Stories by Rob Enderle

How to stop 5 catastrophic corporate practices

By Rob Enderle | 16 February, 2015 13:00

All too often I have seen businesses repeat catastrophic mistakes when implementing strategic initiatives. Here are the five most common mistakes that companies regularly make thinking they are best practices.

Microsoft doesn't know what it has with HoloLens

By Rob Enderle | 27 January, 2015 06:49

Microsoft's HoloLens has the potential to be just as revolutionary as the Apple II or Tesla car.

Expect tech trouble to come in 2015

By Rob Enderle | 09 January, 2015 09:28

As we start the New Year, let’s look ahead at some of the coming troubles and concerns of 2015.

Why it's (finally) time to embrace thin client technology

By Rob Enderle | 06 December, 2014 06:36

Earlier this week, I was at Dell's analyst update on its thin client business and it got me thinking about how thin clients were supposed to replace personal computers. An experience that was instant on/off, that embodied simplicity and reliability and that not only had the performance of a PC but could be updated without any user impact was a compelling idea.

5 signs that a vendor won't make it to 2020

By Rob Enderle | 27 November, 2014 05:00

I'm not going to call them out by name. I'm not that fond of getting nasty calls from PR folks, but I'm going to list what I think the conditions are for failure and you can then apply those conditions to your vendors to see how they fit. This goes beyond technology and into most areas of business.

Why Vendor Commitment Is Important (or Death by Google Glass)

By Rob Enderle | 22 November, 2014 15:41

There is a lot more that goes into choosing a vendor than just seeing if the product works or the vendor can provide a compelling presentation or demo.

If Your IT Company Merges or Splits, Are You in Trouble?

By Rob Enderle | 15 November, 2014 02:09

The general answer to the question posed in the headline is "Yes." You can count the number of firms that have done this well on one hand and still have two or three fingers left over.

The Second Machine Age Will Make Everything You Know Obsolete

By Rob Enderle | 08 November, 2014 05:35

One of the most interesting talks at this week's Dell World was a panel with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson, authors of The Second Machine Age. It was a fascinating -- and frightening -- talk about what's to come.

How CIOs Can Keep Their Jobs by Picking the Right Vendors

By Rob Enderle | 01 November, 2014 03:08

I was taken by a customer presentation by Stephen Rayda, CTO of Purdue Pharma, at this week's EMC Analyst Summit. Like all pharmaceutical firms, Purdue faces a lot of pressure -- and it just got a new CEO to boot. He asked which departments didn't need his attention; luckily, IT was the only one to make that list.

How VCE created an amazing joint tech venture

By Rob Enderle | 25 October, 2014 03:11

VCE, the joint venture between VMware, Cisco, EMC and Intel is making a major organisational ownership shift.

BMC Turnaround a Lesson in Corporate Leadership

By Rob Enderle | 18 October, 2014 02:01

Company turnarounds are a big part of what I cover. There's clearly a process that seems to work far better than others. Based on what I saw at BMC Engage, the first BMC conference this decade, and have learned over the last year of executive meetings, Bob Beauchamp and his team have done an impressive job. If it weren't for the fact that BMC plans to go public again – I can hear Michael Dell in my head, screaming, "Don't do it!" – I could easily say this turnaround is complete.

Watson shows the power of intelligent computing

By Rob Enderle | 11 October, 2014 00:18

At IBM's Think Forum in New York, CEO Ginni Rometty took us through the success and future of Watson, IBM's automated decision engine. This technology fascinates me because it's the first major step to change the basic computing paradigm.

Why IT Will Love Windows 10

By Rob Enderle | 03 October, 2014 21:21

As I watched the Windows 10 teaser from San Francisco this week, I thought back over the 20 years I've covered the platform and to what, for me, was the first real version of Windows. Windows 95 effectively launched me as an analyst. I doubt I'd have made it had I not been tied at the hip to that product.

TED: Changing the World, One 15-Minute Presentation at a Time

By Rob Enderle | 27 September, 2014 00:27

TED conferences tend to be must-see events. TED picks interesting topics and trains the speakers on giving short presentations that don't rely on bullet-point slides. I always walk away amazed.

How to Spot a Tech Company That's About to Lose

By Rob Enderle | 19 September, 2014 23:43

It's important to understand early on when an initiative won't succeed. Sometimes that isn't easy, but often you can look under the covers at a firm's effort and see that it simply won't reach critical mass. While a company can get lucky, failure often has at its roots an unwillingness or inability to do what's required to win. In the context of the technology market, that ability to realize this applies to most any endeavor.