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Where are smart machines heading in 2015?

Job losses will be on the cards for many IT and call centre workers next year, while more countries will trial driverless cars and drones for delivering goods, analysts predict.

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  • Serving justice, not technology

    The NSW Department of Justice is looking to drive transformation through a new technology project. Mark Coles analyses the task at hand, IT’s role and the business ramifications.

  • CIO year in review

    2014 was an eventful year for CIOs, with many starting new initiatives in mobility, wearables, machine learning and tapping into open data. Many CIOs also decided to change jobs and move to greener pastures.

  • Big Data

    Exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things

    CIOs discuss how seamless communication between web-based devices and systems is transforming the way their businesses operate.

  • Management

    9 reasons good employees leave -- and how you can prevent it

    The people who work for you are your greatest asset. Treat them as such and they will be more productive and engaged, refer other great workers to your organisation and stay longer. Treat them as a liability and they will be less productive and eventually leave, hurting morale as well as the bottom line.

  • CIO Government

    NSW govt commences talks with Infosys, Unisys for shared services

    The NSW government has established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Infosys and Unisys to progress detailed discussions for both companies to provide shared ICT services to agencies.

  • Cloud Computing

    Allianz Australia embraces IT-as-a-service

    Allianz Australia’s IT department has moved to a service-oriented model where IT provides for the needs of the business in a timely fashion.

  • CIO Executive

    7 inter-related habits driving high performance

    Many Australian companies are looking for quick fixes and easy answers to ride out difficult economic times, but often don’t realise performance comes down to practicing what they preach.

  • Opinions

    Why Australia is becoming a digital backwater

    Stagnating digital content and delivery is sending a poor message to our western peers and Asia-Pacific neighbours.

  • Change Management

    Living the strategy dream

    Investing and building a new corporate strategy can't just be about planning or theorising, it also requires a healthy dose of change management and review.

  • Security

    Fake passports are big business in underground markets: report

    New identities, fake passports and social security cards have emerged on the hacker market in 2014 as criminals look for more ways to commit fraud, according to a new report by Dell SecureWorks.

  • Cloud Computing

    Office 365 and Dynamics CRM in Australia alleviates data sovereignty concerns: analysts

    IT analysts have welcomed Microsoft’s decision to deliver Office 365 and Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) in two Australian data centres from 2015, saying it will alleviate fears about data sovereignty in the cloud.

  • Data Centre

    Data centre monitoring proves a business winner

    Data centre power consumption and cooling were generating extra costs for Brisbane-based wagering and lottery firm ,Tatts Group, until it rolled out data centre monitoring software.

  • Consumerisation of IT

    Streaming music hits the right note

    Video conferencing and streaming have often been positioned as a way of helping organisations reduce travel costs. But for the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO), the technology is also providing an opportunity to bring a fresh generation of players and listeners into its fold.

  • Data Centre

    Getting the right data centre connection

    After its acquisition of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider Infraserve in March 2014, the International Cloud Integrators & Telecommunications Alliance (iCITA) found itself in need of a new data centre provider.

  • Finance

    Suncorp backs NFC payments, Apple Pay

    Suncorp Bank has revealed it will soon support contactless mobile payments on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

  • Computerworld