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Mobility solutions to drive competitive advantage

By Lisa Banks | 21 February, 2012 11:30

CIOs discuss how investing in mobility helps give their business an edge.

The A-Z of LinkedIn

By Lisa Banks | 15 February, 2012 08:07

LinkedIn has become a dominant player in the recruitment and human resource space in the past few years, with 150 million members and availability in 200 countries

DreamWorks uses Cloud, scalable WAN for Puss in Boots

By Lisa Banks | 09 December, 2011 12:50

DreamWorks Animation SKG has revealed details of its use of HP technology in its latest film, Puss in Boots.

Victorian government invests $100,000 in ICT Geelong

By Lisa Banks | 09 December, 2011 11:41

The Victorian government has announced that $100,000 will be put towards supporting the activities of ICT Geelong.

Aussies moving away from fixed-line communication devices: ACMA

By Lisa Banks | 08 December, 2011 16:03

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has claimed that Australian consumers are embracing multiple forms of communication technologies, with mobile phones being the “bulk of voice communications.”

In brief: Red Hat announces general avalibility of Enterprise Linux 6.2

By Lisa Banks | 08 December, 2011 11:31

Red Hat has announced the general availability of its Enterprise Linux 6.2, as it begins work on version 7.

In Pictures: Behind the scenes of MyCyberTwin

By Lisa Banks | 07 December, 2011 11:17

We take a look at how AI is being used at the Aussie company, who has clients including NASA and the National Australia Bank.

Kmart to replace LAN with Ethernet switches

By Lisa Banks | 07 December, 2011 09:52

Kmart Australia will replace its local area network infrastructure with Ethernet switches, with the project set to support some 180 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Lifeline upgrades call centre, aims to increase capacity by 250,000 calls per year

By Lisa Banks | 06 December, 2011 11:54

Lifeline has gone live with its call centre upgrade, with the system set to enable the not-for-profit to increase its call capacity by 250,000 per year.

Yarra Valley Water announces email upgrade to improve its disaster recovery

By Lisa Banks | 05 December, 2011 15:38

Yarra Valley Water has announced it will make major upgrades to its email system due to its Microsoft Exchange platform becoming outdated.

Q&A: SUSE's Australasian sales director

By Lisa Banks | 05 December, 2011 12:18

Hamish Miles spoke to Computerworld Australia about his new role, the future of Linux in the enterprise, the Cloud and what role open source will play in the future.

Queensland DET awards notebook deal to Acer

By Lisa Banks | 02 December, 2011 10:20

School students in Queensland will receive 65,000 notebooks before the end of the year thanks to a new deal between the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) and Acer.

Mobile devices, social media in 2012 means more work “around the clock”: Gartner

By Lisa Banks | 01 December, 2011 15:28

2012 will be the year when Google Apps will chip away at the Microsoft Office market, as the rise of mobile devices and social media could make managing a work-life balance impossible, Gartner has claimed.

Robot self-awareness "lifetimes" away: MyCyberTwin

By Lisa Banks | 01 December, 2011 14:42

The day when artificial intelligence (AI) reaches the stage of self-awareness is “lifetimes” away, the innovation officer at MyCyberTwin has claimed.

MyCyberTwin speaks about winning ATS Patron Awards, company growth

By Lisa Banks | 01 December, 2011 14:01

Aussie artificial intelligence company, MyCyberTwin, has spoken about its recent win at the New South Wales Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) Patron Awards.

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