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7 Tools to Build Websites Using Responsive Design

By Nathan Segal | 25 March, 2013 19:39

As smartphone and tablet use continues to grow, it's increasingly important for your business website to look good on a small screen. These seven tools will help you build a fully functional site for phone, tablet and traditional desktop devices.

6 CSS Tools to Help You Build a Better Website

By Nathan Segal | 21 March, 2013 13:28

Version 3 of Cascading Style Sheets give website designers more control over page layout and page elements. If you plan to build (or rebuild) your small business website using CSS, these six applications are worth a look.

How to build an online community for your small business

By Nathan Segal | 05 March, 2013 16:20

These days attracting customers to your brand means building an online community. That requires maintaining an active presence on industry-specific online forums and social media sites--and occasionally taking the conversation offline, too.

5 easy ways to build an email list for your small business

By Nathan Segal | 28 February, 2013 15:14

The bigger your email list, the more potential customers you reach with each email. But building an email list can be a challenge for a small business owner. Fortunately, these five strategies require only your expertise and your time.

How to add payment processing to your small business website

By Nathan Segal | 21 February, 2013 15:52

In past articles we've been building sales pages using OptimizePress. In this article we'll cover how to add a payment processor to a small business website. This gives customers additional payment options and offers functionality to create upsells after the first product has sold or joint venture opportunities.

How to Increase Your Online Sales With A/B Testing

By Nathan Segal | 14 February, 2013 14:15

The A/B testing process lets you determine what words, phrases, images or other elements of a Web page lead to the most sales conversions. To help you improve your online market strategy, this article provides an overview of the A/B process and offers some hints for improving your copywriting.

How to Use an Autoresponder for Small Business Email Marketing

By Nathan Segal | 07 February, 2013 14:12

The best customers come back to buy from you again. Making a list of customers and using an autoresponder to send them emails about sales and other promotions is an easy way to attract repeat business. Learn how to set up an email list and use an autoresponder to stay in touch with that list.

How to Increase Sales With SMS Text Messaging

By Nathan Segal | 31 January, 2013 15:55

use autoresponders to email potential and existing customers. Another effective method is the use of short message service (SMS) texts, which let you send targeted messages to cell phone users.

How to Improve Your WordPress Site and Increase Sales With OptimizePress

By Nathan Segal | 17 January, 2013 20:26

OptimizePress can help small (even one-person) businesses add sites squeeze pages, sales pages and other components to their WordPress sites. This will make it easier to attract customers, capture their information and offer them relevant products or services beyond the initial freebie.

5 Steps to Enhance Your WordPress Online Business Site

By Nathan Segal | 16 January, 2013 15:16

Many online businesses use WordPress to build a website that can function as a sales funnel as well as a blog. Templates and themes such as OptimizePress can add a variety of features, such as a squeeze page and a sales page, which will help you connect with customers. Heres how to beef up your WordPress site and get started with OptimizePress.

How to Get Started With Google Analytics

By Nathan Segal | 10 January, 2013 13:56

Analytics help you find out what brings visitors to your small business website. With that information, you can better design your site to give visitors what they are looking for--and turn them into customers. Here's a primer on linking your site to Google Analytics and getting the most out of the data it gives you.

Online Security Basics for Small Business Websites

By Nathan Segal | 04 December, 2012 14:00

Everyone on the Web is a target for scams, malware, piracy and a host of other online security dangers. Small business owners are no exception. These tips will help you protect your website, your assets and your information.

How Small Businesses Can Manage Their Online Reputation

By Nathan Segal | 12 November, 2012 14:25

Small business owners face numerous anonymous threats in the Internet era. While keeping bullies, trolls and extortionists at bay online is similar to what you should do in real life, repairing the damage they can do to your business requires a different set of reputation management skills that make the online 'noise' they create disappear.

How to Build an Online Business From Scratch

By Nathan Segal | 29 October, 2012 13:41

To build a successful online business, you need potential and customers. Learn how to build a basic website that offers prospective customers a free digital product in exchange for an email address as well as how to get paid customers to sign up after making a purchase.

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