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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

IBM pushes hard into the enterprise cloud

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 December, 2014 09:06

IBM is building out its global computing network in a bid to focus on the enterprise cloud market.

Stanford 'high-rise' chip takes on IoT and big data

By Sharon Gaudin | 17 December, 2014 08:17

Stanford University researchers have built a multi-layered "high-rise" chip that could significantly outperform traditional computer chips, taking on the hefty workloads that will be needed for the Internet of Things and big data.

Atom smasher preps for renewed hunt for dark matter, God particle

By Sharon Gaudin | 16 December, 2014 13:24

The Large Hadron Collider, the atom smasher that has hunted for antimatter and the elusive Higgs boson, shut down in February 2013 for an overhaul and upgrade. Now, scientists are getting ready to fire up the collider, which has been called "one of the greatest engineering milestones of mankind," again.

Instagram gains user momentum, passing Twitter

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 December, 2014 10:01

Photo-sharing site Instagram said Wednesday that its active monthly user base reached 300 million, a dramatic 50% increase in the past nine months.

Twitter sees 2014 as year of the celebrity selfie

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 December, 2014 08:07

In 2014, people around the world were celebrating, mourning, protesting and connecting. And thanks to the approximately 500 million tweets being posted every day this year, they were largely doing it on Twitter.

Orion's lesson for IT: Test your systems, then test again (and again)

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 December, 2014 01:52

When NASA's new spacecraft, Orion, made its maiden voyage last week, it completed its successful 4.5-hour trip running on a 12-year-old processor and a computer that's far from state-of-the-art. tells customers, 'Make an offer'

By Sharon Gaudin | 10 December, 2014 08:47 is going after online auction giant eBay just in time for the big holiday shopping season.

Splashdown! Orion completes successful maiden voyage

By Sharon Gaudin | 06 December, 2014 07:13

After orbiting the Earth twice and climbing 15 times higher than the orbit of the International Space Station, NASA's new spacecraft, Orion, today completed its maiden voyage and returned safely to Earth.

Google says bye bye, CAPTCHAs, well, mostly

By Sharon Gaudin | 04 December, 2014 08:12

Sick of typing those annoying, and barely readable, letters and numbers to prove to a website that you're not a robot or a spammer?

Stephen Hawking says AI could 'end human race'

By Sharon Gaudin | 04 December, 2014 07:42

Barely a month after Elon Musk called artificial intelligence a threat to humanity, another voice a much bigger voice in the scientific world warned that the technology could end mankind.

Facebook, iPhone 6 and Kim Kardashian top Bing's 2014 search lists

By Sharon Gaudin | 02 December, 2014 07:17

With 2014 almost over, Microsoft has released its lists of the top searches on Bing and, so far, Apple's iPhone 6, Facebook and Kim Kardashian are the year's big winners.

Slow Cyber Monday may be productivity boost for the boss

By Sharon Gaudin | 02 December, 2014 04:59

Company bigwigs hoping their employees are doing more work than online shopping today may be in luck.

Google: Would you pay to not see ads on favorite websites?

By Sharon Gaudin | 21 November, 2014 10:21

Would you trade ads for a monthly payment? Google wants users to rethink the way their favorite websites are funded.

Cameras, robotic mules could help battle Ebola in West Africa

By Sharon Gaudin | 21 November, 2014 08:18

Researchers are working on technology that could be shipped to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak as soon as a few months from now, while also looking ahead to bigger plans to combat any disease outbreak.

Facebook's privacy blunders may trip up potential enterprise push

By Sharon Gaudin | 20 November, 2014 08:49

If Facebook launches a social network for the workplace, CIOs will have to decide whether they can get past Facebook's history of privacy issues.