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PayPal hypes its mobile strengths ahead of IPO

As PayPal prepares for its upcoming IPO as an independent eBay spinoff, it wants to make at least one thing clear: It's got mobile covered.

Written by Zach Miners22 May 15 06:10

Tweets now appear in Google search results

Performing a search on Google now also displays relevant tweets from Twitter. The integration will widely distribute Twitter content beyond its own site and is also aimed at adding a new real-time element to Google search results.

Written by Zach Miners20 May 15 06:03

PayPal slapped with $25 million fine over credit service

The US financial consumer protection watchdog has ordered PayPal to cough up US$25 million in fines for deceptive practices around the company's credit service, which included signing up customers for the service without their consent.

Written by Zach Miners20 May 15 05:30

Anti-Islamic video could go back on YouTube after copyright ruling

A woman who received death threats after appearing unwittingly in an anti-Muslim film on YouTube cannot require Google to remove it on the grounds that her performance was copyright-protected, a San Francisco federal appeals court ruled Monday.

Written by Zach Miners19 May 15 10:56

Facebook could cash in from Messenger games

Facebook is said to be eyeing games for its mobile Messenger product, a move that might jump-start the revenue the company generates from non-advertising sources.

Written by Zach Miners19 May 15 06:42

Google looks set to join the 'buy' button trend

Google will include a "buy" button in its search results on mobile devices in the coming weeks, said a report on Friday in the Wall Street Journal, a move that could give online shoppers an easier way to buy products on small screens.

Written by Zach Miners16 May 15 10:40

Bing joins Google in favoring mobile-friendly sites

Microsoft is adjusting how it ranks Bing search results for mobile users, prioritizing sites that display better on smaller screens to accommodate the increased use of mobile search.

Written by Zach Miners15 May 15 08:00

Facebook tackles 'myths' about, says it's no walled garden

Facebook's project provides access to online services in developing countries, but it's also sparked questions about its compatibility with net neutrality, Facebook's underlying business motives and how the company collects user data. On Wednesday, Facebook sought to set the record straight.

Written by Zach Miners14 May 15 10:45

Some Flickr users facing browser support woes

Some Flickr users are reporting problems with the photo sharing site that may be related to what browser they're using -- even if the browser's up to date.

Written by Zach Miners09 May 15 10:03

Facebook study disputes the 'echo chamber' effect

On Facebook, you might see a fair number of news articles shared by friends supporting Republican presidential candidates as the race heats up. Even if you're a Democrat.

Written by Zach Miners08 May 15 10:23

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