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NSW govt appoints a new CIO

Laurie Glanfield will replace Michael Coutts-Trotter

The NSW government has appointed Laurie Glanfield, the director genreal of the Department of Attorney General and Justice, as its new CIO, effective 29 July.

Glanfield is replacing Michael Coutts-Trotter who will move from his role as director general of the Department of Finance and Services (DHS) to director general of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

The director general position at NSW DHS includes taking on the role of the state’s CIO.

The Premier of NSW, Barry O’Farrell, said in a statement that part of the reason for the change up in roles for both Glanfield and Coutts-Trotter is so they, as well as other senior public servants, can experience “a variety of senior leadership roles”.

Glanfield spent more than 20 years in his role as director general for the Department of Attorney General and Justice.

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red ladair


Laurie Glanfield is eminently appropriate as the incoming NSW Govt CIO. Over a 20 year period, as Director General of the Dept of Attorney General & Justice, Mr Glanfield lead a variety of major technology initiatives which realised his Dept an international leader in technology take up, IT investment and providing an environment of initiative and opportunity for technology operatives. The extension of this approach to the broader NSW public sector will be welcomed by all.

Lily Baonhi Luong


If this is the case and if they damage someone's career then they can just blame it on the person, control the legal and finance results of any internal cases. That's not fair then. Is this justice? when a public citizen commit a crime they get locked up by the NSW Attorney General and Justice but when someone in the NSW Attorney General and Justice commit a crime not only they get away with it, damage someone's career, make then start all over again, struggle financially and emotionally, but they can control the result.

Lily Baonhi Luong


I was once been told that I am a very logical person - I don’t think I am smart at all nor am I better than anyone at all, as a matter of fact, I still have a lot to learn.
I have a question and would like someone to help me out to ensure that I am on the right track because I don't know if my understanding of the NSW agencies and department structure work this way. I appreciate public assistance to this puzzle.

If Laurie Glanfield was the former Director General of Attorney General & Justice who manages (you know) cases such as harassment, victimization, race discrimination or workplace bullying - definitely not negative office politics because that is unethical, horrible but not illegal.

Laurie Glanfield, the Director-General of Attorney General & Justice, also manages judges, magistrates, registrar at NSW Victims Services, legal officers at NSW Victims Services, Counselling Coordinators at NSW Victims Services and so for what if someone internal did something wrong or illegal then they can "control, manipulated, and dismiss" the case to protect their reputation and of course the budget (if any lawyers who takes up the case will get every penny of the compensation).
Now, former Director-General of Attorney & Justice, again, Laurie Glanfield will have, and/or "control, manipulate, and dismiss" the amount of compensation to the victim's lawyer, or group of lawyers within NSW because - Isn't the Dept. of Finance and Services the agent that handles WorkCover and all that? Isn't that the Dept that handles the financial institutions,NSW Fair Trading etc.
So that means Laurie Glanfield can control the outcome of an "INTERNAL LEGAL CASE" that the department HR and senior management cannot handle, and he can also control the outcome of an "INTERNAL LEGAL CASE'S COMPENSATION AMOUNT" to the NSW Lawyers.
I don't know if this can happen or not. (Hmmmm.....) I hope not because if that is the case and the NSW legal systems is based on "negative office politics" and not based on merit or justice - then how do we get justice?? by........ oh never mind.
This is an interesting publication - I will keep alert of (1) who will be the next DG of Attorney General and Justice in NSW. (2) What is the main reason behind the change of leadership when I think the Financial Services DG seems to do pretty well to me but then again there might be things that I don't know, and (3) Is it possible for legal professional executive management (like Laurie Glanfield) who shift from one department legal to another department finance and able to control, manipulate, and/or cor...r....u. (never mind) the outcome of internal legal cases and internal compensations to all of NSW lawyers.

I need to research more on this.....appreciate others assistance on this topic.

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