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Tenix Solutions moves away from the mainframe

The traffic, parking and public safety services company will shift to Microsoft technology under Victorian Govt IT program

Traffic, parking and public safety services company, Tenix Solutions, will move from mainframe infrastructure to a new Microsoft technology stack under a major IT program with the Victorian Department of Justice.

The infringement management and enforcement system, known as IMES, is due to go live in September 2011.

Tenix Solutions CIO, Craig Tucker, said the program is one of the three major priorities for the organisation.

“We’re turning the mainframe off and having a new system support our services to the state and that’s a whole infrastructure, application and DR [disaster recovery] site — the whole shooting match,” he said.

Tucker moved into the role in July, following two years with the company in project management and delivery.

He said Tenix Solutions’ second priority is transforming the organisation to support the new platform.

“We’ve been a very traditional IT group, very much just keep the lights on, keep it operating, but we need to really transform ourselves organisationally from a cultural perspective,” he said. “We’re traditionally structured around a traditional systems’ lifecycle — requirements, build, test and deploy — we didn’t really have a strong service delivery arm in our IT group.

“Because we’ve chosen our strategy of outsourcing our infrastructure and our application support and maintenance, we’re not going through the process of going to market," he said. “We’re going to have a really different model here from being a sort of IT house to, basically, a service delivery house, managing vendors.”

The third priority for the organisation is to ensure current services to the company’s customers is not degraded while the restructure occurs. Tenix Solutions is also currently recruiting for several positions, including a senior solutions architect, an application development manager and a service delivery manager who will be responsible for managing the vendors across infrastructure, applications and the service desk.

Tenix Solutions is involved in ongoing court proceedings with IT services provider, Oakton and is claiming $26 million in damages over allegations of wrongful repudiation of subcontracts.

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