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Stories by Rich Hein

In pictures: 12 biggest data breaches of the last 12 months

By Rich Hein | 02 April, 2014 08:51

Many companies have felt the effects of data theft over the last several years. It's 2014 and it doesn't look like the going is getting any easier. The technology sector seems most at risk with every week bringing the world another reported data breach. Here we look at the largest breaches in the last year.

11 Tips for Working With IT Recruiters

By Rich Hein | 26 March, 2014 15:32

IT is, by its nature, a technical, fast-paced and many times specialized industry. The necessary skills for career advancement are constantly evolving. With legacy systems, changing business goals and the constant march of new technology, companies are hard-pressed to find the necessary talent to keep their organization growing.

How to Handle the IT Skills Shortage: Architect Your People

By Rich Hein | 13 March, 2014 13:41

IT and technology are always going to be moving targets. The pace at which change takes place is furious compared to most industries. Technologies evolve and business objectives change. As a result, the skills required to get the job done must change, too. Finding perfect people who meet a laundry list of qualifications is a dubious task.

How to build trust as a new IT executive

By Rich Hein | 04 March, 2014 17:21

Making the move to a management position or the executive level isn't easy. You've got to get the job done, but you don't want to alienate the coworkers and friends that you've built relationships with over the years.

In Pictures: 15 non-certified IT skills growing in demand

By Rich Hein | 19 February, 2014 08:29

Whether you're a senior IT executive evaluating staffing needs and preparing budgets or an IT pro deciding where to invest your time to gain new skills, knowing what technologies are in demand should be a key part of your strategy.

Tips to Get Ready for (or Possibly Avoid) Software Audits

By Rich Hein | 10 February, 2014 15:11

You've gotten your letter from the vendor. The audit is coming and you've got to balance what licenses you have on your systems versus what you're licensing contracts allow. The difference could cost your organization big money so you've got to get it right but systems are so displaced or complex or evolving so fast that it seems like a full time job.

ASUS Transformer T100

By Rich Hein | 23 January, 2014 14:42

If the price of the Surface Pro and other similarly equipped tablets has been preventing you from buying a Windows 8 tablet then the recent update to the Intel Atom processor may be your cue to make your move.

IT leadership lessons you can learn from failure

By Rich Hein | 06 January, 2014 17:35

In the world of IT, things can and will go wrong. Failure can come from a number of things such as rushing to get too much done in a single project instead of breaking it down into smaller, more manageable projects. It can come from not allowing enough lead time for developers to do their part on the back-end or even from a consultant or vendor that led you down the wrong path.

In Pictures: 11 holiday gift ideas for IT executives

By Rich Hein | 10 December, 2013 09:00

The holidays are here and if you are still shopping for gifts for the tech pro in your life (or maybe you're making your own Christmas wish list), these products are as practical are they are cool.

Why the chief digital officer role is on the rise

By Rich Hein | 19 November, 2013 15:15

Today, technology is coming at organisations from seemingly every angle thanks to social media, mobile technology, big data, analytics, reporting, infrastructure, storage and more. How can older "traditional" companies compete in a digital world with newer companies that were born in the digital age?

Why You Need an IT Career Coach

By Rich Hein | 05 November, 2013 15:58

Consistently moving forward in your career is a challenge and the IT field is particularly daunting. Because it includes so many facets, you must be constantly learning and growing -- and doesn't leave much time for professional development.

16 traits of great IT leaders

By Rich Hein | 24 October, 2013 14:42

Being an exceptional leader is about more than getting the job done. You've got to balance your team's need with your goals and objectives as well as your emotions.

15 Common IT Job Search Mistakes

By Rich Hein | 16 October, 2013 17:02

Searching for a new IT position in a competitive market can be an uphill battle. One little mistake could cost you the opportunity. Read on to make sure you aren't making one of these commonly seen blunders in your job search.

10 Tips to Prepare for an IT Job Video Interview

By Rich Hein | 24 September, 2013 15:25

Video interviews, while not new, are becoming an increasingly mainstream option in IT as companies look for ways to shorten the hiring cycle and lower costs.

IT resume makeover: How to showcase your strengths

By Rich Hein | 10 September, 2013 09:19

Your resume needs to be more than a description of the roles you previously held. It needs to tell the story of you. Learn what it takes to showcase the skills that will get you hired.

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