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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google: Would you pay to not see ads on favorite websites?

By Sharon Gaudin | 21 November, 2014 10:21

Would you trade ads for a monthly payment? Google wants users to rethink the way their favorite websites are funded.

Cameras, robotic mules could help battle Ebola in West Africa

By Sharon Gaudin | 21 November, 2014 08:18

Researchers are working on technology that could be shipped to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak as soon as a few months from now, while also looking ahead to bigger plans to combat any disease outbreak.

Facebook's privacy blunders may trip up potential enterprise push

By Sharon Gaudin | 20 November, 2014 08:49

If Facebook launches a social network for the workplace, CIOs will have to decide whether they can get past Facebook's history of privacy issues.

Facebook's new Groups app helps you separate your friends

By Sharon Gaudin | 19 November, 2014 14:51

Need to get in touch with old college friends or some of your work buddies when you're on the run?

No, Google Glass isn't dead

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 November, 2014 09:49

Is Google Glass dead?

Facebook may be building social network for the enterprise

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 November, 2014 05:31

Facebook may be expanding from a social website where users share photos of their favorite sandwiches and pets, to a network focused on business users.

Forget the app; Microsoft rolls out Skype for Web

By Sharon Gaudin | 15 November, 2014 05:37

Microsoft announced today that it's launching a beta of Skype for the Web, allowing browser-based video chats that don't require a separate app.

Comet mission could offer clues about the 'origins of us'

By Sharon Gaudin | 15 November, 2014 01:38

With the European Space Agency's robotic lander now sitting on a comet hurtling in orbit around the sun, the 10-year trip is over and the real science of the mission has begun.

Facebook nudges users to take control with privacy makeover

By Sharon Gaudin | 14 November, 2014 06:41

Facebook wants its users to take control of their own privacy.

Ballmer says machine learning will be the next era of computer science

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 November, 2014 23:07

The former CEO of Microsoft said the next era of computer science is going to focus on machine learning.

Internet goes ad-free for an hour as Google ad server fails

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 November, 2014 07:09

A Google ad server went down Wednesday morning, leaving many websites without advertising. Sites like Computerworld and were affected.

App as fitness instructor? Watson-based app aims to keep you healthier

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 November, 2014 05:37

By mid-2015, you may be able to use an app to find out what exercises to do, what to eat and what medical tests to ask your doctor for... all based on your medical history and your genetic makeup.

Scientists raise doubts over discovery of elusive God particle

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 November, 2014 12:50

Some researchers are throwing cold water on the belief that the particle discovered in the Large Hadron Collider two years ago actually is the elusive Higgs boson.

Rosetta spacecraft days from launching probe onto comet

By Sharon Gaudin | 10 November, 2014 09:41

After a journey lasting more than 10 years, a spacecraft is just days away from softly landing a robotic probe on a comet.

Researchers, medical workers seek tech answers to Ebola outbreak

By Sharon Gaudin | 08 November, 2014 06:40

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Researchers in robotics will meet with health care and aid workers around the country Friday to get ideas on how technology could help fight the deadly Ebola outbreak, as well as the spread of other dangerous viruses.