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Uber revises privacy policy, wants more data from users

Uber Technologies is revising its privacy policy to allow it to access a rider's location when its smartphone app is running in the background, and to send special offers to users' friends and family.

Written by John Ribeiro29 May 15 15:59

Legal trouble in wearables business: Jawbone sues Fitbit

The intense rivalry in the wearables market has spilled over into court with Jawbone accusing rival Fitbit of "systematically plundering" its employees, trade secrets and intellectual property.

Written by John Ribeiro28 May 15 16:04

US sides with Oracle in Java copyright dispute with Google

The administration of President Barack Obama sided with Oracle in a dispute with Google on whether APIs, the specifications that let programs communicate with each other, are copyrightable.

Written by John Ribeiro27 May 15 16:11

BlackBerry cutting staff in smartphone unit

BlackBerry plans to lay off an unspecified number of staff in its devices unit, as it attempts to make that business profitable, while expanding in other areas.

Written by John Ribeiro25 May 15 14:05

US Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill

The U.S. Senate voted early Saturday to block the USA Freedom Act, a legislation that aimed to put an end to the bulk collection of telephone records by the National Security Agency.

Written by John Ribeiro23 May 15 19:26

RadioShack, US states reach agreement on sale of customer data

RadioShack has reached agreement with U.S. states over the sale of customer data, by consenting to limit the number of email addresses to be sold, and giving customers the opportunity to be removed from the list.

Written by John Ribeiro21 May 15 14:32

Tech companies ask Senate to pass NSA reform bill

Reform Government Surveillance, an organization that represents large technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft, on Tuesday pressed the U.S. Senate not to delay reform of National Security Agency surveillance by extending expiring provisions of the Patriot Act.

Written by John Ribeiro20 May 15 14:34

FTC recommends conditions for sale of RadioShack customer data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the contentious issue of the proposed sale of consumer data by bankrupt retailer RadioShack, recommending that a model be adopted based on a settlement the agency reached with a failed online toy retailer.

Written by John Ribeiro18 May 15 16:50

Nintendo says its new smartphone games will drive console sales

Nintendo expects that its new games for smartphones, built in partnership with Japanese mobile gaming company DeNA, will help boost sales of its consoles, as users "become familiar with the charms of video games."

Written by John Ribeiro08 May 15 16:35

Uber's Indian rival Ola being probed for 'predatory pricing'

Ola, India's largest ride-hailing service, is being probed by the Competition Commission of India for 'predatory pricing,' including for allegedly spending more than its revenue per trip by offering incentives to customers and drivers.

Written by John Ribeiro07 May 15 16:52

FAA program tests drones flying beyond pilot's line-of-sight

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has announced tests of drones in urban areas as well as outside the pilot's line-of-sight, possibly paving the way for operations such as the aerial delivery of packages as proposed by companies like

Written by John Ribeiro07 May 15 12:41

Uber stops operations in Kansas over new legislation

Uber Technologies has ceased operations in Kansas after state legislators overruled a veto by the governor on a bill that aims to tighten insurance requirements and background checks for drivers operating in app-based transportation networks.

Written by John Ribeiro06 May 15 15:04

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