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Businesses failing to secure privileged accounts

A new benchmark survey finds that more than half of organizations have a failing grade when it comes to securing privileged accounts that can give attackers access to their entire networks.

Written by Thor Olavsrud26 July 16 02:30

Security teams consulted too late on digital transformation

A new survey finds 76 percent of IT professionals with responsibility for security feel their security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful impact on digital transformation projects.

Written by Thor Olavsrud20 July 16 05:54

Cisco aims to simplify security

By combining its network visibility and breadth of integrated products, Cisco aims to make it simple for distributed and mobile businesses to deploy effective security while reducing the complexity required to manage it.

Written by Thor Olavsrud12 July 16 07:31

New Relic adds support for Golang, SPA monitoring

The software-as-a-service application performance monitoring provider is adding support for a popular programming language used in microservices, and also adding support for greater visibility into single-page applications.

Written by Thor Olavsrud12 July 16 00:53

Compliance Dictionary aims for a simpler life

With the assistance of machine learning, the UCF's Compliance Dictionary seeks to simplify the process of creating common controls with a lexicon that maps the connection between terms in authority documents.

Written by Thor Olavsrud06 July 16 02:54

GE Power taps IoT to reduce coal power plant emissions

Through Internet of Things analytics and optimisation, GE says coal-fired steam power plants can reduce fuel consumption by 67,000 tons of coal per year, while maintaining the same megawatt output.

Written by Thor Olavsrud15 June 16 02:56

Splice Machine releases dual-engine RDBMS to open source

The startup hopes to dramatically increase adoption of its dual-engine relational database management system, powered by Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, by making the technology open source.

Written by Thor Olavsrud15 June 16 23:26

MapR shows off enterprise-grade Spark distribution

With companies increasingly turning to Apache Spark to build their data pipelines and analytical applications, MapR Technologies has released an Apache Spark distribution that packages the complete Spark stack, patented features from the MapR Platform and key open source projects that complement Spark.

Written by Thor Olavsrud08 June 16 02:46

Microsoft brings advanced security management to Office 365

Microsoft aims to give IT more visibility and control into Office 365 environments with advanced security features that leverage behavioral analytics and machine learning for threat detection.

Written by Thor Olavsrud02 June 16 03:25

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