go to work and leave your home air conditioning on full blast, your power company may know you're away and turn it down for you.

Bluetooth starts weaving its mesh for IoT

By Stephen Lawson | 25 February, 2015 09:09

Backers of Bluetooth plan to give the technology a way to form mesh networks, dramatically extending its range and potentially its role in the Internet of Things.

Box buys Airpost, a startup that keeps tabs on cloud app use

By Stephen Lawson | 21 February, 2015 07:46

Box has acquired Airpost, a startup that helps enterprises detect and manage the use of cloud applications by their employees.

IoT network will look to the skies for better coverage

By Stephen Lawson | 20 February, 2015 10:46

Wide-area wireless networks for connecting Internet of Things devices may go global through a partnership between hot IoT startup Sigfox and aerospace company Airbus.

Mobile networks limber up for the Internet of Things

By Stephen Lawson | 19 February, 2015 10:11

Changes starting to take place behind the scenes in mobile networks may eventually pay dividends to anyone with a smartphone, a connected refrigerator or an IT department.

IBM puts software and Cloud at the center of storage

By Stephen Lawson | 18 February, 2015 08:01

The future of storage may not be in storage itself, but in the intelligence to manage it.

Cisco posts revenue gains, vows to beat VMware's network software

By Stephen Lawson | 12 February, 2015 11:50

Cisco Systems posted quarterly revenue and profit gains that included growth for its software-defined networking products, and Chairman and CEO John Chambers used the occasion to lay down the gauntlet to SDN rival VMware.

Facebook super-sizes its open networking switch

By Stephen Lawson | 12 February, 2015 07:18

Facebook is taking its crusade for open networking to a broader battlefield, using its 16-port "Wedge" switch design as the basis of a new modular platform that can link together racks of servers across a data center.

Wi-Fi backers warn about unlicensed LTE while Ericsson claims speed boost

By Stephen Lawson | 11 February, 2015 13:15

The Wi-Fi Alliance warned that LTE on unlicensed frequencies could interfere with Wi-Fi and said it plans to collaborate with the 3GPP cellular standards group to help prevent that.