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Stories by Grant Gross

Tech industry likes Obama nominee for patent office

By Grant Gross | 18 October, 2014 03:19

The U.S. tech industry scored a victory this week when President Barack Obama nominated former Google lawyer Michelle Lee to lead the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Mobile device and date use skyrockets, US gov't survey says

By Grant Gross | 17 October, 2014 06:45

This smartphone thing may finally be catching on.

FBI director calls for greater police access to communications

By Grant Gross | 17 October, 2014 04:02

Apple and Google should reconsider their plans to enable encryption by default on their smartphones, and the U.S. Congress should pass a law requiring that all communication tools allow police access to user data, U.S. FBI Director James Comey said.

CTIA: Mobile carriers still need lighter net neutrality rules

By Grant Gross | 16 October, 2014 01:52

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should not hold mobile carriers to the same net neutrality rules as it does for wired broadband providers because of unique mobile network management challenges, the head of the largest U.S. mobile trade group said.

Founder of digital currency Liberty Reserve extradited to the US

By Grant Gross | 11 October, 2014 09:38

Authorities have extradited the founder of Liberty Reserve, a virtual currency allegedly used by cybercriminals for money laundering, from Spain to the U.S.

Holograms and 3D porn: Expert predictions for gigabit Internet

By Grant Gross | 10 October, 2014 05:04

"Vivid" telepresence - holograms, immersive gaming, new collaboration services and even 3D pornography - could be the next big thing as gigabit-per-second broadband service spreads across the US.

PC shipments down just slightly in the third quarter, IDC says

By Grant Gross | 09 October, 2014 07:39

Worldwide PC shipments fell slightly in the third quarter this year, but the drop wasn't as big as IDC had originally projected, with expanded offerings of inexpensive laptops and a saturation of tablets in some areas helping to improve the numbers, the tech industry research firm said.

McAfee, think tank push online voting, but recognize security risks

By Grant Gross | 09 October, 2014 06:00

The U.S. and other nations should look toward Internet voting to make it easier for disabled and elderly people to cast ballots, and to increase participation among young people, but online security remains a huge hurdle, according to a new paper for the Atlantic Council and McAfee.

AT&T to pay $105 million to settle mobile-phone cramming charges

By Grant Gross | 09 October, 2014 03:48

AT&T will pay US$105 million to settle complaints from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and 51 state-level governments that it made millions of dollars through unauthorized third-party charges on customers' mobile-phone bills.

NSA internal watchdog defends agency's privacy practices

By Grant Gross | 08 October, 2014 07:36

The U.S. National Security Agency takes multiple steps to protect the privacy of the information it collects about U.S. residents under a secretive surveillance program, according to a report from the agency's privacy office.

The future of artificial intelligence: Will computers take your job?

By Grant Gross | 07 October, 2014 07:23

The field of artificial intelligence may not be able to create a robotic vacuum cleaner that never knocks over a vase, at least not within a couple of years, but intelligent machines will increasingly replace knowledge workers in the near future, a group of AI experts predicted.

Marriott must pay $600,000 for blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots

By Grant Gross | 04 October, 2014 01:56

Here's some payback for everyone who has felt gouged by hotel charges for Wi-Fi service: Marriott International has to pay US$600,000 following a probe into whether it intentionally blocked personal Wi-Fi hotspots in order to force customers to use its own very pricey service.

Groups accuse FCC of helping net neutrality advocates file comments

By Grant Gross | 03 October, 2014 05:06

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission engaged in the worst kind of "partisan politics" by working closely with net neutrality advocates to ensure their comments were filed with the agency, but not extending the same courtesy to the other side, a coalition of groups opposed to the regulations said in a sharply worded letter to the agency.

Group's numbers opposed to net neutrality smaller than suggested

By Grant Gross | 03 October, 2014 01:47

A conservative group that sent 2.4 million letters to the U.S. Congress opposed to net neutrality regulations didn't actually collect signatures from 2.4 million people, although the group's news release says the letters added millions of new voices to the debate.

Report: LulzSec leader directed cyberattacks while working for FBI

By Grant Gross | 02 October, 2014 07:12

The leader of the now-disbanded LulzSec hacking group directed members to attack targets in dozens of countries, including the U.K., Turkey, Brazil and Australia, even as he was serving as an FBI informant, according to a news report.