Stories by Magdalena Petrova

The road ahead is paved with car communication

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have come up with an algorithm that allows autonomous and manually-driven cars to share the road.

Written by Magdalena Petrova02 Feb. 17 10:21

Vespa's maker creates a robot butler

Piaggio, the company famous for making Vespas, is coming out with an autonomous robot that will help you carry your luggage.

Written by Magdalena Petrova31 Jan. 17 11:25

How happy of a driver are you? Toyota's Concept-i knows

I have never really stopped to ask myself whether or not I enjoy driving, but user enjoyment is one of the main goals of Toyota's Concept-i car. To demonstrate what it might feel like to drive the Concept-i, Toyota has set up a simulator at CES in Las Vegas.

Written by Magdalena Petrova07 Jan. 17 15:24

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