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Stories by Thor Olavsrud

Teradata Lets You Orchestrate Queries Across Processing Engines

By Thor Olavsrud | 08 April, 2014 04:03

With Teradata QueryGrid, your data warehouse can now intelligently use the functionality of multiple, heterogeneous processing engines, including Hadoop.

Law Firm CIO Makes the Case for Microsoft Lync

By Thor Olavsrud | 08 April, 2014 00:24

Law firm Holland & Knight already had a who's who of best-of-breed communications products deployed when the firm's IT team decided it needed to replace the tangled mess of PBX systems that provided voice lines at its many offices. It chose to jettison them all in favor of an infrastructure built on Microsoft Lync Server 2013.

Hortonworks Adds New Enterprise Features to Hadoop Distribution

By Thor Olavsrud | 03 April, 2014 08:39

With the release of the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 version of its Hadoop distribution, Hortonworks is packing in new enterprise features, including data access, data governance, data management, security and operations.

Pivotal Looks to Simplify Building 'Business Data Lakes'

By Thor Olavsrud | 03 April, 2014 07:22

Pivotal unveils the Pivotal Big Data Suite, an all-you-can-eat software, support and maintenance platform that's designed to provide access to all the technologies required to build a business data lake with a single pricing metric.

How Big Data Helped the Norman Rockwell Museum Grow Revenue

By Thor Olavsrud | 02 April, 2014 06:38

With the help of DigiWorksCorp, the Norman Rockwell Museum leveraged its transactional data and big data analytics to increase second-time purchasers by 150 percent and revenue by 49 percent.

Web Giants Join Forces for Open Source MySQL Scalability Project

By Thor Olavsrud | 27 March, 2014 16:00

Engineering teams from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter have begun work on WebScaleSQL, an open source project designed to address the challenges of running MySQL at Web scale.

What VCs Look for in Big Data Startups

By Thor Olavsrud | 21 March, 2014 15:46

Getting ready to pitch venture capitalists on your big data startup? Here's a hint: Don't call yourself a 'big data company' and don't pitch by analogy.

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2014 to Manufacturing

By Thor Olavsrud | 18 March, 2014 17:24

The newest version of Microsoft's relational database management system touts in-memory transaction processing and hybrid deployment scenarios.

5 Ways CIOs Can Rationalize Application Portfolios

By Thor Olavsrud | 14 March, 2014 12:54

The pressure is mounting for CIOs and other IT leaders to help the business enable new disruptive technologies like mobile, social, cloud and big data, but many CIOs are struggling to do so because maintaining and supporting legacy applications consumes the lion's share of the budget. Here are five recommendations for rationalizing your application portfolio.

VMware unwraps hybrid Cloud desktop virtualisation

By Thor Olavsrud | 10 March, 2014 13:28

With the new VMware Horizon DaaS offering, IT organisations can deploy enterprise-class virtual desktops to a public Cloud, private Cloud or seamlessly mix the two with a hybrid Cloud deployment.

Splunk and Tableau Join Forces to Give Machine Data to Business Users

By Thor Olavsrud | 05 March, 2014 16:56

Splunk and Tableau have formed a strategic alliance through which Tableau's visual analytics business intelligence platform can connect to machine data from Splunk as a native data source. The partners say the alliance will drive new kinds of real-time business analytics.

Red Hat Extends JBoss with Open Source BPM

By Thor Olavsrud | 04 March, 2014 23:04

Red Hat is extending JBoss up the middleware stack with a new business process management suite that gives organizations advanced decision and process automation capabilities.

5 Ways to Improve Your PCI Compliance Program

By Thor Olavsrud | 27 February, 2014 20:10

High-profile data breaches seem to be becoming the norm these days. Retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus have been among the most recent victims.

Helping Data Centers Cope With Big Data Workloads

By Thor Olavsrud | 25 February, 2014 18:03

Big data workloads tend to suck up enormous amounts of compute resources, which can create serious log jams in your data center if the workloads aren't scheduled optimally. Adaptive Computing's Big Workflow is designed to leverage HPC and cloud technologies to help data centers adapt to big data.

How IT can establish better cloud control

By Thor Olavsrud | 25 February, 2014 10:10

Employees who use software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are more irresponsible about password security, file transfer and IT compliance. But IT's failure to communicate about risky behaviour and provide tools to help employees do their work is part of the problem. Here are steps you can take to bring SaaS back under control.

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