Stories by Zach Miners

Google sales hit a speed bump in Q1

Google's sales rose 12 per cent during the first quarter, the slowest rate of revenue growth since 2013, while the amount it charges for ad clicks continued to drop.

Written by Zach Miners24 April 15 07:10

Facebook releases a caller ID app for Android

Facebook wants to mesh its massive social network with phone communications so that it can provide its members with useful information about people at the other end of the line.

Written by Zach Miners23 April 15 05:54

Live streaming apps pose legal risks for users

Live video is messy. It's raw, unedited, and with new mobile apps, it's now capable of capturing many more people who aren't aware they're being recorded. And in some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

Written by Zach Miners21 April 15 05:52

Europe reportedly ready to file antitrust charges against Google

Europe's top antitrust chief is reportedly ready to file formal charges against Google accusing the company of violating the EU's antitrust laws, advancing a five-year investigation that could lead to fines or changes in Google's businesses overseas.

Written by Zach Miners15 April 15 06:26

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