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Health apps ready to collect your vital signs

Samsung, WebMD, Apple and Google are all getting into the health application game. The aim is to help consumers see all their health and wellness data in one place – but will all that information be too much of a good thing?

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  • C-Suite Perspectives

    CMOs seen to be more business savvy than CIOs

    CMOs are more business savvy than CIOs but that doesn't mean much if they don't have a good understanding of how to operate and use technology to their advantage, says IDC’s group VP executive advisory strategies, Richard Vancil.

  • CIO Plus

    In pictures: CIO Summit Sydney

    CIOs and other IT leaders gathered at Sydney's Hilton Hotel for the 2014 CIO Summit.

  • Cloud Computing

    Shared services org eyes cloud for production — eventually

    The Shared Services Centre, established to provide IT and corporate services to the federal departments of education and employment, is interested in eventually expanding its use of cloud services to cover production systems, according to Susan Monkley, its CIO and deputy CEO.

  • Finance

    Bitcoin: Addressing concerns over a 51% attack

    Although a mining pool last month managed to briefly control the majority of the computing power used to generate the Bitcoin crypto-currency, a so-called '51 per cent attack' remains unlikely, according Chris Mountford, a Bitcoin advocate and a senior developer at Atlassian.

  • Collaboration

    IRESS fights Allen Curve, 'shotgun emails' with unified desktop

    Australian software company IRESS hopes a unified desktop can bring global staff closer and make them more productive, according to chief operating officer, Steve Barnes.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    Changing times in the CSO suite

    The role of the CSO is continuing to evolve and becoming more distant from being a technologist as the IT C-suite becomes one with the business, according to EMC CSO Dave Martin.

  • Business Intelligence

    Good data the key to responsive change: Baxter Healthcare

    Baxter Healthcare has used business intelligence data analysis to reduce errors and enhance customer experience, according to Baxter Healthcare IT director, Marise Hannaford.

  • Green Enabling Technologies

    Moving renewable energy into integrated systems, connected homes

    There’s more to renewable energy than just a smart grid, and it’s going to have to integrate with many different systems and connected devices if it is going to provide any real value. That’s the view of Bryan Hannegan, associate lab director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is funded by the US Department of Energy.

  • Green Enabling Technologies

    Green tech innovation could die post carbon tax

    The future of green technology innovation isn't looking so bright following the repeal of the carbon tax, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s head of Australia, Kobad Bhavnagri.

  • Cloud Computing

    Dropbox lures business users from consumer product

    Dropbox has revealed additional IT admin controls as it continues its bid to lure business customers.

  • Security

    In pictures: RSA Asia Pacific & Japan conference

    RSA's annual Asia Pacific & Japan conference kicked off in Singapore on Tuesday. RSA executive chairman Arthur W. Coviello called for an end to cyber warfare while Juniper Network's Kevin Kennedy compared the Information Age to the Golden Age of the Roman empire. The conference concludes today.

  • Security

    Barbarians are at the gates of Information Age: Juniper

    If we are not careful in the decisions or actions that we take online today, the Information Age may go the way of the Roman Empire, according to Juniper Networks senior director of product management Kevin Kennedy.

  • Retail

    Dick Smith replaces legacy IT infrastructure by stealth

    The IT manager of Dick Smith says he is replacing legacy systems by stealth as the consumer electronics retailer navigates a business turnaround.

  • CIO Careers

    How to judge a job candidate's personality (and why you should)

    As an increasing number of companies are focusing on personality traits and potential cultural fit when hiring. These new interviewing tactics are designed to help recruiters and hiring managers uncover who candidates are -- rather than just what they can do.

  • Business Continuity

    Rules of engagement needed for the Internet: RSA

    Cyber weapons will never be completely eliminated but bi-lateral agreements between countries about the use of these weapons could establish boundaries, according to RSA executive chairman Arthur W. Coveillo.