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Stories by Zach Miners

Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

By Zach Miners | 31 October, 2014 11:44

Andy Rubin, the engineer who developed Google's Android OS and was lately in charge of its robotics efforts, is leaving the company, Google confirmed Thursday.

Zuckerberg to connect with regular folk in first 'community Q&A'

By Zach Miners | 31 October, 2014 09:48

If you've always wondered if Mark Zuckerberg has a favorite hoodie, or a favorite programming language, now's your chance to find out.

Movie industry yells 'Cut!' on wearables in theaters

By Zach Miners | 30 October, 2014 09:32

The dictum, "Please turn off all cell phones" at your local movie theater may soon be expanded to include Google Glass, smartwatches, GoPros, life-logging cameras, and a cast of thousands of other wearables.

Facebook: US$15 billion of WhatsApp's value is based on what it could be

By Zach Miners | 29 October, 2014 11:15

Facebook has revealed a little more about what compelled it to spend close to US$19 billion earlier this year to buy mobile messaging service WhatsApp -- a deal that had many scratching their heads at the huge sum.

Google's new Fit app plays well with Strava, Runkeeper and others

By Zach Miners | 29 October, 2014 06:04

Google is aiming to keep its users healthy -- and away from Apple -- with a new app that takes a broader view of fitness tracking.

Bing lets you dig behind the smiley face with emoji search

By Zach Miners | 28 October, 2014 12:27

Bing now supports searches with emoji, meaning you can insert or paste a range of emoji icons like hearts, smiley faces, food graphics, or any combination thereof, for some interesting, though not always useful, results.

Twitter shares fall as user growth stalls

By Zach Miners | 28 October, 2014 08:29

Twitter still has work to do to gain more users, and grow its ad sales in the process, judging from Wall Street's reaction to its latest financial results.

Startup arms cops with Internet-connected 'smart' guns

By Zach Miners | 28 October, 2014 06:45

The Internet of Things has come to police guns.

Facebook hopes to get people talking -- using whatever name -- with Rooms app

By Zach Miners | 24 October, 2014 05:48

Facebook is going old-school, with a stand-alone app for discussion boards aimed at letting users talk about shared interests without having to use their real names.

Twitter weaves Fabric, but will developers be drawn in?

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 11:27

To identity Twitter solely as a micro-blogging service could be to do it a disservice. The company wants to be much more to developers building mobile apps, and at its Flight conference on Wednesday it welcomed them in.

Twitter brings log-in via phone number to wider app landscape with 'Fabric' platform

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 06:02

Twitter is opening its nest to more mobile developers, with a new service for easier app sign-ins.

Pew survey shows women bear brunt of online harassment

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 00:47

As much as the Internet provides a place to connect, it's also a haven for trolls, bullies, cyberthieves and wackos. Recent incidents targeting women, including GamerGate and the iCloud nude photo leak, have brought some of the issues to the fore.

Yahoo squeezes out some growth

By Zach Miners | 22 October, 2014 10:42

Yahoo reported a 1 percent sales increase on Tuesday, a marked shift after multiple quarters of decline, though results in its critical ad business were mixed.

Your online TV watching is now being tracked across devices

By Zach Miners | 21 October, 2014 20:46

Showing all viewers the same commercial six minutes into, say, an episode of "Modern Family" might soon be over. If you're watching it online.

Obama orders chip-and-PIN in government credit cards

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 12:00

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Friday to have secure chip-and-PIN technology embedded into government-issued credit and debit cards as part of a broader move aimed at stemming payment data breaches.