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Stories by Byron Connolly

NSW govt commences talks with Infosys, Unisys for shared services

By Byron Connolly | 17 December, 2014 13:38

The NSW government has established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Infosys and Unisys to progress detailed discussions for both companies to provide shared ICT services to agencies.

Qantas names new IT head

By Byron Connolly | 14 December, 2014 19:02

Qantas' executive manager, Robert Marcolina, has been promoted to a role that includes IT, following a shake up of the airline's executive team.

In pictures: CIO roundtable - The Internet of Things - exploring the possibilities

By Byron Connolly | 09 December, 2014 16:23

IT leaders gathered at Melbourne's Vue De Monde restaurant to discuss what the Internet of Things (IoT) means to their organisations, and the business drivers and key to success for their IoT projects.

The luncheon was sponsored by Microsoft and Readify.

Westfield IT chief Peter Bourke quits

By Byron Connolly | 08 December, 2014 16:49

Westfield’s director of information technology, Peter Bourke, has quit his post and will leave the shopping centre organisation on December 31.

In pictures: CIO roundtable - Analysing your IT

By Byron Connolly | 08 December, 2014 10:50

IT leaders gathered at Sydney's Aria restaurant to discuss the best ways to assess the cost and effectiveness of IT products and services across their businesses. The luncheon was sponsored by ET Business Solutions.

Data loss, downtime costs Aussie businesses $65B

By Byron Connolly | 05 December, 2014 11:55

Data loss and downtime has cost Australian organisations around $65.5 billion (US$55 billion) in the last 12 months, according to a new survey.

CBA commits $5M to quantum computing

By Byron Connolly | 02 December, 2014 10:31

The Commonwealth Bank is investing $5 million over the next five years to help researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in their quest to create a silicon-based quantum computer.

Attention IT workers: New Zealand wants you

By Byron Connolly | 27 November, 2014 15:19

There’s demand for IT jobs across the ditch and not enough workers to fill them.

Digital brokers could fix poor government service delivery

By Byron Connolly | 26 November, 2014 14:59

Employing digital service brokers to deliver online government services for citizens has been flagged as a way to repair the public sector’s bad reputation for service delivery.

In pictures: CIO roundtable - Why big data is big business (Sydney)

By Byron Connolly | 26 November, 2014 09:03

IT leaders got together at Sydney's O'Bar & Dining to talk about their big data strategies and how they are gaining business advantage from analysing the goldmine of data that lives in database and on the corporate network.

The luncheon was sponsored by Tableau Software.

Do you need an MBA?

By Byron Connolly | 25 November, 2014 16:49

Four IT executives discuss why they pursued a master of business administration qualification, and can MBA stand for ‘marriage breakup assured?

Mark Gay new ME Bank CIO

By Byron Connolly | 25 November, 2014 09:26

ME Bank has appointed Mark Gay as its new CIO as the bank nears completion of its $70 million technology transformation program.

In pictures: CIO roundtable - Why big data is big business (Melbourne)

By Byron Connolly | 24 November, 2014 10:00

CIOs gathered at Melbourne's Vue De Monde restaurant to discuss why big data is big business and how they are working with their organisations to make sense of this tsunami of structured and unstructured information to create new products and services.

Bigcommerce nabs $50M from big name investors

By Byron Connolly | 20 November, 2014 10:43

Bigcommerce announced Thursday it has raised $50 million in series D funding from a group of investors led by venture capital firm, SoftBank Capital.

DevOps an uphill battle: Dick Smith IT boss

By Byron Connolly | 14 November, 2014 16:52

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Dick Smith’s IT chief Paul Keen quotes from Charles Dickens’ literary masterpiece A Tale of Two Cities to describe how he feels about deploying DevOps, a concept aimed at improving interaction between app developers and IT operations staff.