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5 open source project management apps to watch

Five open source project management tools to help CIOs and IT project managers keep their projects on-track and on-schedule -- without blowing the budget!

Managing projects is hard work at the best of times, but there are a number of free and open source (FOSS) project management tools and applications available that can help CIOs and other managers streamline the administrative aspects of project management.

CIO found five tools to help CIOs and IT project managers keep their projects on-track and on-schedule -- without blowing the budget:

1. OpenProj

OpenProj is a cross-platform desktop project management application that paints itself as an alternative to Microsoft Project, including file compatibility. OpenProj features Gantt charts, network diagrams (PERT charts) and earned value costing. Parent company Serena Software also offers commercial project management solutions.

Licence terms: CPAL

2. Pleno

According to its developers, Pleno is an integrated, enterprise-grade platform for distributed or centralised software project management. Its main features include project management, portfolio management, resource planning, schedule management, and time tracker capabilities. Pleno can also be applied to generic projects, not just software development.

Licence terms: GPL

3. Projectivity

Projectivity is a Web-based project management and collaboration application developed in Java (certified for JBoss). It’s core functionality is project management, but it also encompasses knowledge management, project management framework support and collaboration. Support is also available from the commercial business behind it.

Licence terms: GPL

4. Todoyu

Todoyu is a new Web 2.0 project and task management application that features project management, time tracking, team organising, task distribution, resource management, calendar and a client interface. Support tickets and billing are other useful features.

Licence terms: GPL

5. Project HQ

Project HQ is a collaborative project management tool that features milestones, task lists, tasks, a ticketing system and a wiki. Project HQ is developed with Python and is database independent. Also included is a useful workflow app to assist in managing projects.

Licence terms: GPL

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I would also recommend keeping an eye on as it appears to be a promising option built on top of the drupal code base.



Project Bubble

Another one to be on the look out for is Project Bubble, a free and easy-to-use tool for freelancers:




You should also take a look at Zen ( for a simple, web-based application.



qdPM Open Source Project Management

Another newcomer for web based projects is qdPM



netOffice Dwins is an open source web based time tracking, timesheet, and project management environment. Use netOffice Dwins for employee timesheets, time tracking, and project management. netOffice Dwins allows managing and sharing information about teams, projects, tasks, deadlines. It also allows anyone with an internet connection to enter time and submit it for approval. Approval requests can be routed to managers, project managers, and HR members electronically.



Try available on SourceForge:



Take a look at this new tool : ProjeLead, it has very interesting features (other than project, tasks, risk, users management) :
- web based
- reporting
- doc management
- timesheets

Link :

Sunil Sharma


Hi AK,

I have installed ProjeLead but not able to convert language in English. Can you help me in this?





Hi Sunil,

Sorry I just saw your message, hope it's not too late ...

The answer is on this link (sorry for the length):

The best place if you have questions or issues is their forum.

Kind regards,



Latitude Software has always been my weapon of choice for project, timesheet, client, costing management software

Team Tactics


You should test and see different softwares that suits your needs



I recommend Project'Or RIA. It is a collaborative project management software. It's a tool designed to be a Project Organizer as a Rich Internet Application. Web based, it is very easy to use and targets to include every functionality needed to the management of your projects.
Listed as one of the underdogs project management softwares, the frequent updates, the very active support and the growing community refers to it as a tool that is worth a try.

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