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Verizon subscribers can now opt out of 'supercookies'

Verizon customers can now opt out of having a unique identifier placed on their phones that critics have labelled a 'supercookie' because it's almost impossible to remove.

Written by Zach Miners01 April 15 09:43

Facebook reveals the logic behind its forced Messenger split

Facebook annoyed and puzzled many people last year when it forced them to download its Messenger app for chats. Its reasons for doing so are now clearer: Messenger is becoming a beast of an app, with its own links to outside businesses and software apart from Facebook's main site.

Written by Zach Miners28 March 15 08:47

Slack hacked, compromising users' profile data

The popular group chat tool Slack suffered a hack of its central database last month, the company admitted Friday, potentially compromising users' profile information like log-on data, email addresses and phone numbers.

Written by Zach Miners28 March 15 05:22

At Facebook, a sharpening focus on virtual reality

In 10 years, there may be no need to check Facebook's site to see what that friend overseas is up to. You might just pick up a pair of goggles, reach out and hold her hand at her birthday party.

Written by Zach Miners27 March 15 13:02

WhatsApp not as open as Messenger to outside developers

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging and calling service, has no immediate plans to offer tools to outside developers to let them build services on top of it.

Written by Zach Miners26 March 15 13:31

Facebook extends Parse tools to the Internet of Things

Facebook is extending its Parse developer tools to the Internet of Things, providing software and services for bringing connectivity to home appliances, fitness trackers and other objects.

Written by Zach Miners26 March 15 06:44

Facebook extends Parse to build IoT apps

Facebook is extending Parse, its suite of back-end software development tools, to create Internet of Things apps for items like smart home appliances and activity trackers.

Written by Zach Miners26 March 15 06:30

Twitter tests videos that play automatically

Twitter has started to let videos play automatically in some people's feeds, in a test that could allow it to make more money from video advertising.

Written by Zach Miners24 March 15 10:17

Facebook Messenger as a platform? It's a gamble

Facebook's Messenger app has traditionally been used for keeping in touch with friends. Now people can also use it to send each other money. In the future, it could become a platform which other apps could use, if recent rumors prove true.

Written by Zach Miners24 March 15 07:56

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