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Stories by Zach Miners

Twitter brings log-in via phone number to wider app landscape with 'Fabric' platform

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 06:02

Twitter is opening its nest to more mobile developers, with a new service for easier app sign-ins.

Pew survey shows women bear brunt of online harassment

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 00:47

As much as the Internet provides a place to connect, it's also a haven for trolls, bullies, cyberthieves and wackos. Recent incidents targeting women, including GamerGate and the iCloud nude photo leak, have brought some of the issues to the fore.

Yahoo squeezes out some growth

By Zach Miners | 22 October, 2014 10:42

Yahoo reported a 1 percent sales increase on Tuesday, a marked shift after multiple quarters of decline, though results in its critical ad business were mixed.

Your online TV watching is now being tracked across devices

By Zach Miners | 21 October, 2014 20:46

Showing all viewers the same commercial six minutes into, say, an episode of "Modern Family" might soon be over. If you're watching it online.

Obama orders chip-and-PIN in government credit cards

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 12:00

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Friday to have secure chip-and-PIN technology embedded into government-issued credit and debit cards as part of a broader move aimed at stemming payment data breaches.

Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 09:21

Ads are officially coming to Snapchat, in a form the company says is not "targeted," but Snapchat's own terms of service suggest it could do something very much like that.

Neil Young's Pono music store has more than 600K songs 'ingested', downloads are another matter

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 07:01

Neil Young says he is making progress toward filling his online Pono store with millions of high-fidelity music files. He's mum, though, on exactly when people can actually start downloading and listening.

Twitpic really is shutting down after a failed acquisition

By Zach Miners | 17 October, 2014 10:28

What a tease. Image hosting company Twitpic will in fact shut down on Oct. 25, the firm said Thursday -- a surprising development after it previously said an acquisition would save it from death.

Google misses forecasts, while cost per click also dips

By Zach Miners | 17 October, 2014 08:22

Google missed analyst forecasts for both earnings and income in the third quarter, while the amount it makes when users click on ads also dipped.

Q&A: dubs his Puls wearable a bracelet, not a smartwatch

By Zach Miners | 17 October, 2014 00:04

Musician and technology entrepreneur unveiled the "Puls" on Wednesday, a high-tech bracelet that lets people make phone calls, check Twitter and Instagram, and tell the time.'s beast of a smartwatch makes calls and more without needing a phone

By Zach Miners | 16 October, 2014 13:29

American musician-cum-entrepreneur thinks he's got a radical gadget to beat the band: a massive app-infused watch that he says can do everything a phone can, and more.

Tech workers now oppose settlement they reached in Silicon Valley hiring case

By Zach Miners | 15 October, 2014 11:47

Technology workers have asked an appeals court not to approve a US$324.5 million settlement in Silicon Valley's controversial employee hiring case, according to a document filed Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton: Social media is no match for real-world interactions

By Zach Miners | 15 October, 2014 07:10

Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sees value in social media and other technologies as tools for connecting people, but she feels their impact pales in comparison to in-person meetings when it comes to solving society's biggest problems.

Q&A: How Yik Yak wants to weed out abuse and become the next Twitter

By Zach Miners | 13 October, 2014 22:47

Of the new social media apps that have sprung up around connecting anonymously, Yik Yak might be the most toxic. Or the most misunderstood. Perhaps it's both.

US retailer Kmart hacked, exposing customers' card numbers

By Zach Miners | 11 October, 2014 10:24

Sears Holding Corp. said Friday the payment systems at its Kmart retail chain had been breached as a result of malware, compromising shoppers' credit and debit card numbers.