Stories by Ian Whiting

How to get the most out of social CRM this year

By Ian Whiting | 15 January, 2013 16:53

Though social CRM’s a field in its infancy, it has the capacity to dramatically transform the way we engage customers, do business and understand markets. But how do you separate the substance from the hype and develop a social CRM system that’ll grow your company?

Six ways to reduce expenses using ERP

By Ian Whiting | 05 March, 2012 12:42

If your business engages in distribution, reducing costs will be an important pursuit. Increased revenues lead to increased expenses -- something you’ll be keenly aware of if you experienced a Christmas bump.

5 CRM trends to seize on in 2012

By Ian Whiting | 30 November, 2011 10:20

Next year will carry big expectations for Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs).

Vendor view: Five tips for integrating BI and ERP

By Ian Whiting | 25 July, 2011 07:00

The Global Financial Crisis put Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration in the spotlight. We needed to know urgently what was happening in our businesses and why.

Vendor view: Taking your CRM mobile

By Ian Whiting | 19 July, 2011 12:38

About 41 per cent of Australian consumers have now installed a mobile application on their phone, and, given their incredible popularity, it’s no surprise that businesses, and their employees, are crying out for mobile apps.