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Stories by John Ribeiro

Indian ride-hailing app Ola acquires rival for $200 million

By John Ribeiro | 02 March, 2015 22:21

India's ride-hailing app market is beginning to see signs of consolidation with the largest player, ANI Technologies' Ola, acquiring a smaller rival for US$200 million.

NSA authorization to collect bulk phone data extended to June 1

By John Ribeiro | 02 March, 2015 16:24

A U.S. secret court has extended until June 1 the controversial bulk collection of private phone records of Americans by the National Security Agency.

Fresh from $532.9M win, Smartflash sues Apple again

By John Ribeiro | 27 February, 2015 18:29

Shortly after a jury in Texas awarded it US$532.9 million in damages in a patent dispute with Apple, patent company Smartflash has sued the iPhone maker again, this time to focus on newer Apple products.

Samsung faces complaint in US FTC over Smart TV 'surveillance'

By John Ribeiro | 26 February, 2015 17:04

A complaint filed by a privacy group to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission charged that Samsung's Smart TVs intercept and record private communications of consumers in their homes, violating a number of rules including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Sony users unable to access popular services like Hulu, Netflix

By John Ribeiro | 25 February, 2015 18:35

Viewers complained Tuesday that they were unable to access some of their favorite online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu from smart devices made by Sony.

Samsung holds smartphone lead in India, Apple trails

By John Ribeiro | 24 February, 2015 22:09

Samsung Electronics led the Indian smartphone market with a 22 percent share last quarter, while global rival Apple didn't even make the top five in this price-sensitive market.

Google to curb sharing of sexually explicit content on Blogger

By John Ribeiro | 24 February, 2015 17:02

Google will restrict from next month the public sharing of adult content on its Blogger platform.

Facebook, other tech firms face pressure from drivers over work conditions

By John Ribeiro | 23 February, 2015 18:31

Facebook and other tech companies in Silicon Valley are facing increasing pressure from its shuttle drivers to improve working conditions, amid concern about growing inequality in the area.

Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour wins Oscar

By John Ribeiro | 23 February, 2015 17:03

A documentary on whistleblower Edward Snowden won the Oscar for the best documentary feature, in a shot in the arm for people worldwide protesting against alleged U.S. intrusions into the privacy of people in the country and abroad.

Google launching YouTube for kids

By John Ribeiro | 20 February, 2015 18:38

Google is launching a version for kids of YouTube that will feature appropriate content and controls, in line with its strategy to redesign some of its products for use by this segment.

Google worried US could use amended warrant rule to search computers abroad

By John Ribeiro | 19 February, 2015 17:45

Google has opposed moves by the U.S. Department of Justice to extend the warrant issuing authority of magistrate judges to searches of computers in districts other than their own.

BlackBerry sues Typo again over latest version of add-on keyboard

By John Ribeiro | 18 February, 2015 16:39

BlackBerry has filed another lawsuit against the makers of the Typo keyboard, claiming that the new version of the iPhone accessory also copies its designs and patents.

Microsoft adopts international standard for cloud privacy

By John Ribeiro | 17 February, 2015 17:29

Microsoft has adopted a new standard for cloud privacy that commits the company to protect the privacy of customers' data, not to use it for advertisement purposes, and to inform the customer of legal requests for personal data.

Infosys to acquire startup Panaya to automate customer tasks

By John Ribeiro | 16 February, 2015 17:43

Indian outsourcer Infosys is to acquire Panaya, a U.S. vendor of automation technology for testing enterprise software deployments and upgrades.

US Senator quizzes Samsung, LG on Smart TV privacy

By John Ribeiro | 12 February, 2015 18:13

U.S. Senator Al Franken is probing into the privacy policies of LG and Samsung Electronics for the voice recognition technologies they use in their Smart TVs.