Stories by Sharon Gaudin

NASA tests foldable, robotic scout for Mars

The next NASA rover to head to another planet might take along a robotic scout that can fold up its wheels and tuck itself away or unfold and pop up like a piece of origami.

Written by Sharon Gaudin22 March 17 06:52

Robots can read your mind to fix their mistakes

Scientists from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Boston University and have joined efforts to develop brain-controlled robots.

Written by Sharon Gaudin08 March 17 09:28

AWS blames a typo for Tuesday’s outage

An authorized S3 team member entered a command incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than was intended, Amazon said.

Written by Sharon Gaudin03 March 17 07:21

AWS failure hits web sites and apps

Amazon Web Services, a major cloud hosting service, has suffered a system failure that has been affecting web sites and apps.

Written by Sharon Gaudin01 March 17 07:33

H&R Block turns to A.I. to tackle your tax return

H&R Block is betting that customers will be willing to have IBM's Watson assist their human tax preparers in getting them the biggest refunds possible or at least reduce how much they owe.

Written by Sharon Gaudin24 Feb. 17 07:39