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Opportunities and risks in 5 global outsourcing locations

A look at some of the key trends impacting IT and business process outsourcing locations around the globe—from U.S. veterans entering the IT outsourcing talent pool to currency fluctuations in China and Latin America to the geopolitical situation in Ukraine.

Written by Stephanie Overby08 April 16 20:54

Mobile-only banking startup bets on bots

Companies are implementing artificial intelligence technology for customer service. Here’s a look at how Atom Bank is incorporating WDS Virtual Agent software from Xeros into its mobile app to solve customer issues.

Written by Stephanie Overby05 April 16 21:00

Should you outsource vendor management?

Outsourcing the management of outsourcers has been a controversial approach in the past, but the increased demands of IT service management may be too much for some IT groups to handle themselves.

Written by Stephanie Overby22 March 16 00:26

IT outsourcing customers cling to cost-savings mindset

IT leaders continue to focus on cost containment with their IT service deals, but in today’s business environment companies will have to spend money to save money, according to KPMG’s David Brown.

Written by Stephanie Overby16 March 16 04:54

How captive centers can drive digital transformations

The majority of global in-house centers are in the early stages of digital service delivery maturity, but they’re poised to bring greater value to enterprise transformation.

Written by Stephanie Overby23 Feb. 16 04:52

The top 10 IT outsourcing service providers of the year

Everest Group’s inaugural service provider awards name Cognizant, Accenture and IBM the top three outsourcing providers. In addition, Accenture is highlighted as ‘leader of the year’ for continuing to transform itself and HCL as ‘star performer’ of the year for its embrace of innovative service models.

Written by Stephanie Overby09 Feb. 16 06:56

6 outsourcing questions to ask during an M&A

Merger and acquisition activity is at record levels, requiring selling companies to renegotiate outsourcing arrangements for their divested entities.

Written by Stephanie Overby30 Jan. 16 01:05

How robotic process automation threatens workers today

IT workers are concerned about how implementing robotic automation will add to their workload right now more than they are worried about someday losing their jobs to robots.

Written by Stephanie Overby05 Jan. 16 18:47

10 outsourcing trends to watch in 2016

Experts expect a number of shifts in the IT outsourcing industry in 2016. Some of these shifts include a focus on hyper-speed deal making, new multi-sourcing headaches, more man-machine collaboration and more.

Written by Stephanie Overby29 Dec. 15 15:37

IT outsourcing year in review: Grading our 2015 predictions

We predicted that this was the year that IT outsourcing companies would welcome standardization, outcome-based contracts would finally take hold and RFPs would become a thing of the past. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of our predictions.

Written by Stephanie Overby24 Dec. 15 15:33

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