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Sydney Region part of Amazon S3 price cuts

Price drops of up to 35 per cent for S3 in Amazon Web Services’ Sydney data centres

Amazon Web Services has announced a new series of price cuts for its S3 object storage service that will see drops of around a quarter in most Regions, including Sydney.

“We have lowered prices on 23 occasions in the last few years, largely in the absence of any competitive pressure to do so,” Amazon Web Services head Andy Jassy said at the AWS re:Invent customer conference in Las Vegas.

“And actually I have one more price reduction to talk about. I’m excited to tell you guys we are lowering the price for Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon S3, by about 25 per cent across the board.”

S3 prices are being cut by about 24 to 28 per cent in all AWS Regions. In the Sydney Region the price drop is around a third for many S3 tiers. For the first terabyte per month the price has fallen from US$0.14 per gigabyte to $0.105 per GB per month, a drop of 25 per cent. The other five tiers have drops ranging from 35 per cent to 14 per cent (for storage over 5000TB).

AWS unveiled the Sydney Region earlier this month. The Sydney Region launched with two Availability Zones. However Jassy has said that he expects that demand will likely lead to the cloud wing of Amazon launching further Availability Zones in Australia the future.

Tier Old price (GB/month) New price % change
First 1 TB/month $0.140 $0.105 25%
Next 49 TB $0.125 $0.090 28%
Next 450 TB $0.115 $0.075 35%
Next 500 TB $0.105 $0.070 33%
Next 4000 TB $0.095 $0.065 32%
Over 5000 TB $0.070 $0.060 14%

Rohan Pearce travelled to Amazon re:Invent as a guest of AWS.

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