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Why CIOs can't wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

As business needs--and the new technologies required to support them--evolve ever more rapidly, outsourcing contracts signed just a year or two ago are already getting stale. That's why Mayer Brown business and sourcing technology partner Dan Masur is advising companies to revamp their outsourcing deals right now to not only access new options, but also to cut significant costs.

Written by Stephanie Overby27 July 15 23:47

How to structure an outsourced IT project for less risk, more leverage

In 2015, big, monolithic outsourcing deals are regarded just about as negatively as huge, enterprise IT projects: They are seen as lengthy, costly and practically doomed to fail. Just as IT organizations have broken down their large IT tasks into more discrete deliverables, they've also dissolved their mega outsourcing deals among multiple providers.

Written by Stephanie Overby20 June 15 00:07

Offshore captive centers are again a thriving outsourcing model

Captive centers -- in-house IT and business process delivery arms -- accounted for one quarter of the $150 billion global services market last year, according outsourcing consultancy and research firm Everest Group.

Written by Stephanie Overby23 May 15 00:59

5 ways to future-proof your Cloud computing deals

IT organisations big and small are seeing significant benefits from some of their cloud computing contracts. The value of Cloud services deals increased 60 per cent in the last three years and the $UD40 billion global cloud services market is expected to grow 27 per cent annually over the next three years, according to recent research by the Everest Group.

Written by Stephanie Overby16 May 15 02:05

How Aflac put claims processing in the fast lane

When it comes down to it, insurance is little more than an assurance. "When you think about what we sell, you can't touch it, you can't see it, you can't smell it. Our product is nothing more than a promise to be there when you need it," says Michael Zuna, CMO of Aflac, an insurer with $120 billion in assets. "And that happens when you submit a claim."

Written by Stephanie Overby13 May 15 00:23

IT outsourcing deal values hit 10-year low

The IT outsourcing industry just logged its worst first quarter in terms of annual contract value of deals awarded since 2004, according to analysis by outsourcing consultancy and research firm Information Services Group (ISG). Just $3.5 billion in annual contact value was awarded in the three-month period, down 27 percent from the same time last year, said ISG.

Written by Stephanie Overby02 May 15 01:08

The IT outsourcing price wars are on

The amount of IT outsourcing business up for grabs, coupled with an eruption of emerging technologies and delivery models, has made 2015 a buyers' market for IT services. As a result, IT service providers are engaged in a price war the likes of which hasn't been seen for nearly 15 years, says Steve Hall, partner and global application development and maintenance lead at outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG).

Written by Stephanie Overby08 April 15 05:31

Why companies opt to insource for IT innovation

Companies are increasingly taking a multisourcing approach to IT outsourcing, signing shorter, smaller deals with a mix of providers. At the same time, some are pulling certain pieces of the IT portfolio back in-house.

Written by Stephanie Overby17 March 15 07:21

10 outsourcing trends to watch in 2015

IT outsourcing experts tell what to expect in the year ahead. If they're correct, 2015 could bring better business outcomes, billions in renegotiation, the end of the RFP, and -- wait for it -- cloud robots.

Written by Stephanie Overby07 Jan. 15 09:00

10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2015

This year brought the IT outsourcing industry an increase in hybrid offshoring, a greater focus on in-house service integration, a new lower-cost consulting model, smaller deals, and bigger governance requirements.

Written by Stephanie Overby07 Jan. 15 07:53

Why It Sometimes Makes Sense to Go Slow With Mobile Development

Mobile app development is usually cheap, fast and dirty: Introduce some functionality and fix the problems over time. At Westinghouse Electric, however, there's no room for error in the development of a tablet application critical for testing the nuclear power facilities it builds for electricity providers around the world.

Written by Stephanie Overby22 Nov. 14 02:30

Number of New IT Outsourcing Deals Hits All-Time High

When it comes to IT services, sourcing to multiple providers continues to be the predominant trend, according to the third quarter outsourcing index compiled by outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG).

Written by Stephanie Overby01 Nov. 14 01:32

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