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M2 announces competing offer for iiNet

M2 Group confirmed on Monday it will compete against TPG Telecom to acquire 100 per cent of iiNet. The company values its competing proposal at around $11.37 per iiNet share.

Written by Byron Connolly27 April 15 11:00

Stephen Hawking hits the Opera House as a hologram

World-famous physicist and cosmologist, Professor Stephen Hawking, has appeared as an onstage hologram during two lectures over the weekend in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Written by Byron Connolly27 April 15 09:24

Westpac, St.George launch Apple Watch apps

Westpac and St.George customers will be the first in the world to do their mobile banking using the Apple Watch, the banks claimed on Friday.

Written by Byron Connolly24 April 15 10:03

Australia Post unveils Apple Watch app

Australia Post has unveiled an app that enables customers to view delivery information and track their parcels on an Apple Watch. The app also lets customers use their mobile devices to open parcel lockers by scanning their watch.

Written by Byron Connolly24 April 15 09:47

Tech investment a top priority for CEOs

CEOs worldwide are more focused on using technology to drive business growth over the next two years than ever before, according to new research.

Written by Byron Connolly22 April 15 11:34

Jemena shifts CRM to the cloud

Energy infrastructure provider, Jemena, has moved its customer data into the cloud to support restructured process lines across its electricity, water and gas assets and improve customer service.

Written by Byron Connolly21 April 15 12:41

Telcos still reaping $1.7B from ‘dumb’ phones

A long forgotten community of mobile users with little interest in touch screens, apps and 4G networks are quietly paying around $1.7 billion per year to telcos more focused on wooing high spending smartphone users.

Written by Byron Connolly20 April 15 13:27

'CFOs write history and CIOs write the future': Servcorp COO

Servcorp COO, Marcus Moufarrige, who was formerly a CIO, discusses why you’re going to be more important than the CFO in the next five years, and how IT chiefs are still making things too complex.

Written by Byron Connolly17 April 15 15:25

Rio Tinto moves core IT to the cloud

Mining giant, Rio Tinto, is migrating its core enterprise IT systems to the cloud following an agreement with Accenture.

Written by Byron Connolly17 April 15 09:27

Netflix backtracks on unmetering deals

Netflix says it should have avoided signing unmetering agreements with Australian ISPs, iiNet and Optus, which enable consumers to stream as much content as they like without it counting against their home data caps.

Written by Byron Connolly16 April 15 13:49

AGL CIO departs in exec restructure

AGL CIO, Owen Coppage, will leave the organisation following an executive restructure announced on Thursday. Coppage has been CIO at AGL since 2005.

Written by Byron Connolly16 April 15 12:56

Australians dissatisfied with their jobs

Australian workers would not recommend their workplace to others, are unwilling to do more than is expected of them and are probably on the hunt for another job, a nationwide survey has found.

Written by Byron Connolly15 April 15 11:29

New Zealand on the hunt for Australian IT workers

More than 300 tech jobs are being offered in Melbourne this weekend in the final leg of the New Zealand Jobs Expo. Datacom and HP are among the employers targeting Victoria to find experienced developers, programmers and technicians.

Written by Byron Connolly14 April 15 16:11

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