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Don't clear out your cubicle for a robot just yet

Robotics will replace some human workers in their jobs, but technology will also create new, more interesting jobs for people, according to a report from Forrester Research.

Written by Sharon Gaudin23 June 16 05:59

Opening Siri to developers should make the A.I. system smarter

With Apple pushing ahead to expand Siri, industry analysts say the increasing A.I.-focused competition among industry giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple should propel smart technologies to a whole new level in a few years.

Written by Sharon Gaudin15 June 16 06:28

Facebook begins aiming ads at non-users

Facebook is expanding its ad network past its own borders, encompassing Internet users who don't even use the social network.

Written by Sharon Gaudin28 May 16 02:36

Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0

Enterprises' initial entrance into the cloud is over and they are witnessing the arrival of the Cloud 2.0. That's the word from Diane Greene, senior vice president for Google's cloud businesses.

Written by Sharon Gaudin25 May 16 06:33

Google Daydreams about VR, and enterprises take note

Google took the wraps off its virtual reality strategy at its I/O developer conference and gave enterprises a look at what could be their next marketing or training tool.

Written by Sharon Gaudin20 May 16 06:01

Google dives into the future with a focus on A.I.

With much of what Google announced during the first day of its I/O developer conference focused on helping users answer questions before they even think of them, artificial intelligence is proving critical for the company's strategy.

Written by Sharon Gaudin19 May 16 20:00

Google gets smart with Google Assistant and Google Home

Google is launching a smart personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence and search that does more than just answer questions; It lets them control their devices, too.

Written by Sharon Gaudin19 May 16 04:51

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