Stories by Stephen Lawson

Court throws out lawsuit over storage on iPhones, iPads

By Stephen Lawson | 27 March, 2015 08:06

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit against Apple over the amount of storage available in mobile devices that come with iOS 8.

IoT could help give your local area its own power grid

By Stephen Lawson | 26 March, 2015 23:04

The Internet of Things is mostly about achieving greater scale, but in the case of an upcoming demonstration project, it will show how electrical grids can work at a smaller scale.

Hutchison to buy U.K. carrier O2 for up to US$15 billion

By Stephen Lawson | 25 March, 2015 07:54

Hutchison Whampoa has agreed to acquire U.K. mobile operator O2 for a price that could top US$15 billion, giving a company that already owns one major carrier an even bigger share of the British market.

Startup Rubrik goes all-in-one with backup appliance

By Stephen Lawson | 25 March, 2015 04:43

All-in-one boxes are hot in data centers, and the concept is starting to expand into backup and recovery.

Panasonic to make some IoT technologies royalty-free

By Stephen Lawson | 24 March, 2015 11:27

Panasonic is contributing some of its own software and patents to the cause of making the Internet of Things work.

EMC pools enterprise smarts to create data lakes

By Stephen Lawson | 23 March, 2015 21:03

EMC is drawing on its "federation" of companies to help customers build data lakes using EMC storage, VMware virtualisation and Pivotal Big Data smarts.

Bare-metal switches poised to take off in data centers

By Stephen Lawson | 21 March, 2015 07:38

Bare-metal switches that can be programmed like Linux servers aren't just for big Web companies anymore. They may show up in a lot more average enterprises in the next few years.

Google Cloud and a Chromebook might be your next contact center

By Stephen Lawson | 18 March, 2015 11:48

The next time you call customer service, you may get an answer from a Chromebook.

Networking's open at last. Now what?

By Stephen Lawson | 17 March, 2015 05:09

Networking hardware and spontaneous applause don't often go together, but Facebook's Omar Baldonado set off a round of cheering this week when he told engineers there's finally an open-source hardware design that they can use to build switches.

MacBook makes a case for wireless docking -- but too soon

By Stephen Lawson | 14 March, 2015 06:30

The new MacBook is supposed to usher in a wire-free future for laptops, but Apple left out technologies that could have saved road warriors a few ungainly wires.

Facebook's Open Compute Project starts to crack networking

By Stephen Lawson | 12 March, 2015 06:09

The Open Compute Project says it has broken tight bonds between hardware and software that have kept networking closed for decades -- and it took less than two years.

Open-source hardware is gaining critical mass

By Stephen Lawson | 11 March, 2015 06:20

The Open Compute Project, which wants to open up hardware the same way Linux opened up software, is starting to tackle its forklift problem.

5G, net neutrality may be headed for a showdown

By Stephen Lawson | 05 March, 2015 05:24

Net neutrality and 5G may be on a collision course as the mobile industry tries to prepare for a wide range of mobile applications with differing needs.

Can a Barcelona romance bring Wi-Fi and cells together?

By Stephen Lawson | 05 March, 2015 02:06

In the romantic city of Barcelona, cellular and Wi-Fi are getting set up on a lot of dates this week.

European group wants 5G to be 100x faster than 4G

By Stephen Lawson | 04 March, 2015 09:00

5G should go 100 times faster than 4G, connect 1,000 times as many devices and carry 1,000 times as much traffic in a given area, a European Commission group says.