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Is Facebook playing catch-up with possible camera app?

Facebook may be developing a stand-alone camera app, but industry analysts say it's likely too late for the company to displace Snapchat, the highly popular photo-messaging app.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 April 16 06:09

Companies test the waters with Facebook chatbots

Facebook announced last week that businesses will be able to use chatbots in its popular Messenger app. Two companies, The Muppets Studio and theScore, have high hopes for chatbots in interacting with fans.

Written by Sharon Gaudin19 April 16 06:20

Will company's trust their communications to A.I. chatbots?

Facebook says chatbots will change the way businesses communicate with their customers, but will businesses want to put their user communications in the hands of artificial intelligence?

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 April 16 20:00

Facebook’s Zuckerberg takes shot at Donald Trump

“Instead of building walls, we can build bridges," Mark Zuckerberg said at today's F8 conference. "And instead of dividing people, we can pull people together."

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 April 16 04:48

Tech titans rise up against anti-LGBT legislation in Miss., N.C.

In the past few weeks, North Carolina and Mississippi have adopted laws enabling businesses to discriminate against gays and transgender people by those who say serving them would infringe on their religious beliefs. Some large tech companies have condemned the laws.

Written by Sharon Gaudin08 April 16 06:11

Is Twitter's NFL deal a Hail Mary or a solid fix?

With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey under pressure to improve the social network's user base and financial coffers, analysts are split on the company's deal with the National Football League.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 April 16 05:53

How machine learning will take off in the cloud

Wix, a web development company, is using machine learning on Google's cloud platform to learn more about its users so it can help them find the images they need to build useful websites. It's one example of how Google sees companies applying its machine learning service in the cloud.

Written by Sharon Gaudin25 March 16 06:39

Facebook engages Safety Check after Brussels attacks

Facebook activated its Safety Check service Tuesday for users living near Brussels after a series of terrorist attacks killed at least 34 people and wounded 200.

Written by Sharon Gaudin23 March 16 03:24

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