Stories by Byron Connolly

Greens condemn passing of data retention law

By Byron Connolly | 27 March, 2015 10:17

The Australian Greens have condemned the passing of data retention laws through federal parliament on Thursday afternoon.

NSW government vows to invest $300M in e-health

By Byron Connolly | 26 March, 2015 12:44

The Baird government has vowed to pump $300 million over the next four years into e-health projects if it is re-elected on Saturday.

Digital economy now worth 5.1% of GDP

By Byron Connolly | 25 March, 2015 12:49

Australia’s digital economy is now worth $79 billion or 5.1 per cent of GDP, making it larger than traditional industry sectors such as agriculture, retail and transport, according to a new Deloitte report.

BWS to target its customers’ musical tastes with Pandora in-store streaming

By Byron Connolly | 25 March, 2015 12:06

Liquor retailer, BWS, is rolling out Internet radio services across its Australian stores, which play songs based on the musical tastes of customers living in particular postcodes.

Palo Alto Networks discovers Android vulnerability

By Byron Connolly | 25 March, 2015 10:01

Palo Alto Networks has discovered a widespread vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that allows attackers to hijack the installation of the Android Package File (APK) app on user devices and replace it with an app of the attacker’s choice.

Greens seek amendments to data retention bill

By Byron Connolly | 24 March, 2015 15:02

The Australian Greens on Tuesday announced proposed amendments to the data retention regime to address major privacy and security protections that it claims are being stripped away by the Abbott/Shorten surveillance unity ticket.

Netflix to launch tomorrow starting at $8.99 per month

By Byron Connolly | 23 March, 2015 10:17

American TV and movie streaming giant, Netflix, has announced monthly pricing plans for its Australian services, which launch tomorrow.

50% of companies to invest in DevOps

By Byron Connolly | 20 March, 2015 12:34

More than half of Australian enterprises are expected to make multiple investments over the next year to implement a DevOps strategy, according to new research.

WA to appoint its first CIO

By Byron Connolly | 18 March, 2015 14:15

Western Australia is set to appoint its first government CIO as part of a $25 million reform program to cut costs and deliver better services to the community.

Updated: Former CBA IT exec charged with bribery

By Byron Connolly | 18 March, 2015 09:32

Former Commonwealth Bank IT executive, Keith Hunter, has been arrested and charged with bribery as part of an investigation by the NSW Police Fraud & Crime Squad and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

NSW Parliament’s tech chief shares details of $14M in IT projects

By Byron Connolly | 17 March, 2015 16:36

The Parliament of NSW is establishing its core SharePoint services in the cloud and will digitise the state’s oldest records in two of several IT projects worth almost $14 million.

Adobe unveils document cloud

By Byron Connolly | 17 March, 2015 15:00

Adobe has unveiled a service that enables users to digitise documents and store them in the cloud using a consistent online profile and personal document hub.

Telco chiefs want clarity on data retention costs

By Byron Connolly | 16 March, 2015 16:37

Chief executives of major telecommunications companies in Australia have called on the federal government to provide some clarity around the financial contribution it will make towards implementing the data retention regime.

An extreme CTO

By Byron Connolly | 13 March, 2015 16:17

Ash Crick has many strings to his bow. He’s been an IBM consultant, video producer, professional skydiver, and musician. These days, he’s the chief technology officer (CTO) at Malaysia’s iflix.

TPG Telecom to pay $1.4 billion for iiNet

By Byron Connolly | 13 March, 2015 09:29

TPG Telecom announced on Friday that it will acquire 100 per cent of iiNet for $8.60 per share, in a transaction valued at $1.4 billion.