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iPad 3 tops Google’s Zeitgeist worldwide

Australians more interested in Gangnam style than technology in 2012, according to Google's Zeitgeist.

iPad 3 was the most searched consumer technology on Google in 2012, according to the search giant.

Google released its top 10 search lists for 2012, with the iPad 3 coming fourth on the list of most popular searches. It is also listed as number one under consumer electronics worldwide, followed by Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2, Play Station, iPad 4, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire and Nokia Lumia 920.

Surprisingly, with iPhone 5 being released out into market this year, it didn’t make the top searches for Google worldwide. However, the iPhone 5 came third on Google’s top 10 image search list.

Australians weren’t interested in consumer technology compared to last year. Gangnam style topped Google searches in Australia this year, whereas the iPhone 5 was the most searched last year.

Consumer technology didn’t make the top 10 search lists in Australia. It seems Australians were more interested in popular culture and celebrities this year such as UK pop group One Direction and the death of singer Whitney Houston.

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