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Chip maker Avago may be close to buying Broadcom

Avago Technologies is in advanced talks to acquire Broadcom in a potential deal that could mark the latest consolidation in the global semiconductor industry, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 May 15 05:54

Qualcomm makes its pitch as the go-to player for IoT

The stars of smartphones want to become legends in the Internet of Things, a world that could become much bigger than cellular but will require more than handset experience for a winning run.

Written by Stephen Lawson15 May 15 08:57

Samsung's Artik is the latest tool for the IoT gold rush

In California's first gold rush, the real winners were people in San Francisco who "mined the miners," selling tools and supplies to everyone out looking for shiny metal. A century and a half later, the same thing is happening with the Internet of Things, where big vendors are plying IoT startups with software, hardware and services.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 May 15 04:34

FCC asks how LTE can share the airwaves with Wi-Fi

A way to let cellular operators share Wi-Fi frequencies without jamming up Internet service is now in the spotlight at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 May 15 07:34

EMC hopes to extend ViPR Controller's reach with open-source release

EMC will release its ViPR Controller storage automation and control software as an open-source project, letting third parties develop their own services and applications on top of it and possibly make ViPR work with more parts of enterprise storage environments.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 May 15 03:16

Oracle says it could win if a rival buys Salesforce

Oracle will probably come out ahead if one of its rivals buys, because it would turn Oracle's superior focus into an even greater advantage, according to Co-CEO Safra Catz.

Written by Stephen Lawson01 May 15 11:32

Salesforce said to be fielding buyout offers

Salesforce is working with financial advisors to field bids after being approached by an unnamed party about a possible buyout, according to a Bloomberg report.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 April 15 05:20

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