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NASA readies test for first Mars airplane

NASA scientists are working on a plane that would be deployed from a rover's landing system to fly across the Martian surface and take images of potential landing sites for future astronaut missions.

Written by Sharon Gaudin02 July 15 06:28

Robots compete in NASA challenge

A robotics team from West Virginia won $100,000 in this year's NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge, held this week at WPI in Worcester, Mass.

Written by Sharon Gaudin16 June 15 08:45

Why Twitter's CEO is looking for a job

Dick Costolo is out as CEO of Twitter not so much for what he did wrong, but because he didn't do nearly enough right.

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 June 15 05:57

Battle of the bots: Teams compete in DARPA challenge

POMONA, Calif. - People cheered and clapped, yelled support and literally held their breath as the two-legged, humanoid robot from Team IHMC drove a car, drilled a hole in a wall and turned a valve.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 June 15 06:21

Google Cloud strategy focuses on analysing Big Data

Google may not have caught up to Amazon in the Cloud market, but that's OK, according to a Google executive. The company is heading in a slightly different direction with Cloud computing that involves helping customers analyse their data.

Written by Sharon Gaudin02 June 15 06:26

Google I/O Sights and Sounds's Sharon Gaudin and JR Raphael present photos and video clips from this week's Google I/O event in San Francisco.

Written by Sharon Gaudin01 June 15 09:30

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