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​National research computing facility gets $14M boost

Australia’s national research computing facility, the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), has received a $14 million boost, which will provide a 30 per cent uplift in its supercomputing capability.

Written by Byron Connolly27 July 16 11:37

​Yahoo sale: ‘Alliances of the weak’ rarely work

Yahoo will continue to struggle despite its $4.83 billion sale to Verizon as ‘alliances of the weak’ in an attempt to make a single strong competitor very rarely work, according to Warwick Business School’s John Colley.

Written by Byron Connolly26 July 16 11:09

​Australian firms face growing cyber litigation threat

Australian companies face ‘US levels’ of litigation if they fail to prepare for mandatory data breach reporting requirements which are likely to come into effect this year, a lawyer has warned.

Written by Byron Connolly25 July 16 11:36

In pictures: CIO roundtable - How to seize control of ERP costs

CIOs gathered in Sydney to ​discuss how they are managing the rising cost of maintaining their ERP infrastructure and allocating resources to innovative projects that enhance their competitive advantage. The luncheon was sponsored by Rimini Street.

Written by Byron Connolly21 July 16 11:06

​Craig Wishart new KPMG CIO

Former UXC Group IT chief, Craig Wishart, has joined professional services firm KPMG as its Australian CIO.

Written by Byron Connolly19 July 16 10:46

​Inside Hudson’s Asia-Pacific tech transformation

When PCs in China are catching on fire – a country where you are drawing a significant proportion of your revenue – it’s most definitely time for a refresh.

Written by Byron Connolly18 July 16 16:19

​NBN signs delivery partners for HFC

NBN, the company responsible for rolling out the national broadband network, on Thursday announced new agreements with 6 delivery partners to deploy the network in the Telstra hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) footprint.

Written by Byron Connolly14 July 16 10:07

​Cyber safety firm Family Zone to IPO

Perth-based cyber safety outfit, Family Zone, is looking to raise $5.5 million as it moves towards a listing on the ASX in August.

Written by Byron Connolly13 July 16 11:49

​What the feds can learn from NSW about e-voting

Ian Brightwell, the former NSW Electoral Commission CIO, discusses his experience with e-voting during the 2015 state election and what can be changed at a federal level.

Written by Byron Connolly12 July 16 11:02

​David Gee joins Metlife Japan as CIO

Former CUA CIO, David Gee, has moved across to Metlife Insurance in Japan as its new statutory executive officer, senior VP, and CIO.

Written by Byron Connolly11 July 16 10:51

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