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Stories by Adam Bender


Vodafone says it's 'right in the middle' of turnaround

By Adam Bender | 30 July, 2014 09:25

Vodafone is halfway through its three-year turnaround initiative, Vodafone's chief marketer Kim Clarke this week told the ADMA Forum in Sydney.

Connected home brings new revenue opportunity for telcos: Ovum

By Adam Bender | 28 July, 2014 14:07

The rise of the Internet of Things could allow telcos to provide a “quint-play” of services, according to an Ovum report.

IRESS fights Allen Curve, 'shotgun emails' with unified desktop

By Adam Bender | 24 July, 2014 14:24

Australian software company IRESS hopes a unified desktop can bring global staff closer and make them more productive, according to chief operating officer, Steve Barnes.

Good data the key to responsive change: Baxter Healthcare

By Adam Bender | 24 July, 2014 11:54

Baxter Healthcare has used business intelligence data analysis to reduce errors and enhance customer experience, according to Baxter Healthcare IT director, Marise Hannaford.

Dropbox lures business users from consumer product

By Adam Bender | 24 July, 2014 08:00

Dropbox has revealed additional IT admin controls as it continues its bid to lure business customers.

Dick Smith replaces legacy IT infrastructure by stealth

By Adam Bender | 23 July, 2014 15:13

The IT manager of Dick Smith says he is replacing legacy systems by stealth as the consumer electronics retailer navigates a business turnaround.

Australians support biometrics at airports

By Adam Bender | 22 July, 2014 15:39

Nine in ten Australians are willing to hand over biometric details including fingerprints when travelling across international borders, according to an Accenture survey.

ASIO head says government is no Big Brother

By Adam Bender | 21 July, 2014 11:25

ASIO is not carrying out mass surveillance of average citizens and the agency is subject to an appropriate level of oversight, according to the organisation's head David Taylor Irvine, director-general of security.

Fujitsu shuttles NSW government email to the cloud

By Adam Bender | 18 July, 2014 14:28

Fujitsu will provide a cloud email service for 27,000 mailboxes across the New South Wales government.

NBN Co must pay out $200 million more to Telstra: NSW Supreme Court

By Adam Bender | 17 July, 2014 12:31

NBN Co will owe Telstra $200 million more than it expected over the next 30 years, unless it appeals a decision reached today by the NSW Supreme Court.

NBN ready for service at 658,000 premises: NBN Co

By Adam Bender | 11 July, 2014 09:34

NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has offered a rosy take on the state of the National Broadband Network.

Samsung Galaxy S5 approved for government use

By Adam Bender | 10 July, 2014 11:04

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been approved for use by the Australian Government.

Australians to help manage DNS transfer from NTIA

By Adam Bender | 07 July, 2014 13:55

Two Australians will serve on the group overseeing the process that will result in an end to the US government's role in overseeing the Domain Name Service (DNS).

Fiona Stanley IAM project has failed: WA audit

By Adam Bender | 30 June, 2014 15:36

An identity access management (IAM) project for the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia has failed due to poor management, according to a government audit.

WA agencies reproached for weak cloud management

By Adam Bender | 30 June, 2014 14:53

The Western Australia government’s flight to the cloud has encountered turbulence at five separate agencies.