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Stories by Matthew Heusser

How to Get Started With GitHub

By Matthew Heusser | 31 July, 2014 23:16

If you've ever wanted to learn Git, but didn't want to configure a server, GitHub may be the place to do it.

Getting Started With Ruby: A Tour of the Scripting Language

By Matthew Heusser | 07 July, 2014 23:04

In the world of programming languages, sometimes you don't need the overhead and performance of Java, C#, C++ and other power tools. Sometimes a scripting language, or Swiss army knife, will do.

How to Save the Daily Standup Meeting

By Matthew Heusser | 30 May, 2014 06:00

Years ago, in the bad old days, you had the weekly status meeting. You'd wait for your turn to talk about your status to the project manager; when other people talked, you'd either tune out to think about what you were going to say or, possibly, tune out entirely and think about that upcoming skiing trip.

How Story Mapping Complements Agile Development

By Matthew Heusser | 07 April, 2014 22:56

Story mapping offers a visualization of the steps, or stories, which make up a software development project. This conversation with several experts on the topic discusses how story mapping works, how maps are created and how stakeholders benefit from seeing the lay of the land.

How to Break Bad News About Shipping Software

By Matthew Heusser | 23 January, 2014 19:36

Imagine you're working on a major project such as Suddenly, you realize there's no way the software will be done on time -- or even work. What do you do? Hear how veteran testers, project managers and developers tactfully handle such situations.

How TechSmith Rocks Its Internal Developer Conference

By Matthew Heusser | 19 December, 2013 17:57

Your employees can learn a lot from each other. This exclusive inside look at an internal developer conference at screen-capture software maker TechSmith shows how the right mix of informational presentations, hands-on sessions, frank discussions and a bit of fun can take employees out of their comfort zones and motivate them to achieve greater success.

6 Software Development Lessons From's Failed Launch

By Matthew Heusser | 18 November, 2013 16:19

"I spent $174 million on a website and all I got was this bad press."

'No Estimates' in Action: 5 Ways to Rethink Software Projects

By Matthew Heusser | 05 November, 2013 19:32

The idea behind the #NoEstimates approach to software development isn't to eliminate estimates but, rather, to explore other ways to solve problems without specifically asking, 'How long will it take?' Here are five real-world examples of teams that are doing just that.

Why You May Need an 'Agile Coach' (Whatever One Is)

By Matthew Heusser | 15 October, 2013 17:14

Ask an 'agile coach' what he or she does and the answer could range from write code to run meetings. It's not what you'd necessarily expect an agile coach to be doing, but that doesn't mean the role is unnecessary.

How to Move Beyond Project Estimates and Provide Better Value

By Matthew Heusser | 10 September, 2013 15:09

If software development teams can take the time they spend estimating how long a project will take and start to execute that project instead, they can go that much faster. But what does a world without estimates look like -- and what might it mean for the business?

Has Agile Software Development Gone Mainstream?

By Matthew Heusser | 12 August, 2013 18:40

Today's software development industry views object-oriented programming as 'just another tool.' Is agile development headed the same way?

What Every Programmer Should Know About Design

By Matthew Heusser | 15 July, 2013 15:20

What does a lead designer for a Madison Avenue technology firm think every programmer should know about design? Sneak preview: Interfaces actually matter less than you might think. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

How to Do Financial Trading IT Right: Behind the Scenes at Liquidnet

By Matthew Heusser | 02 July, 2013 16:58

With massive amounts of data, low latency, hundreds of connection points and no margin for error, financial trading is grown-up IT. Liquidnet does it in more than 40 markets with a staff of just 300. Here's how the company makes it work.

Lessons Learned at Invite-Only Performance Testing Conference

By Matthew Heusser | 12 June, 2013 13:59

Starting with data and using it to get to the heart of the matter isn't the way IT conference sessions go. Then again, the invitation-only Workshop on Performance and Reliability isn't your typical IT conference. The real value is what happens when it's 'open season' on the presenter and the real 'sense making' can begin.

How to Change Software Testing for New Cloud Configurations

By Matthew Heusser | 07 May, 2013 12:50

If DevOps means infrastructure as code,' then that code very well could have bugs. DevOps also means you may not see those bugs in a test environment because, well, there is no test environment. Here's what you can do to manage this risk.