Stories by Brandon Butler

The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.

Written by Brandon Butler25 Aug. 15 20:03

5 problems with Big Data

When data gets big, big problems can arise. FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver outlines five problems that can arise from having too much Big Data.

Written by Brandon Butler20 Aug. 15 20:43

Why big data will be a big deal for the new HP

Big changes are afoot at HP as the company prepares for a split up this spring. Big data software is expected to be a pillar of the new Enterprise focused HP company.

Written by Brandon Butler19 Aug. 15 18:54

What you can learn from Nordstrom's use of the cloud

Retail giant Nordstrom provides a useful example for anyone struggling with how to adopt IaaS cloud computing services such as virtual machines, storage, and cloud-based application hosting.

Written by Brandon Butler29 July 15 00:50

Google opens its cloud to Microsoft workloads

Google today expanded support for Windows workloads running on its cloud, a move that the company hopes will better position its Google Cloud Platform to court enterprise customers.

Written by Brandon Butler15 July 15 05:25

Amazon makes it easier to test mobile apps in its cloud

At the AWS Summit in New York on Thursday officials with the cloud vendor announced a new service that allows developers to test mobile applications on a range of devices.

Written by Brandon Butler10 July 15 08:21

Chicago taxes cloud and streaming services

The City of Chicago has implemented sweeping new tax regulations that target the use of streaming and cloud computing services, the law firm ReedSmith says.

Written by Brandon Butler02 July 15 21:26

Red Hat makes its case to be THE container company

Looking to establish itself as the leader in the nascent container technology market, Red Hat has enabled one of its flagship products to support containers fully and released a new container management platform, too.

Written by Brandon Butler26 June 15 02:09

Standards are coming for containers

A list of leading cloud, storage and virtualization companies are backing a new effort named the Open Container Project, which aims to create a set of standards for the fast-growing technology.

Written by Brandon Butler23 June 15 04:24

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