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Spotify enrages users, apologizes over privacy changes

Spotify is trying to calm down users after many threatened to stop using the music streaming service that recently announced significant changes to its user terms and conditions.

Written by Sharon Gaudin21 Aug. 15 19:57

Silicon Valley's 'pressure cooker': Thrive or get out

People working in Silicon Valley may cry at their desks and may be expected to respond to emails in the middle of the night, but that's the price to work for some of the most successful and innovative tech companies in the world, according to industry analysts.

Written by Sharon Gaudin18 Aug. 15 23:34

The Cloud gets mobile apps moving

Immediately after Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City in October 2012, city officials needed a quick way to show the damage that had been done to streets and infrastructure.

Written by Sharon Gaudin17 Aug. 15 20:05

5 things you need to know about Google and Alphabet

With <a href="">Google</a> restructuring its business and <a href="">moving under the umbrella of new parent company Alphabet</a>, executives may be trying to get back some of their old start-up swagger.

Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Aug. 15 07:53

Will stock, hiring surge at a more transparent Google?

Google's restructuring could finally deliver to Wall Street something it's been after for years: more insight into what the company is spending on things like Nest, drones and health research.

Written by Sharon Gaudin12 Aug. 15 06:50

Google restructuring could rein in business 'chaos'

With the restructuring of its business announced Monday, Google may be trying to gain control over the chaos that its myriad of projects and new business ventures has created.

Written by Sharon Gaudin12 Aug. 15 01:12

GE Cloud could make sense of massive IoT data storm

While the Internet of Things can give a company a massive influx of information, it then faces the problem of wrapping its corporate arms around all that data to make meaningful use of it.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Aug. 15 06:29

Businesses can rent a robot for customer care

Wish a robot could greet your customers at the door, guide guests to the correct meeting rooms or even bring someone a cup of coffee?

Written by Sharon Gaudin04 Aug. 15 20:36

Oculus acquires gesture-control firm

Facebook, owner of virtual reality gaming company Oculus, has inked a deal to buy gesture-control and computer-vision company Pebbles Interfaces.

Written by Sharon Gaudin17 July 15 06:11

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