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Stories by Grant Gross

Uber driver in Boston area faces rape charges

By Grant Gross | 19 December, 2014 04:20

An Uber driver in the Boston area is facing rape and other charges for allegedly beating and sexually assaulting a passenger earlier this month.

Obama pushes for net neutrality, opposes data localization in trade pact

By Grant Gross | 18 December, 2014 08:24

President Barack Obama's administration is pushing two potentially controversial Internet policies in a secretive trade pact, with trade negotiators calling for other countries to adopt net neutrality provisions while rejecting policies requiring local storage of data in a secretive 50-country trade pact now being negotiated.

ICANN data compromised in spearphishing attack

By Grant Gross | 18 December, 2014 04:41

A so-called spearphishing attack on ICANN has compromised the email credentials of several ICANN staff members and allowed the attacker access to user information, including email and postal addresses.

US agency sues Sprint for alleged unauthorized charges

By Grant Gross | 18 December, 2014 04:40

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed a lawsuit accusing Sprint of illegally billing mobile customers for tens of millions[m] of dollars in unauthorized third-party charges.

Internet tax moratorium extended in US gov't spending package

By Grant Gross | 16 December, 2014 07:39

A one-year extension to a U.S moratorium on Internet access taxes was buried in a US$1.1 trillion government spending bill passed by the Senate on Saturday.

Microsoft gets allies to help tell US to back off on Irish search warrant

By Grant Gross | 16 December, 2014 06:49

The U.S. Department of Justice should back off its request for Microsoft to turn over a suspect's digital documents stored on a server in Ireland, or be prepared for other governments demanding documents stored on U.S. servers, the company's general counsel said.

Schmidt: NSA revelations forced Google to lock down data

By Grant Gross | 13 December, 2014 07:51

Google has worked hard to lock down the personal data it collects since revelations in the last year and a half about mass surveillance programs at the U.S. National Security Agency, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

US FTC will target patent trolls, commissioner says

By Grant Gross | 11 December, 2014 08:22

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission can take action against patent trolls when the patent-holding firms engage in unfair business practices, even as the agency works to complete a study on their business model, a commissioner said.

US DOJ: Companies need to trust gov't on cybersecurity

By Grant Gross | 10 December, 2014 04:49

The U.S. fight against cybercrime would be more effective if companies put more trust in the country's law enforcement agencies, a top U.S. Department of Justice official said.

Academics urge FCC to enforce net neutrality on case-by-case basis

By Grant Gross | 09 December, 2014 06:49

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should weigh in on net neutrality and encourage its sister agency, the Federal Communications Commission, to back away from calls to regulate broadband like a public utility, a group of 32 academics said.

Google to begin contacting customers about in-app refunds

By Grant Gross | 06 December, 2014 08:37

Google will soon begin to contact customers who made in-app purchases on Android devices about potential refunds under a settlement of an unfair billing complaint by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Judge: Give NSA unlimited access to digital data

By Grant Gross | 05 December, 2014 07:49

The U.S. National Security Agency should have an unlimited ability to collect digital information in the name of protecting the country against terrorism and other threats, an influential federal judge said during a debate on privacy.

US Internet sales tax backers push for late-session action

By Grant Gross | 04 December, 2014 08:20

Backers of an Internet sales tax aren't taking no for an answer, with supporters continuing to push the U.S. Congress to pass legislation this year.

FTC: Online billing service deceptively collected medical records

By Grant Gross | 04 December, 2014 06:51

An online service allowing consumers to pay their medical bills failed to adequately inform them that it would also try to collect highly detailed medical information from their pharmacies, medical labs and insurance companies, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said.

Conservative lawyers question need for patent troll legislation

By Grant Gross | 03 December, 2014 08:40

So-called patent trolls may not be as big of a problem as some advocates of U.S. patent reform make them out to be, some conservative patent experts say, in a split with many Republican lawmakers.