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New York Public Library reads up on the cloud

Four years ago, the New York Public Library began to move its web properties to the cloud. Today, the library system has all of its nearly 80 websites in the cloud, has shrunk the number of on-premise servers by 40% and is running those web properties 95% more cheaply.

Written by Sharon Gaudin25 Aug. 16 20:00

How to keep Facebook, Twitter from being terrorists’ hunting grounds

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that, if elected, she would try to curb terrorists from using the Internet as a recruiting tool. But her statement raises questions over what can be done to prevent terrorists from using Facebook and Twitter as extremist hunting grounds.

Written by Sharon Gaudin04 Aug. 16 06:31

Live streaming to take off at political conventions

With presidential candidates looking to reach more viewers, especially younger voters, both the Republican and the Democratic national conventions this summer will be live streaming their events.

Written by Sharon Gaudin15 July 16 05:15

The robot that killed the Dallas sniper

When Dallas police officers were under fire during a deadly sniper attack last week, it was a nearly 4-foot-tall robot that took out the suspected assailant.

Written by Sharon Gaudin12 July 16 06:15

Sorry, kids, the oldsters are moving in on Snapchat

The number of older users on Snapchat is on the rise, with comScore reporting that 38% of smartphone users between 25 and 34 years old, and 14% of those 35 and older are now Snapchat users.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 July 16 06:08

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