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'Netflix tax' might not be imposed on all

Australians who conceal their location to download TV shows, books and music may escape paying the GST even if it is imposed by the federal government.

Written by AAP10 April 15 10:00

Three tech giants audited by ATO

Three major tech companies giving evidence at a Senate inquiry into tax avoidance have confirmed they are being audited by the Australian Taxation Office.

Written by AAP08 April 15 14:57

Google probed in Senate tax inquiry

The managing director of Google Australia says the reason the tech giant pays so little tax in Australia is because the majority of risk and investment undertaken by the company is in the US.

Written by AAP08 April 15 14:55

Dallas Buyers Club granted discovery order

Internet providers including iiNet have lost a Federal Court battle to keep secret the names of internet users who downloaded a Hollywood blockbuster over file-sharing networks.

Written by AAP07 April 15 16:07

Metadata laws pass parliament

Australians will have two years of their metadata stored by phone and internet providers after the Abbott government's controversial data retention laws passed parliament.

Written by AAP27 March 15 09:18

iiNet takeover facing opposition

Internet provider iiNet is facing opposition from some shareholders and staff to its $1.4 billion takeover by rival TPG.

Written by AAP23 March 15 15:02

Metadata laws head to Senate

Controversial data retention laws have passed federal parliament's lower house but only after the government agreed to a last-minute concession protecting journalists.

Written by AAP20 March 15 08:59

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