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Can IBM redefine the future of email?

IBM may have a great product in Verse, but columnist Rob Enderle writes that if Big Blue can’t figure out how to market this powerful email offering, it will never rise to its potential.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Feb. 16 04:46

The Internet of Things has a vision problem

With the IoT, we desperately need a common vision of a tomorrow and a critical mass of folks to believe enough to make happen, writes columnist Rob Enderle.

Written by Rob Enderle30 Jan. 16 07:02

Battling cyberattacks with bombs?

Columnist Rob Enderle says a recent data breach investigation report should have you rethinking your cybersecurity strategies. Here’s why you may want to buy a bunker.

Written by Rob Enderle23 Jan. 16 03:34

What unscrupulous attorneys do to win and how to fight back

Having experienced a few legal dustups himself, columnist Rob Enderle warns you about some of the unscrupulous things attorneys will do to win, and explains what you can do to avoid expensive litigation.

Written by Rob Enderle18 Dec. 15 21:33

Why iOS and Android will soon become obsolete

The market is eventually going to move to one product that scales from a smartphone to a PC. Columnist Rob Enderle says it doesn’t appear that either Apple or Google will dominate this coming shift.

Written by Rob Enderle04 Dec. 15 20:41

What iPad Pro teaches vendors about product development

Five years after the iPad sparked a revolution, the tablet market seems to be in free fall and PCs are making a comeback. In an attempt to revitalize the tablet market Apple just released the iPad Pro. Time will tell if this will work, in the meantime columnist Rob Enderle shares some lessons he says we can learn from the battle of tablets vs. PCs.

Written by Rob Enderle13 Nov. 15 22:41

The ironic history of the hybrid Cloud

While researching the history of the hybrid Cloud for a presentation, columnist Rob Enderle discovered some interesting and surprising facts.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Nov. 15 20:07

How to fight back against reputation damaging Internet monsters

In today’s world people make up stuff to damage reputations for both individuals and companies, either because they are paid to or just because they are bad people. No matter the reasons, it can do an amazing amount of damage in this age of social media. Columnist Rob Enderle shares a resource to keep on hand, just in case.

Written by Rob Enderle30 Oct. 15 22:08

Why you shouldn’t trust cloud service providers

It’s hard enough really trusting your own employees these days. So when it comes to employees of cloud service providers, columnist Rob Enderle writes you definitely shouldn’t trust them.

Written by Rob Enderle16 Oct. 15 20:05

How to do product launches right: Microsoft is back

All product showcases should be staged events professionally done where people leave excited about what they saw, says columnist Rob Enderle. Here’s a look at why Apple has been so successful and how Microsoft just got back in the game with a successful hardware launch.

Written by Rob Enderle09 Oct. 15 20:17

The dark side of early retirement

Instead of working to retire early, smart folks tend to find work they enjoy so they don’t want to retire. Columnist Rob Enderle can’t understand why anyone would want to retire at 35, calling the idea ‘idiotic.’

Written by Rob Enderle02 Oct. 15 16:52

The art of a successful tech company turnaround

Turnarounds are a bit of a passion for columnist and consultant Rob Enderle. More often than not they are done badly. Enderle talked with a client about how it pulled off a turnaround.

Written by Rob Enderle25 Sept. 15 17:34

How to do layoffs right (when you absolutely have to)

The tech industry has a history of doing major layoffs too frequently and often badly. The reality is this can and should be avoided. Columnist Rob Enderle discusses why layoffs should be seldom used and how to do them right when necessary.

Written by Rob Enderle18 Sept. 15 20:52

How a ‘Tiger Team’ can make internal audits strategic

Often transformational efforts at companies, though good in intention, fail in execution. Columnist Rob Enderle recently learned of a successful effort happening at NIC, an Internal Audit Tiger Team. Here’s a look at what it is and why it’s working.

Written by Rob Enderle04 Sept. 15 18:41

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