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  • When a hacker destroys your business

    When a hacker destroys your business

    It’s been almost four years since business owners Carl Woerndle and his brother Alex were caught up in a cyber attack so damaging it destroyed their once prospering technology business, Distribute.IT.

  • Cochlear refines digital roadmap

    Cochlear refines digital roadmap

    More than 2,700 global staff to benefit from enterprise content management system – with investments in digital technology.

  • RMIT drone can think like an airline pilot

    RMIT drone can think like an airline pilot

    Researchers at RMIT University have developed a drone equipped with technology that allows it to communicate with an air traffic controller if it loses connection with a remote pilot on the ground.

  • Metadata not about ‘big brother’ watching you: AFP

    Metadata not about ‘big brother’ watching you: AFP

    Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner, Tim Morris, has moved to allay fears the government’s metadata reforms will involve around-the-clock surveillance of citizens.

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Although deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure seems like the most popular strategy, some CIOs have decided to go all-in with the public cloud as they don't see any value in maintaining even part of their infrastructure on-premise.

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