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How to get the most out of an IT outsourcing vendor visit

In the rush to seal deals and keep costs low, IT outsourcing customers are skipping a critical due-diligence step in selecting an IT services provider, conducting site visits. Here’s how to do it right.

Written by Stephanie Overby24 Nov. 15 15:15

How to manage a multi-vendor cloud environment

For many IT organizations, a hybrid IT environment made up of multiple cloud and on-premises applications is inevitable. But it requires new people, processes and systems to manage effectively. HotLink CEO Lynn LeBlanc shares experiences from her early efforts.

Written by Stephanie Overby16 Nov. 15 17:44

7-Eleven takes a big gulp of customer data

The ubiquitous convenience store chain updates its loyalty program from punch cards to a mobile app for super-frequent patrons

Written by Stephanie Overby30 Oct. 15 22:27

Federal IT outsourcing spend alarmingly poorly managed

The U.S. government is leaving billions of dollars on the table due to poorly managed and duplicative IT outsourcing deals, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

Written by Stephanie Overby30 Oct. 15 16:51

Why Uganda is an up-and-coming IT outsourcing option

Strong English language capabilities, low costs and attrition, and a stable and supportive government give Uganda potential as the latest offshore outsourcing alternative in Africa.

Written by Stephanie Overby19 Oct. 15 17:28

How digital transformation is disrupting IT outsourcing

Brad L. Peterson, partner and co-leader of the business and technology sourcing practice of law firm Mayer Brown, discusses how new digital services are disrupting the IT outsourcing industry and what this means in terms of how outsourcing contracts must evolve.

Written by Stephanie Overby09 Oct. 15 15:58

HP and IBM rated top IT outsourcing service providers

HP and IBM have received the highest industry Net Promotor Scores, meaning IT outsourcing customers are much more likely to recommend them than other service providers.

Written by Stephanie Overby06 Oct. 15 15:06

Why enterprise digital transformation efforts stall

Most enterprises are likely to hit a roadblock after the initial stage of digital adoption. Everest Group calls this phenomenon the ‘digital trough.’

Written by Stephanie Overby18 Sept. 15 14:14

IT customers slow to embrace outsourced DevOps

IT organizations are increasingly interested in adopting DevOps models to deliver applications faster, better and cheaper to the business, but they're not inclined to look to their IT service providers for help with these efforts.

Written by Stephanie Overby08 Aug. 15 00:26

Digital enterprises are getting VERY personal with customers

Typical medical laboratory reports could hardly be less personal. Whether they're for basic blood work or a battery of tests for serious disease, the black-and-white printouts of results--presenting a sea of cryptic abbreviations and numbers--remain largely indecipherable to the patients whose health depends upon them.

Written by Stephanie Overby01 Aug. 15 02:38

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