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US will not seek legislation against encryption

The U.S. administration will not seek legislation at this point to counter the encryption of communications by many technology services and product vendors, but will work on a compromise with industry, a senior U.S. official said Thursday.

Written by John Ribeiro09 Oct. 15 10:57

SingPost delivers mail in Singapore using a drone

Singapore Post delivered mail in the city-state on Thursday, using a drone that authenticated the recipient and delivered to a location the user chose.

Written by John Ribeiro08 Oct. 15 11:01

Senate bill aims to make it a federal offense to fly drones recklessly

A bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday that will make it a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to a year, for individuals who knowingly operate a drone within 2 miles of a fire, an airport or any other restricted airspace.

Written by John Ribeiro08 Oct. 15 09:30

Global civil rights groups coalition wants changes to Facebook's real-name policy

The Nameless Coalition, a large group of human rights, digital rights, LGBTQ, and women’s rights advocates, has said that Facebook's system "disregards the circumstances of users in non-western countries, exposes its users to danger, disrespects the identities of its users, and curtails free speech."

Written by John Ribeiro07 Oct. 15 09:09

Rhapsody looks at kids as a new opportunity

Streaming music service Rhapsody has launched a version for kids that limits their access to only tailored programming and content that parents add.

Written by John Ribeiro01 Oct. 15 09:27

Apple rolls out its music service in China

Apple has launched Apple Music together with iTunes Movies and iBooks in China, which is already the company's largest market for app downloads.

Written by John Ribeiro30 Sept. 15 09:55

Uber's rivals just got a little closer

Close on the heels of its US$100 million investment in Lyft, Chinese ride-hailing app giant Didi Kuaidi has invested an undisclosed amount in Ola, the leading ride-hailing app in India.

Written by John Ribeiro28 Sept. 15 09:59

Apple says 'app slicing' now unavailable for iOS 9 apps

The 'app slicing' feature in iOS 9 that would enable developers to target slimmer variants of their apps to specific devices is unavailable because of a bug in iCloud, Apple's cloud service for its devices.

Written by John Ribeiro25 Sept. 15 10:27

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